Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct. 30: Just another day for the TandT

The first page has the not unusual propaganda story to boost the "events centre" which, it seems, will create a pupulation and business boom (while the rest of the world continues in recession and an increase of poverty.) The weather for Hallowe'en will be nice.  (That's the banner headline, the big news of the day.)

There were 570 people at a five hundred dollar per plate dinner for the provincial Liberal party. Yep. Man and wife, that would be a thousand dollars to eat out - and listen to Jean Chretien.  Jes' folks like you and me who like to eat out once in a while - probably some of your neighbours there.

Chretien advised Liberal leader Gallant to support shale gas.  His words of wisdom were, "...if a resource is there, it should be used in the proper fashion."  That's so true. We should never use it in the improper fashion.  Anyway, don't worry, Jean.  Gallant will support shale gas just as soon as he gets into power.

The New Brunswick Energy Institute has appointed Annie Daigle as its executive director. Unlike professor Lapierre she does not appear to be world famous, but she does have a degree of master of science in geology going way back to 2005. Somehow, these seem slender qualifications for this job. In contrast to the gush we heard  at the original appointment of prof. Lapierre, and this is a very brief statement for such a story. That's nice. At least, they didn't lie and propagandize as they did with Lapierre.

There's a big story on how our Conservative mp, Robert Goguen, is one of the many people working on a new bill in parliament. However, there no bill yet. And he is only one of many people workiing on it. So Why is t his a big story for Moncton?

Well, it might have something to do with Chretien's thousand dollar a plate dinner. Harper doesn't want to be upstaged.  And this story takes even more space than the Chretien story - though it means just as little.

It's just amazing how that paper can turn out a deadly dull and irrelevant section  A every day.


NewsToday has nothing we didn't hear yesterday on radio or TV. Only two of the stories are of any importance.

One is the story of government treatment of our military, of how injured troops are often demobilized before they qualify for pensions. That goes with the shabby treatement of soldiers suffering post-traumatic stress.  That's why I avoid rememberance days services that have speeches. I cannot stomach the hypocrisy of those speeches about how grateful we are to our soldiers.

War is not just the risk of being killed or injured in fighting. It's often physical and emotional damage that lasts forever - that ruins lives, that leads to a high rate of suicide, that destroys families. Canada's record in dealing with this, or even recognizing it used to be half-decent. But it's gone downhill under "Captain Canada" Harper.  I guess there's no votes in it.

It's also worth reading about international spying,  and Canada's prominent role. The recording of personal communications, business ones, and political ones is now driven hopelessly out of control by the development of communications, by greedy and criminal investors, by government collusion with big business, and the sheer thirst for power and control - of all of us.

Yes. We're all on the list. Don't kid yourself about that. And that gives so much power to big business and politicians to manipulate us that democracy cannot exist. It has long since disappeared in the US, and it is probably much worse in Canada than we realize.

Note that the news of this spying did NOT come to us from our news media. It came from people like Donald Snowden and others who worked in the system, and who realized how dangerous it was to all the values of our society. They, not the politicians who want to jail them in solitary forever or the "special ops" who are assigned to murder them, are the outstanding patriots or our time. They are the ones who are trying to help democracy survive - they are, not big business, not the political warriors.

The (few) Donald Snowdens are the real defenders of democracy in these times, not the ones who get showered with honours for their patriotic posturing.
On editorial and op ed, only Alec Bruce is worth reading.

What's missing most of all is any sense of the outstanding development of our time. For five hundred years, western powers like Portugal, Spain, Britain, France, the US, have dominated the world. and done it with ease. And that seems to be all over.

The US can destroy. It can, and has, fought some of the most brutal and destructive wars in history. But it can't win. We are now learning that for all the indiscriminate slaughter that Iraq has been lost. Within a short time, that country will probably be controlled by jihadists. Parts of it, especially the Kurdish parts, will break away. The great American embassy built there as a permanent fortress, and the most expensive embassy iin the world, is now full of cobwebs and echoes.

Over a trillion dollars was spent to fight a war against a country far smaller and weaker than the US. And the US lost.

It lost in Afghanistan, too. It lost in Libya as it's puppet government failed - and the oil companies have lost as insurgents have pretty well closed the oil business.

US foreign policy for the past fifty years has been one disaster after another. It can destroy. But it cannot control.

On the economic side, we are seeing the same kind of disaster. The massive shift of wealth has been from west to east. Unfortunately, the east is treating it in the same way the west is - by puttinig most of the money into the pockets of very few. Around the world, some 1% of all the people now control 48% of all the wealth.

We have seen it here as coporations contract out their work to poor countries (which do not get richer as a result. They just get more rughlessly exploited.) Meanwhile, most of us get poorer. At some point, as the concentration of wealth gets even more intense, we will have to face the queston.We make people work cheaply all over the world so that increasingly more money is concentrated in fewer people. And some day soon,....

Who is going to buy the goods?

We are probably living through one of the greatest changes of history. But one would never guess ir from our news media.

But Moncton City Hall is preparing for the future. It's going to build an events centre.

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  1. Dear Graeme Decarie:

    Thank you for that intriguing question!

    You bring to mind Trotsky's observation from the '30s that the bourgeois is 'tobogganing toward disaster with their eyes closed.' Except now, Trotskyists say that they are tobogganing toward disaster with their eyes wide open -- and that there isn't a thing they can do to stop it. No matter what the Lords of Commerce, Industry and their privately bought-and-paid-for political class do, instability and debt gather strength on every side. Whatever decision is made, crisis will only deepen.

    Meanwhile, the Liberal, Conservative and Nominally Democratic parties, [with the Provincial Government, Attorney General, Minister of Injustice, Irving’s oil-driven press and the Retainers of Capitalism’s Malfeasant Policies and foreign entities -- as SWN -- that direct them all] are thoroughly discredited by their full-throated support of political crime in New Brunswick.

    Nothing shows a population that it is the enemy like turning guns on people! Isn’t it amazing how a couple of cracks on the skull by a cudgel-wielding thug can teach people more about democracy in 5 seconds than a decade of reading Marxian literature!