Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13: On renovating your mansion in the correct style

You'll find this useful article in the Home and Garden section, p. 1. It features Bill Clinton's home (Georgian style), along with multi, multi million dollar homes in Gothic Revival etc. And it's just packed with useful information on redecorating.

For us peasants, there is one picture of a bungalow such as one might hope to find in Moncton. The priceless advice on it? You might need a few extra lamps in it. Wow, and here we've all been going along holding candles.

This page is a fine example of lazy and sloppy editorial choice with no thought at all of who
the readers are.
Cheap, though.

The front page is taken up with trivia about all the old cars in town. (Do you really care whether "couples come to Atlantic Nationals to socialize"?) And the rest of the first section is just as good.
Apparently, for example,  "Downtown scattered with edible plants".
Let's make it a supper date.
Newstoday has a story on Edward Snowden the whistle blower who is taking sanctuary at Moscow airport. This is the man who crime is that he showed that President Obama was breaking the law and the constitution  with his massive spying on the private lives of almost all Americans (and everybody else). He's hoping to get sanctuary in Russia. But he probably won't.

There's no percentage for anybody in offering him shelter. If he's lucky, he'll get assassinated. If not, he'll he'll spend years of solitary and torture in the sweet land of liberty. Then he'll face a rigged trial, and spend the rest of his life in solitary.
The editorial is trivial and brainless - a great improvement over a column that is usually obnoxious and brainless.

Bill Beliveau offers of column full of stuff we already knew. Hint, Bill.......

The oil involved in the Megantic disaster is Irving's. He chose to move it on a railway owned by a man notorious for cutting corners to save money, and one who has a bad safety record in the US. Our federal government loosened its railway safety regulations a year ago for people just like him.

Gee. Isn't Mr. Irving involved in the railway business, too? Isn't it possible he knew all about the risks of the railway he was using? Isn't it possible he chose it BECAUSE its practices made it cheap as well as dangerous?

And at whose request did Mr. Harper loosen the regulations so that such a train could run with just one human on it? Surely, it wasn't done just at the request of an American railway that was a small player on the Canadian scene.

A town is destroyed, and over 50 people are dead. We will now have a long, long enquiry. But however long it may be, we can be sure that some names will never come up in it.
Norbert - go back to ranting. Your attempt at a serious analysis of the Egytian coup is contemptibly ignorant of both democracy and history.

If a democratically elected government becomes unpopular the military is entitled to overthrow it? Okay. So when to we get to tell our army to overthrow Alward and Harper, and replace them?

Then he compare the coup to our attack on Hitler.

1. Hitler's Germany was not a democracy.
2. We did not go to war on Hitler to stage a coup against Hitler's rule. On the contrary, most of the western world, especially big business in Canada and the US supported Hitler. They supplied the money for his rise. They insisted the Berlin Olympics go ahead, though popular opinion was against them. Holllywood producers collaborated with Hitler in the 1930s to make films that served the Nazi propaganda machine. They were also big financial donors. In gratitude to Henry Ford, Hitler kept an enormous portrait of him over his desk. Early in the war, American oil companies continued to suppory Hitler with oil. Even in 1941, and almost a month after the attack on Pearl Harbour, the United States did NOT declare war on Germany. In fact, it was the other way around, Germany declared war on the US.
3.You say if people believe in human rights, they have a right to overthrow an elected government?  Okay. Then the American people have a right to overthrow Obama for his unconstitutional infringements of human rights.
4. There is a polarization on the issue of human rights between Islamists and democrats? Bullshit, Norbert.The world has a great many countries in which human rights do not exsit. You will find such dictatorships all over central America, and all of them created by the "democratic" US where the government spies on everybody, and where the president can jail people without charge ot trial.
Islamist Iran WAS a country with democracy and respect for himan rights. It was the US that overthrew it and installed a brutal dictatorship. When the US left South Korea after the Korean War, it left a dictator in charge. The US intervened in Haiti to destroy a democratically elected government which had popular support.
5. The army is going to bring democracy to Egypt? Norbert - it was the generals who kept democracy out of Egypt. It is the army that has ruled Egypt since King Farouk left. And the generals did it through all those years with heavy Americn support - not to say bribes.
6. You don't like Morsi?  I don't like Morsi, either. But Egyptians elected him in a legal election. Democracy means the people shall have the right to decide who will government them. Whether you or I like them, Norbert, is irrelevant. It is their decision, not ours. And not the army's. and not the US's.
7. Norbert, if you had the brains of a sparrow you would realize the US organized that coup in Egypt. The generals depend entirely on American aid.

The reality is that the US will not tolerate any democracy that is not a puppet for it. It has put economic pressure and military pressure on any South American government that has attempted to establish democrcacy. It helped overthrough an elected president in Vietnam, and install a series of dictator generals. But it happily bundles up with friendly dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and Guatemala (where a US invasion destroyed another democracy that had popular support.)

To call the US a democracy is absurd. It has only two parties, both financed and controlled by billionaires. Both parties, like NB's liberals and conservatives, are the same party. Obama, like it or not, is Bush.

And the US, though no doubt chosen by God, does not have much of a record of spreading democracy, and it does not have a God-given right to interfere in other countries.

Norbert, your column is a crashing example of ignorance and bigotry in just about every sentence. I would love to debate you publicly on this. But we knew that won't happen.

And you were editor of the Times and Transcript.

For an intelligent comment on the situation in Egypt, read Gwynne Dyer on the op ed page.

On the Faith Page, the Lord's work goes on.. Church of the Nazarene is holding a community barbecue.

The day's sermonette is that preachers often endure the dreadful ordeal of being criticized by people who didn't like the sermon. Pastor, I don't want to trivialize the pain you must feel on those occasions - but this sort of rudeness is a daily experience for waitresses, bartenders, office boys, teachers...and so the list goes.

Imagine what it would be like if you were preaching real Christianity as Jesus did, and getting chased by soldiers, tried by a mob, abused in public, and executed.

On balance, you shouldn't get your knickers in a twist over the occasional persoon who says he didn't like your sermon. Indeed, there might be better reason to worry about the ones who liked it.


  1. ...and the "US--World Massacre Tour" rolls on...wasn't IBM making boat-loads of money in Germany, at the time you speak of?

  2. not just IBM. Oil compsnies selling diesel for nazi subs did a booming business. So did the German Ford works that turned out German military vehicles. Nazi Germany was a major market for Hollywood. The wealthy, working through world bodies they controlled, like the international Olympic Committee, worked hard to maintain the good news about Hitler. Big business was furious when Charlie Chaplin made The Great Dictator. They never forgave him, either, and hounded him through their political hacks almost to his death many years after the war.

  3. Oh....And the Paris hotel used as headquarters and torture chambers for the Gestapo---it was leaased with the rent paid monthly through a Swiss bank (in gold) Canadian National Railways.

  4. The Megantic disaster disgustedly smacks of an Ayn Rand novel, sans la happy ending