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... that's a fast-breaking story featured on page 1, and written by crusading reporter Brent Mazerolle. I'll bet you didn't know that Canadians like coffee. But nobody can fool young Brent. Read the story now. Read it while it's hot. And get ready for the changes that means in your life. Look! Up in the's a bird, it's a plane, it's....

Most of the rest of section A is downhill from that flash. But there is an item worth reading on A2. It's the report of the statement by the rector of U de M on the case of Prof. Lapierre. It's an intelligent statement, and an honest one - so far the only honest and intelligent statement I have seen on this issue. Unfortunately, reporter Shawn Berry turned a full quarter of the story over to Mr. Alward's spin-doctor view - which has already been reported - many times.

Alward is still pretending that Lapierre was taken on for his skill in bringing people together. Mr. Alward, you are - - dishonest. At the time of his appointment, you didn't say a word about his people skills. It was all about what a brilliant scholar he was the field of ecology. You and the Irving Press pushed that line hard. You even used it, quite deliberately, and the Irving press quite deliberately lied to give the impression that his understanding of health issues (in which he has no more training than I have) was superior to that of Dr. Cleary.

If anything, the reporters should now be interviewing Dr. Cleary, apologizing for the damage that they have done to her and the people of this province. And, this time, they might give us an accurate account of her warnings.

But there is not the slightest chance that either the Irving Press the government will show the intelligence or integrity or fundamental decency to do that. Nor has Liberal leader Gallant covered himself with glory in this. Of course not. He wouldn't dare to anything that Mr. Irving doesn't like. He is fully as sleazy and as servile as those who have gone before him.

Professor Lapierre is not a poor soul who has been the sad victim of a teeny, tiny mistake. He is a man who lied to promote himself, and who, in doing so betrayed the people of New Brunswick, putting them at risk. If  you still think this is a tragedy in a class with Hamlet, then go away and cry quietly, wiping your eyes and blowing your nose into the Times and Transcript.

Most disappointing is the reaction - or lack of it - from the people of New Brunswick. They sometimes remind me of a story my father told me about a man who, after long suffering, decided he had to stand up to a bully.

"Sir", he said. "You have driven my wife to suicide. You have beaten and enlsaved my children. You have burned my house. You have taken my money...but I warn you sir.....some day you will push me too far."

When are New Brunswickers going to wake up, and realize what is being done to them?

If you find anything in NewsToday, please let us know. Most newspapers have a news editor who knows what is going on around the world, and what it important to print. Such a news editor also studies all the news services for their input - not just old standards like The Canadian Press.

Such an editor then uses that knowledge to select which stories are most important, and which are essential to broaden our understanding. The Irving press doesn't seem to have such a person. The result  is a NewsToday section dominated by trivia, propaganda, and whatever other trash is lying around and cheap. But there is a story out there that we should know about.

Both Russia and the US have sent major units of their fleets to the eastern Mediterranean. It's a safe bet that both have nuclear subs there, and both have nuclear subs carrying nuclear weapons on station and on the alert. All it would take one, tiny misjudgement.

There are powerful players in Israel and the US who want an attack on Syria. There are also powerful players in the arab world who want it. As well, it is the essential step to an attack on Iran which Israel and American hawks desperately want to attack. They've wanted such an attack for decades - for reasons that have nothing to do with nuclear research in Iran, but everything to do with control of the world's oill supply. And that is a matter of great concern to, among others, Russia, China, Pakistan and India..

This is a crisis which is far greater than the one when the US and the Soviet Union came close to nuclear war. I remember the one over Cuba. I remember the fear.

But nowadays, we are all massaged by a corrupt press. The word 'Syria' doesn't even appear in today's paper.
The editorial is trivial. In his column, Bill Belliveau is right about the faults of Alward but, like the Liberal party he always seems to speak for, he has nothing different to offer.

Norbert, bless his little, little heart, has ended his impossibly silly series on a party platform. Today is spent mostly in congratulating himself for his insight. He even has the nerve to criticize voters for being uninformed. How can he be so dumb as to say that when his is the newspaper devoted to keeping them uninformed?

Curiously, he does have a  paragraph of praise for one politician. Just one. The late Jack Layton, who led the NDP.

I can agree with his judgement on this. But how come Norbert and his newspaper have never in their entire history had a good word to say for the NDP? In fact, they normally don't mention it at all. So let it all out , Norbert. Write a whole column on how you admire the NDP, and why.

And then Mr. Irving will slap your little bottom.

On op ed, Brent Mazerolle produces his usual zero. Gwynne Dyer, informed and articulate is the only item in the editorial and op ed pages worth reading.


The faith page has the usual boring and trivial sermonette which, as always, takes care never to say anything that might deal with real life. Any moral questions about Prof. Lapierre taking on responsibilities he was unqualified for? Anything unChristian about the US operating torture prisons around he world? Anything morally wrong with the decisions that led to the deaths in Lac Megantic?
Anything wrong with the US cutting 40 billion dollars from its food stamp programme so it can afford extravagant profits for the billionaires of the defence industry? (It's a practice also known in Canada. Ask Irving Shipyards all about it.)

Nah. Let's not talk about nasty things. Let's talk about how pretty it is when the birdies sing in the trees. And how about those pie sales, eh?


All of the student columns are worth a read They beat the editorial page and most of the rest of the paper by a mile.


I also read the comic strip, Blondie. It's seldom funny. But it's been around for close to a century, the oldest comic strip still in business. So I know just how it feels.


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  1. You are almost as cynical as I. It is good to see some bright lights in the kids.