Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm starting this blog on Saturday because tonight the CBC will release the names of some thousands of people who have hidden bank accounts overseas. That gives the eagle-eyed, two-fisted journalists at the Tand T all day Sunday to check through the names. Will the TandT mention it in Monday's paper?

My guess is it will. This is too big for even the TandT to ignore it. I suspect the real question is - how will they treat it? Will it be a straight and honest report? Or will it be heavily slanted? My guess is the latter.

Ah, some Mondays are more fun than others.

Oh, if you want to see a video about arrests at the blockade of fracking trucks, Google Charles Leblanc's Other Blog. You'll note that not a single protester was violent. So much for the tantrums of the editorial writer of the TandT. (Incidentally, the police used only as much violence as removing peaceful people required - nothing excessive.)

It's now 12:20 on Sunday afternoon. I'm late starting this post, so it probably will be a short one.

Journalists at the TandT will be delighted with the release of names of those Canadians who have offshore, secret bank accounts. It covers on only the smaller offshore banks. So the people it gets are only multimillionaires. The big boys are still safely covered. God bless them.

Meanwhile, Harper has been fighting off national and international pressure to have the search widened. (Well, of course he is). And he has reduced the revenue staff people who are the experts needed to conduct the search - so they couldn't do the job even if they wanted  to.

So , the TandT will probably feel safe to mention the release (without mentioning that it covers only the small-timers). And it probably won't even mention that at the G8 summit Harper has won recognition as the world's leading white knight in refusing to investigate offshore banking.

Now, let's take a look at the anti-fracking protest and what it really means. (Because the TandT will certainly never tell you.)

It is just one example of a social breakdown that is occurring over much of  the western world. For the past thirty years or so, big money has been making itself even richer at the expense of everybody else. Through the power of its money - and its stranglehold on almost all news media - it has bought ownership of the traditional parties - like the Liberals and Conservatives in NB, and the Democrats and Republicans in the US.

Incidentally, the destruction of the only survivng news service operating beyond the control of big business and government is CBC. And Harper has already prepared the legislation to get rid of that.

Mr. Irving has made no secret of his place in the new order of things. He announced himself as being, without election, a member of the government. He did not try to hide the fact that the official advisers to the minister of finance were his people. Another Irving has, for no known reason, been given a two million dollar contract by the government to do a job he has not shown he has and qualifications to do. And another has taken a leading role in pressuring Moncton Council to build an overpriced hockey rink. (I always thought us voters were the ones who got to decide how our money should be spent.) And it's no secret that the NB civil service is being reorganized to operate in a way that Mr. Irving approves of; thus the quarrel with our health services workers.

In Canada, this has led to a growing distrust of government and business leadership. And that is bloody dangerous.

In the US, where Obama's politicies are indistinguishable from those of George Bush, the political leaders (Congress) are now officially the most distrusted people of all those connected with government. The response to  distrust that has been a massive spy programme which, among other things, is intended to round up all those who are suspected terrorists, critics of the government, environmentalists - and imprison them without charge or trial.

No. I'm not kidding when I include environmentalists. Some US police forces have already been ordered to treat all environmental protests as terrorist attacks. Police are being trained in military style and with military equipment like armoured cars to deal with public protests of any sort.

The whole fabric of American social order is breaking down as we watch.  Big business in the US has become Big Power that runs wild. The US constitution is pretty much in tatters. Only a fool could believe that American democracy still exists.

All that holds it together is a fear and hatred of Moslems that is encouraged by the US government and news media. The US bosses need Moslems in the same way that Hitler needed Jews.

(Yes, I know Moslem terrorists killed 3000 innocent Americans in New York. The whole world was required to go into mourning. The US has killed innocent Moslems by the million. I wonder how many of our churches have held memorial services for them.)

Canada, like the US, is drifting into that same chaos of distrust and fear. Why?

Well, look at the whole shale gas issue. A lot of New Brunswickers - maybe not a majority; but that doesn't matter because it's still a lot -don't trust their government and they don't trust most of their news media.

That distrust puts us well into the process of destroying our own civil order. And who is reponsible for that distrust?

Well, people don't wake up one morning and suddenly turn into protestors becaue the devil had intercourse with them during the night. The distrust happens because they realize most of their news media have lied to them. Their  busness leaders  have lied to them. SWN has lied to them. Their politicians have lied to them.

And once the business leaders and politicians create distrust, we're into the downward spiral. Politicians will tighten the laws - and even the existing laws will be on their side. Of course they will. Politicians and business leaders can pass laws that make it illegal for us to defend out province, our homes, our families. Under Hitler, it was illegal for Germans to protect Jews.

Don't blame the police. They didn't make the laws. It's just their jobs to enforce the laws they are told to enforce. (But not do so against, you know, important people.)  In the anti-shale gas protests, the RCMP have used the minimum of force to do what they're told to do. (Not so in the US, where extremely brutal behaviour is encouraged.)

Across North America, we are watching a general breakdown of social order. It's not being caused by the protestors. In fact, the protestors are the only ones who are trying to use their rights to freedom and to democratic rule, and to save those rights.

The threats to the social order are our leaders of big business, and the Liberals and Conservatives and journlists that they buy.

Those are the bastards we have to defy - or watch the collapse of two of the finest countries there ever were to live in.


  1. > not a single protester was violent.

    Nor were they wearing masks, again contra the T&T editorial. It's shameful, really, what they say in that paper.

  2. "Well, people don't wake up one morning and suddenly turn into protestors becaue the devil had intercourse with them during the night. The distrust happens because they realize most of their news media have lied to them. Their busness leaders have lied to them. SWN has lied to them. Their politicians have lied to them."
    Pouahaha Graeme you crack me up (better to laugh than to cry, right ?) :)