Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16: burned yesterday, power lost, no air conditioner all night, no sleep, still no power...

working on a (very) strange computer, lots of aches, depressed, annoyed...THE WORLD MUST PAY ATTENTION,

Among lesser issues, the TandT has yet another letter from  George (Skip) Wallin. He writes quite a few on the glories of shale gas. And today, he's honoured as letter of the day. And he's really smart , like, y'know. Like - he reads newspapers like The Spectator. So, y'know, he, like, knows.

Like today, he tells us how the American economy is recovering, and how all those offshore jobs with cheap labour  are being dropped to bring good times back to the US. And it's all because of cheap shale gas.

Well, gee goshwillkers  Mr. Skip sir, what recovery? What jobs?

Certainly U.S. big business is doing great. But US poverty has never been as high. 22 million children in the US live in families below the poverty line. (23,550 for a family of four).

And offshore jobs are coming onshore? Well, sort of. The US now has 17 million workers from offshore and poor countries. They're working dirt cheap. But that's 17 million jobs Americans don't have.

As well, of the very few new jobs opening up for Americans, almost all are minimum wage and/or part time.  Some recovery!

Things are moving in the same direction here. The jobs that, under blessing of free trade  we have exported at two dollars a day, no benefits, no environment rules  (thank you Mr Mulroney) are going to stay exported.

Free trade gave big business huge profits by exploiting the poverty of the world's poorest people. And, by creating unemployment here, it has allowed big business to lower wages for us. That pattern has impoverished Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland Britain, the U.S. Shale gas has not changed that anywhere. And it's not going to

Incidentally, the word 'quotes' is a verb, not a noun.. The word you were searching for is 'quotation'.

Oh, be sure to tell all those in the U.S. living on food stamps - and the homeless - and the unemployed - and those who lived in ghost towns like Detroit - and the 22 million children who live in poverty. It would make them feel so much better.

And it's so wonderful to read a letter to the editor by an eddicated man like you.
There's nothing much in the whole paper today. Alan Cochrane has a penetrating and thought-provoking article on what is's like to sit in a Chevry Silverado pickup that goes vroom, vroom. Wow, with all that, who needs sex?

Gwynn Dyer has a chilling opinion piece on the case of Edward Snowden, the young CIA analyst who faces three choices - assassination, years of torture, and life in solitary.  Perhaps we shall get a learned letter from Super Skip on how he deserves it for betraying his country. But he didn't betray his country.

His 'country' is the American constitution and  American law. Snowden is a patriot who defended those.  The man who betrayed his country was Obama and, before him, Bush. Between them they shattered the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. They illegally jailed people without charge or trial, they gave themselves the power to order assignations. They destroyed everything the American revolution was about.

And the ones who call themselves patriots, the gun nuts of the National Rifle Association, stood around with their faces hanging out.

Now, Obama has broken both the constitution and international law with his mass spying.

Yet, many people see Snowden as the betrayer and Obama as the patriot. Well, at least we can now understand why so many Germans rallied around Hitler as a patriot.

And there's worse, much worse, that we don't yet know.
Not much of the Snowden story ever reached the TandT, of course.  Nor has much attention been paid to the middle east.  So here's a quick tour...
Syria - the US is arming Syrian "rebels" though knowing that most of the weapons will get to those "rebels' are really Moslem jihadists - the ones defined in US policy as terrorist, the ones the US is supposedly fighting a war on. But the US has also delayed its supplies. So what's going on? Does the US want the rebels to lose?

Yes. But it doesn't want the government to win, either. A win for the rebels would create a Moslem, fundamentalist state next door to Israel. But a win for the Syrian president would maintain a Syria hostile to American interference in the region. The solution?

Make sure neither of them wins.. Let them fight a long and bloody war until Syria, as a nation, is destroyed. This could kill hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians - including virtually the whole Christian population. Hey. Them's the breaks.

Meanwhile,  he is supplying aid to the Egyptian army, even though it overthrew an elected government. Again, Obama is breaking American law. And he's setting up another civil war.

Then you have Israel, illegally bombing Syria - and using bases in Turkey. The people of Turkey are not going to be thrilled by that.

Then there is the coming Israeli attack on Iran - all of thesis   part of an American attempt to make its dominance of the middle east and Africa absolute - something China, Russia and India might feel that cannot accept.

It's all become quite insane, out of  control, and loaded with possibilities for nuclear war.

But, hey, how about that op ed piece on the thrill of riding in a Chevy Silverado pickup?

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  1. Did you notice, some T & T reporters were at the city council meeting, but apparently only noticed that the city will move a historic covered bridge...