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Sept. 20: The "know-how" of big business in New Brunswick...

As we can read on p. 32, it does not matter that Professor Lapierre was unqualified in science for the jobs he took on. No. He wasn't hired for his scientific reputation. It was for his wonderful talent in bringing people together to talk.

Sorta makes ya stop and think, don't it? I mean, if he was hired for his lovable self, why did the TandT waste so much space for a year talking about his scientific stature? You know, the one he doesn't have. And why was his scientific opinion used to discredit Dr. Cleary? - who does have the qualifications to make useful statements on shale gas?

And Mr. Alward praises Professor Lapierre's contributions Exactly what contributions were these? Could Bit Al give us a little information on that?

The reality is that for years Professor Lapierre used and was used by corporations and governments of this province to serve their own purposes. He was put in highly responsible positions that affected the life and safety of each of us. And in doing that, they didn't bother in all those  years to check his qualifications.

Hell, you can't get a job sweeping floors without references and some smattering of qualifications.  But in all the big corporations, in government, in print journalism, in private radio and TV, nobody had the wit to make the five minute phone call that would have cleared it all up. There are only two, possible explanations for that.

Nobody in government or big business had the brains ot make a simple check of a person who was being put in highly responsible position. If so, that means our leaders in big business and in politics are a rare collection of village idiots - a genetic fault that also shows up in private news media.

Or if means they didn't give a damn. Of those two possibilities, well, I wouldn't dream of calling our economic and political leaders village idiots. They knew exactly what they were getting by using Lapierre. Lapierre was wrong in acting as a stooge. But they were wrong in acting as irresponsible and sociallly dangerous scoundrels. If any criminal charges are possible in this, they should be aimed at the real villains - our economic and political bosses.


For a change, page 1 has a major story that is important. A Moncton woman who says she was repeatedly sexually assaulted has been denied her day in court. It's important for us to be reminded that this sort of thing does not happen just in Jody Dallaire's column.

In all of Canada, it is estimated that only one in ten of sexual assaults on women get reported. Of those that are reported, only one in a hundred leads to conviction. It is quite common, almost the the rule, for prosecutors to refuse such cases. That means that victims of sexual assault have one chance in a thousand of getting justice done. So much for the equality of men and women in our enlightened country.


Even NewsToday has, on p.C9, an important story. Canada has refused to accept a request from the Human Rights Council of the United Nations for an investigation into violence against native women in Canada.

No big deal? Well, just imagine the council making such a request of a Moslem country. and the Moslem country refusing.  I can almost hear John Baird denouncing such a refusal from a Moslem nation as outrageous. (And I can just see milions of Canadians pointing self-righteous fingers at such a nation.)

Perhaps all the self-righteous might give some thought to demanding that we investigate violence against native women - and that we investigate the indifference of our courts towards women who are victims of sexual assault.


Still missing is the big story on  how Irving, the noted philantropist and winner of awards for his generosity,  seems to be grossly over-charging you and me to build ice-breakers for National Defence. Perhaps Professor Lapierre could chair a committee to examine this.

There is also a story on Syria. But it's essentially propaganda designed make us agree to a US attack on that nation. The more important development is not mentioned at all. There is brutal figthing going on between groups of "rebels".  Those who are jihadists - what our press would call extremists and terrorists - are slaughtering moderate Moslem fighters.

That's right, folks. The freedom fighters on our side are murdering the other freedom fighters on our side. And both sides are killing with the weapons supplied from the US and its Middle East Allies. And neither side is made up of Syrians.  They're almost all mercenaries from outside the country, none of whom have any interest in democracy of any sort.

That's why we have to bomb all the other Syrians  (the people who actually are Syrians) to establish a fake democracy with a government actually made up of the invaders - or whichever group of the invaders comes out on top.

But it's like the case of Prof. Lapierre's wonderful work. You don't have to understand it. Just believe.


Alec Bruce has a respectable and well-written column on the civil servants' pension dispute. I don't at all agree with him because he takes no account of the tremendous flow of wealth in this province, this country and the world, from everybody else to the very, very rich.

There's lots of money that could be used for pensions and services. But it's being looted in the greatest mass pillage the world has ever seen.  However, it's still a respectable column.

Norbert continues with his outline of a  political platfrom that gets sillier, vaguer, and less relevant each day. Roughly, what he says today is that he would do good things. That's nice. One of his key planks is there would be no more free drinks included in government meals. Well, that should take care of the deficit.

Cole Hobson, like Rod Allen and other staff writers, produces a column which tells a simple story. However, unlike Rod Allen and other staff writers, there is a point to Hobson's stories. He's worth reading.

And David Suzuki has a superb column. But Mr.Alward would never call on him to chair a committee to control the development of shale gas in the province.  I mean, Suzuki doesn't have a degree in education.


Oh, an afterthought. Have you noticed that neither the Irving Press nor the government has mentioned that Lapierre was the stooge who was used to discredit the opinion of Dr. Cleary?The TandT participated quite gladly in that fraud. It also declined to report her winning of a national award for taking the stand that she did.

So where are the apologies from all those liars and manipulators? So far, I have not seen the name of Dr. Cleary mentioned even once in the recent stories about Professor Lapierre. We have been lied to. We have been placed in serious danger by shale gas corporations and their stooges.  None of that part of the story is coming out. It makes me wonder. What does it take to make New Brunswickers realize that they have been grossly abused by their economic and political leaders for generations?  That they have been treated as expendable.  What does it take to make New Brunswickers angry?

Oh. I know.

I'm not going to go to  your stupid CFL game. So there.


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  1. There are only two, possible explanations for that? Maybe three?
    An early discovery of Louis the Liar's credentials, or lack thereof, may have made him the man he isn't today. If someone, that may have been in our premiere's seat during LaPierre's assisted rise in stature, found a bird of the feather that could be brought under wing for a possible impending and future probable fiasco ... well, that person may just have a tool and the clout to hold it over his head.