Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oct. 9: A new TandT face on p.1..... least I cannot remember seeing it before. But oh, this new face will fit right in with the Irving press.

His name is Michael Woloschuk. and he writes with a sense of his own superiority, looking down on lesser people, sneering at them (nothing crude, just gentle sneers as befits a superior person.) He writes in a heavily biased style. But that's okay because he's superior person, His biases have intellectual status.

What he writes is pesented as if it were a news story. But it's not. It's a demeaning, sneering opinion piece about the blockade at Rexton. It's written as though he is of the intellectual elite, a man writing with a deep understanding of human behaviour. But he has no such understanding.

He's writing of a people who have been lied to for 250 years, ignored and neglected for 250 years, abused for 250 years. These are a people who, as a result, are among the poorest in Canada, often living in dreadful  and unsafe housing, hopelessly underfunded for education, a society in which young women disappear by the hundreds and nobody, including our prime minister who preaches to the yokels  about getting tough on crime, does a damn thing about it.

We have created a race problem by poverty, neglect and abuse. When it comes to racial abuse, we are the equivalent of the deep south. And for an example of how high that reaches, ask Robert Goguen for a copy his disgusting pamphlet about how Harper is going to get tough with native peoples.

A society that once had social order, pride, that could survive in the harshest conditions, is now broken, demoralized with resulting problems of crime and alcoholism. We have done that for 250 years. And now we want the little we had left to them.

When John A Macdonald forced the plains tribes on to reservations, he knew they would suffer as the buffalo they lived off were eliminated so we could settle the land. So John A. promised they would get food. But he never delivered it so the tribes shrank through terrible winters of cold and starvation. John A. was Michael Woloschuk's kind of guy.

We took all their land. We stole it without paying a cent. Then we signed a treaty saying we would give them a little land that would be theirs, and they would control. But, as Micheal Woloschuk  so cutely observes, we didn't really mean it.

We abused them and killed them in residential schools. We destroyed their social structure by taking children away from parents. Now,we're taking away control of the last thing they had, their land.

And now we send Micheal Woloschuk to look down on them and sneer.

Show people your racist pamphlet, Mr Goguen. Show them what you really are. Maybe Woloschuk will write one of his witty columns about it.

Nothing else woth reading in Section A, except a small story on p. A 9 about how New Brunwsick still  has a very, very low literacy rate. Of course, it does. And it's not the schools. It's the government; it's the newspapers; it's a province that discourages intellectual activity of any sort.

The Irving press is designed to keep people ignorant of what is happening and (really) to kill interest in anything more intellectual than what rock star we never heard of is 75 today. We have a society which is afraid to discusss anything but triviality in public. That is a mentality forced on us by two centuries of rule by economic aristocracies. We have a city government which is all excited about spending well over a hundred million for a hockey rink -- this in a city which doesn't even have a literate sports page.

Intellectually, New Brunswick is a graveyard. And all I have seen tells me that that's the way the people who run it like it to be.


In NewsToday, the NDP lost the Nova Scotia election. And so it should have. Anything calling itself NDP that would give  hundreds of millions to a billionaire to help him build icebreakers that are already overpriced has no right to be in power.

The winning Liberals, of course, will not be any better. That's the tragedy of the maritmes.

The biggest story of the day is hidden and trivialized on C3. The real story is that Canada has two, spy agencies, one spying on Canadian citizens - much like the NSA in the American police state. The other, in close cooperation with American, British, Australian, and New Zealand agencies, does foreign spying. And it's been caught spying on Brazil for industrial secrets.

Yep, ysp. If this country is going to be safe, we have to know what Brazilian mining companies are doing.

Mr. Harper says he didn't know about it. Yep. The prime minister who is the most notorious control freak we have even seen in that job, and who monitors everything, didn't know we had two, world class spy agencies busily at work, and didn't know what they were spying on. Sure.

And who are they really spying for? Are Brazilian mining companies a threat to Canada? Will we then need more ice-breakers? What are the rules for spying on Canadian citizens? Or are there any rules?

And who do these spyinig reports go to? Let's see, who would be interested in reports on Brazilian mining operations? How about Canadian mining investors?

And who would be interested in reports on Canadians? Well, how about people like Mr. Irving who would like to know who is organizing in ways he doesn't like?

There are a lot of questions in this story - like what are the limits, if any, on spying on Canadian citizens? Is it open season on all of us? on our phone calls? our mail? our computers?

Then there's the sticky point that spying on foreign countries is an act of war - especially when that includes spying on the government itself - as this case does.

But trust the Irving press to find a story that would trivialize the whole thing, and make no attempt to ask the many questions. In this case, the focus of the report is on how this might affect the Canadian peace-keeping mission in Haiti.

In this first place we are not on a peace-keeping mission in Haiti, and we never were. The US overthrew the democratically elected President of Haiti, then handed the dirty work of keeping people quiet over to the UN. This wasn't a peace mission. This was an occupation force to keep Haiti a place of cheap labour.

In the second place, Canada  has only 36 soldiers in Haiti.

The real issue in Canada's spying is raised in Alec Bruce's column. Our spy agencies need a hell of a lot more parliamentary accountability. The US has become a real police state as a result of its spying. Domestic spying, in particular, requires the end of freedom and democracy. It might be helpful if a news editor at the TandT could understand that.

Or it might not.


The editorial (surprise, surprise) is about how the events centre will make huge profits. And that takes us to a point Norbert is always making. Government is too big. Norbert - why aren't you out there fighting against this centre?

I mean, a government that spends a hundred million (and much more) for an events centre is a big government. Besides, as you have so often told us, government is not nearly as smart as big business when it comes to handling money.

So what's going on here, Norbert? Here's a project that will be hugely profitable. And those cruel and inconpetent governments are shoving their way in to deprive honest
 businessmen of a chance to make a profit.

Come on, Norbert, get out there and fight for big business - and fight against big government. What a wonderful chance to prove all your theories. Let private business build and operate the centre without a penny of government money. Stand up, Norbert. Stand tall for business. Stand tall against those interfering socialists of big government like Harper and  Alward and what's-his-name at city hall.

Eric Lewis and David Cormier show their usual mastery of saying nothing at all. They're great examples of why New Brunswick has a low literacy rate.



  1. Mikey Woodchuck, the cutesy little Irving creature that he is, has lost the plot? I think he missed the plot completely. That was probably due to getting lost in his feeble attempt at further directing the plot towards a treaty issue spawning an environmental issue, and not the other way around. Ergo the lack of mention of the 29 or so community alliances, and the hundreds of people involved through those groups, because that would mean recognizing this inconvenience has other means of transportation. something such as that should not be allowed to breathe in an Irving story.

  2. Joni expresses it more eloquently than I ever could.

  3. So even the NDP are a non-democratic front organization for big business? Okay, who are you suggesting for a principled alternative now?

    1. I didn't say the whole NDP was in sin. The reference was to the Nova Scotia party.
      I will admit that i'm disappointed in other part s of it as well - though none so much as the Nova Scotia party.
      Their ain't nuthin' pure out there ecept the Greens. But they're too narrow to deal even with their own issues.
      We have to look now foro tohe party with the greatest potential to smarten up. the Liberals and Conservatives have no such potential at all.

      That means we have to reinvigorate the NDP and Greens, perferably with them having the wit to see the necessity for it.