Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10: N.B. won't drop front licence plate"

Wow! Talk about a game changer! How do you like them apples, Mr. Irving? You'll need to get a front licence plate - if you ever come back to live in New Brunswick. Take that from the gutsiest government we've ever seen.

What half-wit assignment editor ever thought this was a story worth covering? And for the front page? Is it possible any reporter thought that this story made all those hours and months of study in journalism school worth it?

In other, riveting front page stories, three new schools will be opening - so some school boundaries may change a bit. And "Weather predictions too slow for Metro?"  Be still, my heart.

And the big, big headline, "Health networds want end to medicare disputre". Gee. What a suprise! and here I thought they would want it to go on forever.

There's even more inside. Did you know that the RCMP calls tow trucks when there's an accident? That fast-breaking story was covered by Craig Babstock

Nor does it stop even there.

The lead story for NewsToday is that a former US ambassador died.

 There is no mention that Israel was (and still is)close to an invasion of Syria. I'm afraid even to guess at the consequences of that. Among those consequences is the fact that our prime minister has publicly (and unconstitutionally) declared that Canada will be at Israel's side in any war - even if Israel starts it.

On the page for business news (Your Investments), the big story is that landscapers are rushing to get their spring jobs done. I needed to know that. There is no mention of the ludicrously low taxes being paid by corporations in this province - though the figures are easily available.

This is Disneyland with a vengeance. Then we come to the main course - the editorial and op ed pages.
Norbert begins his column with several paragraphs of the most nauseating, ass-kissing prose I have ever seen outside certain fanatical churches or nazi rallies.

Donald Savoie, it seems, is highly respected and, get this, impartial. Other adjectives or non-partisan, non-ideological, We are lucky to have him.

Norbert, you are taking pure bullshit - and I doubt whether you even understand the meanings of  words like ideological.

As a person supporting one side in a debate, he is highly partisan. That's what the word partisan means, Norbert. And I doubt very much whether you know what the term "public policy expert" means. In fact, it is a fancy term largely used to by right wing propaganda tanks to make their selfish ideas sound respectable.

And whatever Dr. Savoie may be expert in, he is not an expert on medicine or environment. If you are too dumb to understand that, Dr. Savoie is certainly not that dumb. 

The expert in medicine in this case is the Provincial Health Office, Dr. Cleary- and the whole medical profession. Their expertise is essential when you're talking of pumping toxic chemicals into our ground and flushing it out with fresh water. But your paper completely ignored her. And you have never reffered to her as an expert. Admittedly, there's enough evidence of stupidity in the Irving press to make it possible none of you understand that.

However, Dr. Savoie must know he was giving advice which, at its heart, involved a topic he knows nothing about it. And the word for that is not wise or respected. The word for that is unethical. That is one hell of a serious charge in the academic world. Luckily for Dr. Savoie, most of the academic world doesn't care much about ethics.

Nor does Dr. Savoie know poop about environmental threats. Yet these threats, too, are central to the debate. Dr. Savoie knows that as well.

Dr. Savoie has no significant knowledge of what regulations are necessary to control fracking. Indeed, he doesn't even know what toxic chemicals are being used because SWN and the rest of the boys won't tell us. Nor does he have the faintest idea how that wastewater will be disposed of - or what the dangers are in that.

What Dr. Savoie wrote was a very simple and superficial report that we need to encourage job growth in New Brunswick. That's not a brilliant insight. But it's reasonable.

But he wrote - and he knew he was writing - to encourage a project on which he is quite unqualified to speak. Norbert may be too dumb to know the difference. Dr. Savoie cannot be that dumb, not if he walk upright and can zip his fly without assistance.

Then Norbert goes off on a tirade about something he knows nothing about. (Nothing is the only subject he's a respected authority on.) He attacks teachers for not wanting their numbers cut. Too bad Norbert knows nothing about either education or economics.

