Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12: 1000 women in Bangladesh...

1000 women in Bangladesh buried alive. They had been locked into a ramshackle building to ensure they would stay for their full, long work hours to ensure they really earned their $38 a month. And it collapsed. That should not have suprised anybody.

Women have been abused, overworked, underpaid, crippled, killed in clothing factory fires, accidents and collapses for over a century.They don't report that in the news. They'd rather babble trivia about how sorry the buyers are (as if we're supposed to feel sorry for them. And how they are going to fix it all up - which is what they have said in every such disaster for over a hundred years.

Women and men over the past century or so have been abused, crippled, tortured, starved, beaten and murdered in their millions (yes, in fact tens of millions) in mines, oilfields, railway construction... all over the world - and most certainly including in Canada and the US.

The beautifull theory behind it was articulated only in recent decades, notably by  President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.  It's this.

The very wealthy are not just rich. The are wealth creators. Just as bees make honey for our enjoyment, Mr. Irving, by making himself rich, makes all of us rich. Isn't that nice of him?

But the wealthy have to be free to work their magic. Government restrictions cramp the style of our money bees, and prevent them from doing their good works. ( And government is incompetent and it's too big - just read Brunswick news any day to get the story.)

And unions pose impossible restrictions by demanding frivolous safety conditions, and exorbitant salaries - as if they were CEOs.

That's why big business tries to save us from government by buying it off, God bless them. And free trade helps business escape from fussy government ideas like paying taxes, and pampering workers with health care.

There is not the slightest evidence that any of this works. Without regulation, big business runs as wild as an adolescent moose in mating season. It abuses, impoverishes and kills. It corrupts governments, destroys democracy ( as it has destroyed democracy in New Brunswick); it starves and murders - as in Bangladesh and Haiti and Guatemala and Africa.

The story that the wealthy, by becoming wealthy, spread wealth to others is, or certainly should be, obvious bilge. If it were true, the people of Congo, and Guatemala and Haiti would now be among the richest in the world.

And, since our own wealthy are now making their biggest profits in history, we would now be wallowing in wealth, instead of suffereng the worst economic crisis we have known - all caused by the corrupt and illegal behaviour of our capitalists - corruption and illegality for which not one of them has suffered any penalty worse than a minor fine (that one for laundering tens of millions - at least - for the drug trade and for terrorists.)

The obvious reality is that greed and self-interest do not automatically create a prosperous society. Britain is back in depression conditions. Over half of Greece is unemployed. Spain pretty much closes shop this week as the European banks bleed it dry. There is so much poverty, so much desperate poverty, in the US, that some school districts are closing because they cannot meet their payrolls. There is no accurate figure on unemployment because, as in Canada, the figures are cooked. That kind of poverty has spinoffs in war, civil disorder, destruction of democracy, and even worse exploitation. (Great timing to borrow money for a civic centre).

Cutting our budgets now is the worst possible thing to do. That's been proven. But they're being cut because, in the short term at least, cutting budgets makes the very rich even richer - even as it condemns all the rest of us.

American government scientists have recorded the highest levels of  carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in 3 million years. Our business leaders and their puppet governments refuse to recognize that because they wish to push fuel sales with no concern whatever for the consequences - and they have to do it fast before the disasters become obvious. That's why we're having shale gas rammed down our throats. That's why we'll probably get a pipeline carrying to the world's dirtiest oil. That's why Harper has removed almost all protection from our fresh water streams and lakes. That's why he wants to destroty native peoples. It will service his friends, like our own corporate bosses in NB.

God bless you, Mr. Irving. Wouldn't it be a thrill if we could hear you preach in your own Irving chapel?

I can't imagine what principals of any religion on the face of this earth he would preach from - because I can't see any religious principle in anything he and his friends have ever done. But I guess if you have your own chapel, you can make up your own religion as you go.

This takes us to why I dislike those bland and soggy sermonettes we get on the Faith Page every Saturday, and the endless streams of ladies' teas and church bazaars. And all those Christians whose only interest in religion is getting themselves into heaven : And to hell, literally, with all those who are not as self-absorbed, self-serving and self-righteous as they are.

The problem of the churches is not that attendance is going down. The problem is that those who do attend look at the real world from a sort of stupor - as though it were something entirely separate from their faith.

A reader sent an excellent site for report on what really happens with shale gas. You'll find it in the comments at the foot of the blog for May 11.
Our own bigotries and distortions:

1. Over three hundred times as many women died in a clothing factory in Bangladesh as died in the Boston Marathon bombing.
2. A hundred times as many innocent people died the US directed slaughter of Mayan peoples in Guatemala as died in the World Trade Centre attack.
3. Over 350 times as many innocent people died in the US/British invasion of Iraq as died at the World Trade Centre. (The invasion of Iraq, we now know, was based on a lie. there were no WMDs, and no connection to the Trade Centre.)

In each case, which incident drew the greatest attention from our news media? the greatest sympathy from both Canadians and Americans?

Saddam Hussein of Iran, who certainly was guilty of war crimes, was hanged. George Bush, who was guilty of even more war crimes, now gets up to $400,000 for a speech.

