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March 9: Money does not die.......

....or disappear. The money that existed in our prosperous days still exists. What has happened is that it has for some years now been shuffled around so that a very high proportion of it is now in the hands of a small number of very rich. The theory is that if the rich are allowed accumulate wealth, they will invest it for our benefit.

It's a good theory. But it doesn't work. It didn't work in the great depression of the 1930s, and it isn't working now. And the more we shovel money to the already rich in the form of tax breaks, gifts, grants, etc. the richer they will get, and the poorer we will get. And the poorer we get, the less reason there is for the rich to pay any attention to us. Why pay Canadians a minimum wage of ten dollars or so an hour when you can take your money, and invest in a Central American or African company paying five dollars or less PER DAY? And with no need to waste money on health or education.

The lead story in today's TandT deals with this story - without telling us a thing about it.

One would think the issue of raising taxes to be easy enough. You go where the money is. Instead, our government prefer to go where it isn't - rather like fishing for trout in the Sahara.

There are two elements to the TandT story. On is asking for the opinions of people who know nothing about the principles of taxation, people like the local bartender. Great. Next, we'll get stories about what fast good clerks think about the chances of curing cancer.

The other element is the babble about whether there should be a referendum on taxes. And there are two problems with that.
1. In a democracy, a government is chosen based on its stated principles. It then, with those principles in
    mind, seeks expert opinion - and then it makes a decision. The government makes the decision. That's why we elect it. We do not elect them so they can ask us what to do. They take that responsibility. That's why it's called responsible government. For a government to ask us what to do is for it to avoid its major responsibility.
2. The referendum is silly because it means that the majority opinion will be made up of the opinions of people who know nothing about economics or taxation. And one reason they know nothing about them is because they have to rely on the The Moncton Times and Transcript for information.
In NewsToday, The Associated Press is still beating the drum for it's capture of a Bin Laden relative as a "significant victory" in the "war against terror". However, American authorities are backing away a bit from the "significant victory" part. He might be useful - but scarcely a  "significant victory"'

There is a story about Hugo Chavez that says nothing whatever about the meaning of his death or of his life. It barely amounts to a gossip column with virtually no mention of the situation that created him, how he changed it, - and what the dangers are now.

Very briefly, Venezuela was a population of desperately poor native and mixed-blood peoples who were the majority. But the country was controlled by the pure-white (Spanish) community that, with the cooperation of American investors kept the poor in the most wretched ignorance and poverty, while making itself rich. It got worse when American oil companies moved in and, with the help of the white Venezuelans, pumped out Venezuelan oil while paying very, very low taxes and fees.

As well, Americans (like Heinz ketchup) own vast and unused areas of farmland which native Venezuelans needed just to stay alive.

Chavez changed all that. He raised the oil fees, using the money to provide education, health care and decent housing for the native people who had never known such things. He also forced American companies to put farmlands they weren't using on the market. He did it, knowing he was courting death by American assassination squads, and even risking invasion either directly by American troops or through a hired army of thugs. (That's not guesswork or a wild prejudice at work. It has happened often enough in Latin America when a leader attempted to help his people.)

Big business, like the American oil companies and farm factories - like Doles and Heinz - kill for what they want.And the American government does what they tell it to do.

Venezuela, like Cuba, was a setback for them and the foundation for resistance to US domination by other countries in the region. So what will the companies do now? Probably, they will pump money and propaganda into the country for the coming election, hoping to get the white folks elected.  And if that doesn't work? Well, there's still murder or civil war.
Norbert is on the same rant as yesterday. Basically, he claims that medical people are inflating claims that obesity,etc. are harmful - and it's all part of a scheme to get more money for themselves. He offers no evidence whatever for this claim. Essentially, it's the same argument put forward by climate change deniers. Yep, it's all a plot by them there....whoever.

He ends with a quotation from Winston Churchill, "There is no such thing as a good tax." Damn right, Winston. That's why declaring war on Hitler was a big blunder. All it did was to tax people for no good reason. (Churchill, like all of us, had his bad days.)

Bill Belliveau sees no great changes coming as a result of the election of a new pope. He's almost certainly right.

Brent Mazerolle gives us a list of famous people in the entertainment world in Canada. I have no idea why.

Gwynne Dyer seems in a cranky mood. He shows a clear dislike for Chavez as a chaotic administrator, a too-charismatic figure, etc. Well, possibly so. The fact remains that he did the almost impossible and did it at terrible risk. To harp on his failings in light of what he accomplished is like complaining, in writing a history of World War Two, that Churchill was too fat and smoked too much.
The Faith page sermonette is another good example of why church attendance is dropping. It's bland, vague, and disconnected from daily life.

I cannot believe that, if Jesus were here today, he would talk the same, bland mush that we see every week on the Faith page. Jesus criticized the rulers of His time. Can we really think He would have ignored
the Alward government in its subservience to the shale gas business?  Jesus whipped the money-lenders out of the temple. Would He, today, choose the Irvings as  his disciples? Would he applaud the recent news from the US Attorney-General that Obama has the authority to use drones to kill American citizens on US soil?

Can a little child like me
Thank the Father fittingly.
Yes oh yes cut off EI
Patient, kind to McC and I.
Love the Lord and often pray.
Kill a Moslem every day.
Father in heaven............


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