Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9: What to do?

There is a reader's comment at the bottom of yesterday's post. It asks what we should do to stop Shale gas exploration.

First - can it be stopped?

Yes, it can be stopped. It has been stopped, even turned back after it began, in parts of the US and Canada and Europe.

What will not stop it is violence. The people behind shale gas would love to see violence (and I suspect they will see it in parts of Canada and the US this summer.) Violence gives them, with the help of the scum of the journalism world, the chance to drive public support away from the protestors; and to call in the police. Violence gives them a chance to call in a violence that the protestors cannot match.

I'm quite sure that the recent decision to call off an "information" meeting because there had been a threat of violence was a setup.  I don't believe they would call off a meeting without a serious and very credible threat. But SWN has presented no evidence of such a threat. And it would be very naive to think that SWN would keep such a threat so secret. On the contrary, it would splash its information all over the news media because of the damage it would do to the anti-shale gas movement.

It was a setup. and the Irving press played along with it.

It is quite possible, even likely, that SWN will create violence with mysterious attacks on its own people and equipment. These people act exactly like mafia - because they are exactly like mafia. And, in such a case, depend on the Irving Press to follow their lead without question.

All of that will easily convince the people of New Brunswick that the protestors are in the wrong. This is a province that has been government by fear of the rich and powerful going back well over a century and a half. We have further been numbed by a lying a frivolous press - the only provincial press I know of that has routinely been condemned in federal studies.

The chances of violence across Canada are going to be especially strong this summer now that Harper has stirred up racism among his supporters to carry out a war against native peoples. He wants them out of his way. He wants the treaties out of his way. He wants that to get uncontrolled access to resources - like shale gas. As part of his campaign, he is starving reserves of money that is owing to them for decent housing and sanitation. And he is spending rumours that the reserves are corrupt. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

What makes these tactics possible on the shale gas issue is that the anti-shale gas movement is still too small, and it demonstrations too small. So long as that is the case, private news media of all sorts will play down the credibility of the movement. (Journalists are as  sheep-like as they come.) Even the CBC, which has been far the best source of news about this issue) may well lose its independence within weeks as Harper has prepared legislation to destroy it.

All this means the movement has to be even more active in recruiting members, and in ensuring that demonstrations are large. It has to encourage people to read the only alternative print media we have,
The Monctron Free Press.

That won't be easy. Getting New Brunswickers to publicly take stands and to think independemtly and without fear makes walking on water look easy. (It  might even be useful - and easier - to get people to demonstrate against the Moncton TandT.)

We need more  (and more open) opponents to shale gas. We need t o reveal the Irving press for the manipulative and lying work it does.

And, in the very near future, we must get rid the Liberals and the Conservatives who suck at the Irving teats. Admittedly, some of them can be forgiven on the grounds of stupidity (Mr. Flemming springs to mind). But as long as those two, wretched parties remain in power, this province will sink ever deeper into poverty to make billionaires richer.

As it is, we are destroying our own people, owu children - and now our own lands and waters. (Incidentatlly, where are they going to put the toxic waste water from the wells?)

The fundamental problem of New Brunswick is an aristocracy of wealth that has looted this province for generations. They can get away with it only so long as New Brunswickers act like sheep.

With large, active and open opposition in public, with our votes in provincial elections (and municipal ones), we can, for ourselves and our children, beat these greedy, thieving and destructive bastards.

Yes. They can be stopped.


  1. I hate to be a naysayer, or a pessimistic downer, but I don't really see enough people being motivated to take a stance whether its here in Canada or in the U.S.

    And this is not just in regards to shale gas, but how democracy as a whole is being destroyed.

    In the U.S. Obama is saying he's protecting the constitution when in reality he is utterly decimating it. Another large false flag, state-sponsored terror event will happen there soon, and this will be used to further remove liberties.

    Harper is watching all this carefully and realizes he has a ways yet to push Canadians around before anyone even thinks of revolting.

    If SWN does create a staged event here in NB, it's only through false confidence borne of witnessing many U.S citizens sleepwalking through many, obvious state-sponsored terror events south of the border.

    Watch on youtube: CorbettReport, WideAwakeNews, RoyPotterqa, StormCloudsGathering, and Chris Hedges lectures.

    Read: Paul Craig Roberts,, and among others.

  2. I don't doubt the difficulty of what has to be done. But it does have be done.
    We are watching the collapse of the American empire. It's been destroyed by its own business leaders. Theoretically, the US is in recession. In reality, it's not a recession; it's a depression. And there isn't going to be a recovery. This is permanent.

    The"new" jobs are amost all very low level - waitresses, etc. Some fifty million americans are on food stamps. One in six cannot afford to eat. That's not going to change. Free trade has enabled big business to avoid American law and American taxes - to establish in poor countries where they can ignore local laws and pay no taxes at all. It's a greed that destroys even itself.

    So far, the US is held together by hatred and fear of Moslems. But the hatred is soon going to be transferred to people closer to home. It's going to get a lot uglier than anything we've seen.

    I well recognize the difficulty of organizing New Brunswickers to realize they can plan their own future, and they have a right to. It's going to be work. But it can be done.

    And it has to be done. There is no choice. For those who wonder what evil is, we stare it in the face every day.

    We have one of two choices. We can organize and fight back. - or, well, I am damned if I will join either the Liberals or Conservatives in their wimpy kissing up to those bastards.

    Given enough time, the Irvings and others of their breed will follow the American lead. they'll destroy medicare, public education, steal whatever there is to steal - and leave New Brunswickers on food stamps - until it's time to cut those off, too.

    New Brunswickers must either develop some guts and pride, or they can slide down with the US into an eternal poverty.

    I didn't plan to spend my retirement years in this way. But I am damned if I will allow such evil to destroy the lives of my children.

  3. "Admittedly, some of them can be forgiven on the grounds of stupidity" ... rofl!
    Your humor is only surpassed by your compassion and tolerance :-)

  4. John Ackerson - I do frequent most of the same sites as you, as I'm sure those with similar concerns have found their way to also. How to rattle the rafters loud enough for people to look up? Graeme calls it correctly, 'there isn't going to be a recovery'. When the Euro replaces the dollar N.A. will wake up plenty fast, but plenty late. But for now, the task at hand ... protect the home front and make Gandhi, King Jr and Lennon proud in doing so.