Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6: Two in one....

There's almost nothing to say about today's TandT because it's so inane. Instead, I'll probably spend more time on yesterday's - which had its own inanity.

In fairness, I checked out the Globe and Mail yesterday. Only the busines section placed it above the usual TandT.

There's really nothing in today's paper except for a quite terrible story on p. 1 about a python that escaped a pet shop, and strangled two, young boys. I wonder at the mentality of people who think keeping such a pet is a good idea.

The editorial beats the drum (again) for contracting highway maintenance to private companies. It will, says the editorial writer, give a hand-up to small operators. I'll bet it will.

You know, the little guys who can barely afford twenty trucks and a few hundred employees. - until, of course, some subsidiaries of big corporations get in on the game. Then watch your costs rise.

Norbert defends the police against charges that they have caused a rise in the crime rate. I haven't heard anyone dumb enough to make such a charge. Then he wanders off into a confused 'analysis' of statistics to suggest that doubling the police force would increase the crime rate. Then he suggests the crime rate is rising because young people are rushing into Moncton. But by that point, he had long lost me.

Alan Cochrane writes about motorcycles; in effect, writing vroom-vroom over and over. This is a good column for those who are easily thrilled.

Damn. I accidentally erased everything after this. Oh, well.....

Monday's paper was pretty silly, too. Norbert told us we had none of them there arrogant and pretentious folks like Halifax has. No. Fredericton society is famous for its openess and warmth and jes' folks like the Irvings and McCain's, etc.  He also praises our very own Northrop Frye, the best known and least read author ever produced by Moncton. To bad Norbert was confused about the spelling of the famous one's last name. (It has an e at the end, Norbert. He ain't a long and skinny thing that goes with hot dogs.)

I disagree entirely with Steve Malloy's comments on language. But the greater part of his column is good stuff. He's not a pretentious writer - and he is blessed with common sense and insight.

Then there was a letter to the editor. "N.B.'s finances keep getting worse". The writer suggests our government needs a board of management made up of successful businessmen.

Our government already HAS such a board. It always has had.  That's why the finances are getting worse.

The most recent incarnation of such a board was created by Mr. Irving when he (illegally) made himself a member of the government and appointed "advisors" to the minister of finance - who is also an Irving retread. Politicians do not run the economy of this province.l Businessmen do.

The problem is that a government is not a business. It exists to define social needs and fund-raising, both based on models that reflect some form of philosophy and morality. Unfortunately, neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have any concept of social needs, fund-raising, philosophy and morality.  Nor can business fill the gap.

Business economics are entirely devoted to just one thing - profit - unlimited profit that amounts to unlimited greed with utter indifference to social needs or any morality whatever. Business will happily destroy such a social need as education or medical care whenever it can make money by doing so. It has fought wars, beggarred whole nations, tortured, stolen - whatever it takes to make a profit.

That's why I am appalled that there are clergy who can be hired to preach at the Irving Chapel where we are invited to stroll in the beautiful grounds of flowers that are God's creation..... with a little help  for God with money raised by risking the public safety by cutting corners on railway costs. That's a little something to ponder when next you are sitting in the simple hush of the chapel.

A democratic government is based on parties with some code of morality and some philosophy of the nature of society. That cannot be said of either the Liberal or the Conservative party in this province (or federally). It cannot be said of Alward. It cannot be said of Goguen.

Essentially, there are two political philosophies - liberal and conservative. All others are related to them. The form they take will vary greatly according to the morality which guides them. Our Liberals and Conservatives have neither philosophy nor morality. They are simply labels that only the ignorant can believe in.

The sloppiest form of government is one in which certain groups (like business leaders)  are given power simply because of who they are. That sloppiness is what we have - and it's proper name is fascism.

This evening at 7 p.m., I'll be meeting with the current events group at Moncton Library. My topic will be the real meanings of liberalism, conservatism, socialism, and fascism.  Everyone is welcome.

I've been working on this current events group for three years. But getting people in this province to turn out for public discussion is tough sledding. I had a such a group in a suburb of Montreal that was smaller than Moncton - and averaged attendance in the hundreds for fifteen years.  But Moncton is not a city that is accustomed to public discussion - so I'm lucky to get three or four. I'm seriously thinking of giving it up - so it would be nice to see some people.

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