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April 17: I know - let big business build an events centre....

The biggest story on page 1 is "Events centre hopefuls a varied group". Well, yeah. Any goup is made up of varied people - to some degree. So what?

This is a story about the projected events centre (hockey rink) for Moncton, and about the contractors who want to build it. Except it's not a story. Of course, they're all a bit different from each other. We might as well have a "story" that they all have ancestors from Europe, or that they belong to different churches. This has nothing to do with anything. This is all pure hype to keep us excited about the projected events centre. And I notice that the TandT almost always uses Brent Mazerolle to write such nothing stories for the front page.

Below it, just in case we miss the point, is another story "Hoteliers confirm support for centre". And it was written - surprise, surprise - by B*R*E*N*T Mazerolle.

Well, that settles it. Since all the big money in this town wants the centre, and since, as we are told, it is a sure fire money-maker -okay. Let the big money in this town build it. Why should we citizens callously use our taxes to rob the rich of such a wonderful opportunity?

I mean, you read Norbert's columns, and note how often he says  government is too big, and can't do anything properly. Damn right. So why are we doing such an idiot thing as letting government snatch the food from the mouths of the deserving rich? Let the rich pay for the centre. Let them keep the profits.

And let the TandT get off our backs with this annoying propaganda pitch about the events centre.

Instead, go to letters to the editor. There  you'll find an excellent response by Daniel Bourgeois, the only city councillor who has had the courage and inegrity to oppose the centre, and oppose it very publicly.

Only private business is efficient? Only private business knows how to do these things? Great. Let private business do it. Let private business keep the huge profits.

Why are are the council and the Irving press going socialist on us?
An account of the Boston bombings is at the top of the page - and so it should be. I have no doubt, too, that the bombing will feature in church services this Sunday - and so that should be, too.

However, terror bombings of innocent people like that occur every day in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan. Like the Boston bombings they kill large numbers of innocent people, including children --every day. There are similar killings, in greater numbers, every day in Syria. In Guatemala, a quarter of a million peasants, whole families including babies, were slaughtered. Just in Guatemala, that's 87,000 times what happened in Boston. And these terror killings are all being carried out by our side.

When was the last time you saw a story about any of these in your newspaper? When was the last time your church service mentioned them in prayer?

Three thousand innocent people were killed on 9/11. Has anything so terrible happened before? Well, yes. The US bombed defenceless Cambodian cities, killing at least a half million innocent people. Notice any headlines about that? Any church services?

We should mourn all those innocents who are killed, the hundreds of thousands of them killed all over the world. But we're very selective about who we mourn, aren't we?

That's because there's a strong current of bigotry, hatred and fear that runs through us. All of us. And it's encouraged by our news media. And our churches.
Interesting story on p. 2 on a literacy report by our District Education Commission. Apparently, our public school literacy programmes are showing excellent results - and and well staffed with experts on teaching literacy. So -

Why did our government just hand over two million dollars of our tax money to Jamie Irving - a man who has no qualifications to teach literacy - for the purpose of interfering with the experts we already have and who are doing a good job?

This is reminiscent of the old British aristocracy whose family idiots routinely became generals in the army. (It's true. They did. The smart ones were sent into politics or became colonial governors. The slow ones were sent into the army, and became generals.)
NewsToday features violence in Venezuela. Of course. And there will be more. The US wants to maintain its dominance in Latin America - and that means returning power in Venezuela to the "white" elite who once ruled it for the benefit of American oil companies and themselves. More violence (and biased reporting) is a sure bet.
The editorial is about SURPRISE! the events centre.

Alex Bruce's column makes a lot of political sense for the Liberals. They're running now simply on Trudeau's name and his looks. They don't seem to have any policies or principles - nor are they likely to develop any. That means they have to develop Trudeau into having a least the appearance of a political fighter.

Norbert's column is just silly. It's vague. It shows almost no knowledge of economics. For a start, reducing spending or raising taxes are not the only ways we can go. But even if they were, that wouldn't answer the important question of reducing spending - reduce it on what? and the important question of raising taxes - raise them on whom?

Simply reducing spennding won't work. It has never worked in a recession. In fact, it has consistently made recessions worse.

Norbert wants specifics in political planning. This comes from a man who was editor of a paper that hid most information from the public (still does) and constantly lobbied for the very rich.

He calls on the Liberals, Greens, NEP, People's Alliance to put forward responsible and detailed plans. And he has the nerve to say that while writing for a paper which has rarely printed a word of any statement by any party except the Liberals and Conservatives. And it just covered a byelection in Kent county without giving any hint of what any of them were running on. It didn't even ask.

And he seems to assume the Conservatives have given us a detailed plan. No, they haven't. They didn't have a plan in the election campaign. I had never before seen a party win on such a lack of everything. They don't have a plan now. All they have is firing people and ignoring the unemployed and the poor, and giving gifts to land speculators and corporations. Oh, and taking orders from Mr.Irving and his flunkies.

"The real boss is the voters" ???? Norbert, even you cannot be such an empty blowhard as to believe that. We all know who the real boss is. All of us. Even you. Especially you.

As for the voters speaking up - well - we just had a byelection in which Kent Co. continued its century-long string of electing only Liberals. That tells you something about the lack of any sense of politics or individuality of changing conditions in this province. Gallant had no platform, no track record, no nothing. And they still voted for him.

Yes. It is time for voters to speak up - but only if they stop getting their news from the Irving press - and if they start thinking.

On op ed, Eric Lewis continues to relive his teeny-bopper years with a column about the joys of visiting record shops. It's a column about when he was in his teens. Apparently, he still is.

Brian Cormier has nothing to say about the Boston bombings. But he says it, anyway.
Remember, check out Daniel Bourgeois in Letters to the Editor.

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