Friday, March 29, 2013

Narch 29: hypocrisy at work......

Some years ago, in Montreal, there was a radio talk show that specialized in hate-mongering, It was pretty vicious stuff all day every day, including Sunday. However, on Sunday it would also play a jingle every half hour, a jingle sung by a super-smarmy choir. I remember the opening line well.
"Montreal - Sunday...everybody goes to church...."

In fact, everybody did not go to church. Large numbers did not. But - really - if they all went to church, why the hell would they be operating a radio station at a time when nobody was listening to it and nobody paying for the radio ads that nobody would hear? And the people working at the station were certainly not in church.

I have every respect for people who are genuinely religious, and for the those who are thoughtfully non-religious. But, oh, I find it hard to take hypocrisy.

Top story. Page one. "Church finds communion in Kraft Dinner". The story is that Parkside Baptist Church supplies free Kraft Dinner to Harrison Trimble students, drawing about 75 students to every dinner. What's wrong with that?

Nothing. It's a commendable service by the church. It's also smart PR - and there's nothing wrong with smart PR. But this is not the whole story. It also occupies the whole of page 4, the whole, damn page.

It's commendable. It's worthing reporting. But why is it the big story of the day that 75 students get free Kraft Dinner once of week?

What does the front page have a big picture of the crucifixion with the head - "Metro observes Good Friday"? In fact, the majority of people in "Metro" don't observe it at all except as a day off. This is the equivalent of the crooning of "Montreal...Sunday...eveybody goes to church..."

Then, worst of all, there is the editorial, an example of either brainless and smarmy faith - or of lying.
This newspaper, which supports people and actions that are neither Christian nor of any faith I have ever heard, this newspaper which actually supports actions that are anti-any religious principles I have ever heard of, tells us to have "...a happy, joyful safe and contemplative holiday holidy weekend and Easter celebration."

Tell that to our Minister of Health and Christian Love. Tell it to all the hired liars who issue statements that shale gas is good for you - and get reported in the TandT while others are ignored. Tell it to a government that gives so small a damn for it's peoples' health that it completely ignored the strong advice of its own Chief Medical Officer. Tell it to a city council and provincial government that seem to specialize shady land deals. Tell it to the politicians who say we can't afford EI, but absolutely must have a hundred million dollar hockey rink.

Tell it to the politicians amd jounalists who said bus drivers were being greedy for wanting a few percent raise - but who cheer corporation bosses who routinely get multi-million dollar bonuses while the rest of us get cut. Yes sir. Jesus died on the cross so that Mr. Irving could be "in coalition" with the government, and make even more money. And He rose on Easter to remind us to clamp down on those lazy poor and on health and on education and on decent housing. Oh, and to help put sticky, Irving fingers into the education budget.

Don't go to a regular church, though. People there might not understand your concerns. Go to the Irving chapel. Sit there and feel the real presence of Christ. And contemplate, you know, the way Mr. Irving does. That's the right way.

Why did the TandT spend so much space on all this hypocritic babel? Because it's purpose is to hide the real news. And a good way to do that is to fill space with lies and hypocrisy.

Incidentally, why do we never hear of Jewish or Moslem observances? There are plenty of both here in Moncton. And both share far more with Christianity than most people realize. Besides, what the hell, most "Christians" in Moncton don't recognize religious observances as anything more than holidays.
Page. A2 has another story on why the Liberals are as inept as the Conservatives. The latter attacked the Conservative budget. Trouble is, they obviously have no idea what their budget policy might be. That's dumb politics. You need to show what you would do if in power - even if it's something as simple-minded and ineffectual and dishonoured as Alward's promise to listen to the people.

Why didn't the Liberals attack Mr. Irving? He probably had more to do with the budget than Alward did.
As usual, there's nothing much in NewsToday. There's kind of an interesting story on the pope. It's far too early to even guess what his influence will be. But this is a pope who knows his PR. He's making quite an impression.

Harper has backed off from a conference on climate change. He says it's too bureaucratic. The real reason? Harper is determined to do nothing whatever about climate change. He is desperate to develop tar sands and to develop shale oil. He doesn't care about the consequences. He has the mind of a businessmen so that the future means three months from now. Not a day more.

Editorial page -

junk reading - editorial.

Norbrt's column? Hard to say. It's an interesting one on how Mick Jagger refuses to buy his children houses because he feels children, even of the wealthy, have to learn to make their own way in the world. Well, okay. But would Norbert have written the same column about the Irving family?

Alec Bruce and the editorial cartoon? Tops.

Steve Malloy continues to do a good job about problems familiar to all of us, to write about them with good sense, and to write in a way that reaches his audience. If  you doubt what he says this time, I suggest you watch the girls coming out of high school at the end of each day. A very high proportion of them are dressed like bargain-basement hookers.

David Suzuki is excellent.

If only it weren't for that mauseating editorial, these two opinion pages would have scored high.

Incidentally, I understand there will be a paper tomorrow. That means journalists will be working on Good Friday - just as many of them have to do on Sunday.

"Montreal..Sunday...everybody goes to church..."


  1. Maybe the Irvings can borrow $50 million to put towards their rink from former premier Sean Graham, who originally stole it from the people of New Brunswick.

    After all, the Irvings defended Graham's actions in their newspaper.

    As today's laws apparently mean nothing, stealing $50 million just isn't the same heinous crime it used to be.

    And it doesn't appear to constitute a huge crime deserving of a long prison sentence either.

    I'm sure we the people of New Brunswick will get over it. We'll just add it to our large, and growing deficit.

  2. Better yet: Industrial Rail. Not a "peep": about the local "stiffed" suppliers, about the folks who took it over, about how much it is now costing us to spend good money after bad?