Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4: disappointment (partly) eased...

I won't waste much time talking about most of today's Times and Transcript because most of is the usual trivia and propaganda.  Note the headliner for section A. "Health officials eye sustainable future". Doesn't that give you a warm and cuddly feeling?

That's what it's supposed to do. The real story is that the government is cutting health services so that nice people like the Irvings won'ts have to pay taxes, and so they and their friends can start privatizing health and get even richer. As a result, some of you will just have to endure ill health and some of you will die. That's no exaggeration. There are lots of statistics all over the world to prove that.

In countries like the US, people die younger than they should. And the leading cause of bankruptcy for seniors is health care. By the time you get to the coffin, there's no money left to pay for it. But it's no sweat for the rich who can afford the costly insurance. And, of they can make big money out of squeezing us.

But the headline doesn't say any of that. It has nice buzz words like "sustainable" and "future". A good newspaper would never set a headline like that. But there are few good newspapers in North America. That's why, even in the trade, some journalists call themselves "presstitutes".

And Irving press is down there with the worst of them, even worse than the Toronto Sun.

The front page also has a big article on strawberries - just in case you missed the big, front page article on strawberries that appeared just yesterday or the day before.

And the big confrontation between anti-shale gas protesters and SWN at Elsipogtog? There's not a word about it. But there is room for a big story that the Calgary zoo is laying off some workers.

The op ed page has its usual obnoxious photo of Rod Allen looking shrewd and insightful. Too bad his column never is either of those.

Excellent and thoughtful column by Beth Lyons on the colonialism we never talk about.

Then I, fearfully, turned to Alec Bruce.

 It was good. Damn good. He explains the economic and environmental problems we face very well, indeed. Things are not "picking up" as we're led to believe. Read it. I'll just add a bit to it.

For a start, let's forget this garbage about how the rich create wealth for all of us. Anyone with eyes should be able to see how ridiculous that is. For the past forty years, the rich of this world have been getting astonisingly richer while most of the rest of us have been getting poorer. Much of the US has sunk into poverty and homelessness, with most Americans actually earning less than they were thirty years ago. But American big business has never made bigger profits. Esactly the same thing is happening in New Brunswick.

One reason it's happening is free trade. Why should big business pay decent wages here when it can hire starving people in poor countries to work in dangerous conditions for long hours at two dollars a day? And, quite commonly, they get off paying taxes either here or in the other country. Then, as a side benefit, they can smash unions to pay really low wages even here - and buy governments so they don't have to pay taxes here. It happened in the US. It's happening here. it's happening all over western Europe.

The system is so corrupt that American bankers were able to break the law, send the world economies into a crash- then get paid for it in taxpayers's money,run up a national debt that can never be paid, and give each other obscene bonusses.

Wealth is not created by big business. It is created by our resources in minerals and people and skills. Big business does not create wealth. What it does is to increase its share of our wealth, then invest it where people are cheap -while making us poorer so we becine cheap, too. That's not a theory. Just look around at the US, at Britain, at Greece, at Italy, at Spain. Look around you in New Brunswick.

But there's a catch. By hogging all the wealth to themselves, the very rich have been destroying their own markets and potential markets. When you create so much poverty, who do you have left to sell to?

The people who call themselves capitalists and free enterprisers are nothing of the sort.  Their perversion of capitalism has created one hell of a bubble. But, then, only someone in a stupor could believe that big business is characterized by either intelligence or foresight.

Where does this take us? Well, first it takes us to thought control and propaganda as we see in the Irving press. Then it takes us to massive domestic spying and a police state - which is already obvious in the US - and less obvious but present in Canada.

We are very likely (certain) to see severe social disorder which is likely to re-open the door to the racism, fascism and naziism of the 1930s. (We can already see the fascism in Mr. Irving's declaration that he is in a coalition with the government. And you can see the racism in the Harper government's campaign to stigmatize native peoples, and the western world's campaign to fan fear and hatred of Moslems.)

Meanwhile, the energy business (always a leader in ruthlessness and corruption)  knows damn well that another bubble that is going to break is the fossil fuel bubble. That's why the rush is on to sell the stuff while it can - with no thought for sickness, deaths, and environmental damage it will cause within a generation. (Of all big business, energy has probably been the biggest murderer over the years - within mining close behind.)

That's why Harper has destroyed almost all environmental protection in Canada. That's why he has fired thousands of scientists working on sustainable energy. That's why the presstitutes of the Irving press have been feeding us lies, propaganda and trivia as though they were news.

Big business, just like car drivers, has to have rules and has to be policed to make sure it is not a threat to society. But two things have happened to destroy any control that would be in the interest of all of us. One is free trade. The other is the rise of fascism and the police state - both pretending to help us but in reality helping only those who are the greatest threat to us and even to themselves.

To survive, a society has to control drunk drivers. We have become a society run by the drunks - and the police exist primarily to ensure that their glasses are always full.

(I have no idea whether Alec Bruce would agree with the above. I simply took up where he left off.)

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  1. NB is idle no more and those in power don't like it. Just like the book of Revelation says....The entire world is deceived. A few get it but most don't and when the powerful try to bring in the mark of the beast without iwhich no one can buy or sell .., don't take it