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August 19: Damn, damn, damn....

I wrote a long blog this morning on my own system that it took Bell only two weeks to install. When I pushed publish, nothing happened. spent over an hour on the phone with Bell and, following instruction, lost the whole blog. I now have to wait until tomorrow because they said they need time.
Anyway - here's a quickie on what I wrote.

The lead story is one Robert Goguen who orates on a genuine problem - but really has nothing to say. Then there's another biggie on how we in Moncton will soon be able to order meals in a few restaurants using the computer. It's a full life.

Then there is yet another picture of a kite, followed by two more pages of pictures of kites and a photo of a stranger sitting on a tractor. A great thrill for people who get excited by pictures of kites and strangers sitting on tractors.

The only, real news story in section A is buried on A7 because it's so much less important than kites. A New Brunswick biologist has warned that herbicides used by our forest industry in this province are causing enormous damage to our wildlife, including deer who have fallen victim by over a hundred thousand. But what does he know? He's only a biologist, and has only 20 years on the job of studying the situation.

So the TandT includes a statement by a real authority, somebody impartial, the President and CEO of the New Brunswick Forest Products Association.  He says there's  no problem. There are places that ban such herbicides: but any real authority knows there's no problem in spraying the landscape with chemicals designed to kill living organisms.

That's it for section A.
The NewsToday has one page of news.  The lead story is one that actually should be read. The national ombudsman for prison conditions has said there is no reason to keep Omar Khadr in maximum security.  Even the American authorities consider him to be no threat. So why is he there?

Because Harper plays to self-righteous bigots who make up a substantial part of his voters. Remember that racist questionnaire he circulated about native chiefs? That's Harper's style.

You think Khadr should be in prison and in maximum security? Okay. How about the American presidents who have now killed over two million people in Guatemala, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan with millions more to come - and all to please oil and mining billionaires?

How about the American soldier who killed a family, raped the surviving thirteen years old daughter, then killed her. American soldiers wouldn't rape? Hell, it's on record that they rape American women soldiers at the rate of tens of thousands a year. What do you think they do to Moslem women in the middle of a war?

If you were a fifteen year old boy in Afghanistan and those people were rushing toward you screaming and shooting, what would you do? Stand up and sing God Bless America?

He killed a medic? Who do you think the US has been killing - medics, civilians, women, children, elderly by the hundreds of thousands at least.

Khadr was arrested as a prisoner of war. That is illegal under international law. As a minor, that is illegal.

He was held in a detention centre for years. That is illegal under international law.

He was tortured. That is illegal.

In a real court, testimony based on torture is illegal. Four crimes, all committed by the US government.

Ever heard of any charges for the crimes above? Did you ever hear Harper say a peep about them? Khadr is a Canadian citizen with a right to expect Canadian help. Harper didn't lift a finger.

You still hate Khadr. okay. you can kiss ass on  facebook for your real buddies, the politicians and soldiers who have murdered, raped and looted. I'd prefer Khadr any day.

The editorial is half-witted, as usual.  We are told that private business demands competition. What a twit! He works for a private business that insists on having a monopoly of the printed news. Do you ever think, Mr. editorial writer, before you write?

He says that capitalism produces the best goods at the cheapest prices. Sure. Tell that to all those happy people who work under capitalism in Haiti, Guatemala, and other parts of central America. Tell it to the  millions who work under brutal conditions in Congo, who are tortured and murdered to please billionaires. Tell it to the millions of Americans who lost their homes to crooked banks, and now have to pay heavy taxes to reward the banks for their criminal behaviour.

We should have a small government says the editorialist. That's exactly what we do have. Our government is one man.  Mr. Irving tells those politicians in Moncton what to do, and they jump. Business should be completely free? It is. That's why we're in a recession.

I don't know where the TandT finds these clowns.

Remember how, about a month ago, he talked about how people who questioned the Toronto police about shooting a teenager in a streetcar were stupid and, he implied, were all dumber than him (Norbert), and probably anti-shale gas protestors? Well, one of those policemen has just been charged with second-degrree murder. Funny Norbert didn't mention it.

He also raves about how an inquiry is a must after the Campbellton tragedy. In fact, there is a very vigorous inquiry. I've seen no sign of anybody hiding anything.

But Norbert never mentions the need of a public inquiry over the killing or 47 people in Lac Megantic The TandT scarcely reports on it. And Harper is showing no special interest.

But if Norbert dared to mention that, he'd get his little bottom spanked.

What a self-righteous and ignorant creep!
Alec Bruce is light, but very sensible and amusing at the same time.

Craig Babstock appears to be still recycling his old essays from grade nine. Read it only if you give a damn that he's been cleaning his basement.

Pat Malloy is missing today. Too bad. What they have is a Pat Murphy who has made (her?) living as a writer for big business. It shows. This one is a standard Tand T defence of fracking. And Pat Murphy obviously knows nothing about it.

She? signs herself off as having a degree in history and economics. (I can see Brent Mazerolle now writing a column about this brilliant columnists known around the world for having a degree in history and economics.) Actually, it means nothing. This person has a BA with a very superficial knowledge of anything, especially history and economics. If she had more - a major or honours in them, it would mean a little more - but not that much.

Hell, I have a degree in history - no major, no honours. That's because I seldom went to class, never studied, and knew damn little about history at the time. Murphy has written a highly prejudiced piece on a subject of which she knows nothing, and her sources are highly questionable ones.

Well, that's the kind of person who writes for the TandT.

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  1. This is funny stuff, Graeme. I'm not from New Brunswick. but your media analysis applies all round. And don't forget that Harper is being examined by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.