---then there's the big scandal in Afghanistan that Canada is up to its ears in. But that's for another day.....



  1. Look at this site to see how many innocent babies, children, women, and men have died in Iraq since the U.S. led invasion.

    And, research this site to see how this death toll number is reported.

    It's extremely troubling to know that many so-called 'Christian' Americans and Canadians unthinkingly wish the same fate for the Syrian populace.

    If these self-identifying 'Christians' were willing to think for themselves and actually see instead of refusing to see, and began to do a small amount of research of their own instead of believing everything they saw or heard on corporate-owned/CIA TV, they would quickly begin to realize it is our own respective governments both in the U.S. and in Canada, who have been distilling disinformation, propaganda, and outright lies.

    We are the terrorists.

  2. Demented hatemongers will invariably extol the virtues of "Christian love" while directing hate-speech towards all which does not conform to their ideological or cultural norms. I engaged in a number of somewhat heated exchanges with hatemongers, generally professing adherence to Harper's philosophy and vision while condemning his policies as not being aggressive enough, in media discussion covering issues ranging from immigrant-attributed crime in Ontario to UN monitoring of Canada's treatment of natives.

    For your entertainment, here are comments I addressed to one particularly nasty individual calling himself Rocket Man, who advocated, simultaneously, Christian love and genocide against natives while disavowing Hitler's genocide as unChristian.

    "In an earlier contribution on "Liberal land", this hatemonger hailing from Manitoba per his own admission on other threads, advises: 'Liberals made the system what it is today, under PET and his genius. Get used to it .. it is only going to become worse !'

    "Apparently, the denunciation of immigrant-attributed crime in Toronto provides such satisfaction to this sorry individual that he lectures participants in forums discussing crime in New Jersey :

    ' Canada is no better ... we have a city named Toronto, where people get shot quite often. More than most other cities in Canada.' and 'Here, in Toronto, Canada, sirens all the time responding to people getting shot. The city has become a H hole !'"

    "Rocket man lectures us on the virtues of Christianity :
    'Were they REALLY "Christian" or did they only, think they were ? Germans were not "Christians" ... they [Nazis] gathered up all the Bibles and burned them in a Bon fire. Never confuse genuine Christianity with the counterfeit. Christians live love and express it accordingly .. not harm people intentionally !'

    "Christian love apparently does not extend to the natives who inhabited this land prior to their arrival, as we are informed :

    'Natives lost the nation because they were too busy murdering and plundering other tribes into extinction. Some tribes actually ate their conquests. The "victim" card is not playable here. The Chinese / Russians would of come here and killed them all anyways. At fault is whitey for being so stupid and spoiling the H out of them, by handing them annually, Billions of $ . We ruined them.' and again 'Whitey spoiled them rotten and now, we have a huge mess to clean up'

    "So what's the philosophy advocated, the victim card is only relevant when Canadians are complaining of social and cultural mayhem introduced by third world immigrants, might makes right, possession is 9/10s of the law, cannibal natives are to blame for their own demise, if we didn't exterminate them the Chinese or Russians would have done it. apparently not only is genocide excusable, it was not thorough enough, and "Liberals" are again to blame for coddling the survivors."

    "Not one to be embarrassed by any false claims of modesty, Rocket Man informs his fellow immigrant bashers :

    'My I Q is upper average level and still, it is who you know ... one's ability at the gift of the gab to open doors for yourself. I have the natural gift of being able to talk with people and win them over. I have been asked several times to run for public political office but personally, I do not have the heart to lie and mislead people.'

    "I myself would wonder which party suggested his candidacy and on what platform, as he certainly has no qualms in voicing his prejudices."

  3. To continue with our examination of hatemongering disguised as criticial political commentary and the contributions of one Rocket Man:

    "In a media discussion pertaining to immigrant preference, for certain groups, for French language education for their children, Rocket Man informs participants :

    'Quebec IS anti English !!! Trudeau will devastate Canada - especially the WEST !'

    'Froggie ... Most migrants to Canada already know another language. ... Besides, in Quebec, you learn Quebecois .. not genuine French (that is the language of France. Quebecois is a mixture of French and Iroquois.'

    'Quebecois is not genuine "French". Genuine French is spoken in FRANCE !'


    ' One English-speaking Canadian is worth the entire Province of New France !'

    to discussions on hockey forums

    'Montreal are Quebecois [French] and they anything that is English. Western Canada couldn't care less if they all dropped off into the St. Lawrence River and drowned !'

    "I think the political sympathies, and the hate-mongering value of his contributions have been established, but lest women feel left out of this hate fest free for all, he contributes the following :

    "It has been said, that women are equal to men ... Evolution begs to differ.'"



    ps. You were described as the "intellectual heavyweight" of Alliance Quebec by the Val d'Or Star in a series of articles in 1988 reporting on your activities and advocacy, on Alliance activities in general throughout the province, on general news in Quebec and larger issues being disputed, to Royal Orr's attendance at a Polish supper in Val d'Or.

  4. What the hell! I have no shame. I shall accept full honours from the Val d'Or Star. But the man who most showed courage, endurance, and honesty was Royal Orr - one of the finest people I have ever met.