1. The education system in this province is understaffed. Fewer pupils give us a chance to catch up. Norbert wants to use it as an excuse to keep us down.
2. He says we don't have enough money. Oh? Then how come he and the village idiots who surround him are so hot on a hundred million dollar hockey rink?
3. He cites Greece and Spain as examples of what can happen when when a government spends too much. In fact, Greece and Spain are examples of what happens when criminal bankers throughout the western world destroy national economies (and get away with it - with bonusses for being so smart.)
4. Greece and Spain HAVE drastically cut spending, quite savagely. And, as many economists have known for over seventy years, cutting spending does not work. On the contrary, it has made the situation in Greece and Spain worse, much worse.
5.Why don't you look at the tax money we (don't) get from corporations. We have the lowest corporation taxes around - and there's massive cheating and reductions even on that. That does us a hell of a lot more damage than the salaries of forty teachers.

Norbert - you really should be careful about accusing others of pandering, being spineless. And very, very careful about accusing others of being ignorant ranters. Today's column by you is not a bad one. Bad doesn't come close to what is really ignorant and ass-kissing.

The editorial,  though somewhat better than Norbert's column, still stinks. Times are tough for corporations? The days of easy money are over? Are you crazy, Mr. Editor?

Corporatons around the world have been making their biggest profits in history. It was the same in the 1930s. They get richer as we get poorer. North American manufacturers are not losing money. They're moving their money - and their jobs - to cheap labour supplies. Irving isn't losing money. Canadian mining isn't losing money. Bombardier isn't losing money.

And that doesn't even count the trillions of dollars in secret bank accounts.

And the idea that the snivelling wretches we call Liberals and Conservtives would stand aside, and turn down corporate requests for grants and loans and other favours, is absurd.
Alec Bruce has an excellent column on US spying on millions of its own citizens - all with the connivance of telephone companies, computer servers, credit card companies .... They're doing it with the connivance of Canadian companies and, almost certainly with the connivance of Harper. Oh, and Britain is also a part of it.

The excuse, like all the excuses for the destruction of civil liberties, of due legal process, of illegal invasions with murders by the millions, is the "war on terror". And plenty of fools will believe that. The TandT, a notch lower than your average run of fools, doesn't even h ave an editor who realizes this is an important story.

The real reason for it is, of course, power - power over all of us. You're critical of the government? You're on the list. The fundamental concepts of democracy and freedom have been destroyed over the last dozen years. We are well into the world 1984 and 'big brother'.

When Obama first ran for president, I said - on CBC - that I did not have much hope for his abilities. I thought he was a glib talker, and nothing more. I saw nothing of substance in his speeches. I wish I could take credit for that: but the fact is I overrated him.

He is even more destructive and vicious and corrupt than Bush. There was some excuse for Bush. He was seriously retarded. (Son of rich man gets master's degree from prestige university even though functionally illiterate and lacking entry requirements.) There's no excuse for Obama.

We are watching a man of intelligence who following the same policies as Bush did. We are getting back to back and in double terms the two worst presidents in American history. And we have a prime minister who thinks in the same slot they do. (So does Britain.)

In this time of overwhelming issues, Craig Babstock discusses the pressing problem of crosswalks in Moncton.

Steve Malloy takes almost the same topic - but does something original and thought-provoking with it.

Sorry to be late with today's blog. I had to run an errand, and got delayed by celebrants at the Moncton Springtime Street-repair Festival.



  1. CBC news reports that "a University of New Brunswick researcher is developing a new type of robot that can take advantage of improving technology so they can perform simple tasks inside", the example given being that of hospitals.

    Inasmuch as much of the content of the Moncton Times and Transcript appears to be written by half-wits, perhaps Irving may be contemplating some staffing changes down the road to this publication as well.

  2. James Lane; (This is in response to a commenter on Graeme's post of yesterday)

    I'm glad to know there are many like-minded brothers and sisters out there. It makes watching the 1st world destroy itself not such a lonely vigil.

    Many of you have probably seen this in recent days, but if not, check out Obama's 2007 campaign speech in which he bashes George Bush, wiretapping on Americans, and protecting the constitution.

    Now, compare this with what 'Abomination's Obama's' administration is doing today. Remember, his 'CHANGE' campaign won the American Association Advertising 'campaign of the year award'.

  3. On Obama.
    Bill Maher who I follow every Friday evening was at one time a great supporter of Obama. No longer. On his last episode he promised never to fund him again. Disenchantment has overcome his belief that things in America would change after Obama was elected.
    How thing change on the surface but inside they still remain the hollow shell of governments world wide.
    Where do we turn to set things right? How do we keep corporate lobbyist out of the halls of power in governments at all levels.