Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 28: I didn't comment on the budget because...

1. It was a budget that showed no understanding of what has been learned over the past century about how to deal with a recession.
2. It does virtually nothing to make the rich pay their share. Let's get real. That budget was not prepared by Alward or by the Mr. nobody who is his Minister of Finance. It was prepared by the flunkies appointed by Mr. Irving to "advise" the minister. This all goes back to Irving's declaration of two years ago that he was in coalition with the government, to his grand conference of "leaders" of the province ( a fraud in which university presidesnts shamelessly took part), and the foisting of Mr. Irvings's chosen advisors on the Finance Department.
3. This budget actually increases the burden on the poor and the middle class, especially in the form of service cuts and "sin" taxes.
4. The response by the new leader of the Liberal party was inane beyond belief. Mr. Alward had promised before the last election he would reduce taxes. That's it? Not a single thought on what should have been done? That not only shows a crashing ignorance of economics. It also suggests he lacks any political sense at all.

What's there to say about a budget put forward by a bunch of drooling, third-rate puppets?

In sum - It is going to make the economy worse for most of us. It is going to wreck most of our social services. It is going to cost us more. It is going to make Mr. Irving richer. It will also make the new Liberal leader a former Liberal leader - if the Liberal as a whole has anything approaching average intelligence.

On. p. A2, Health Minister Flemming appears in a small but suitable for framing picture. He says that the medical society doesn't represent the majority of the province's doctors. Mr. Flemming is either as stupid as he looks, or he is a liar.

How on earth would he know how most doctors feel? The only evidence he has is that he says he received "some" letters from doctors saying they're on his side.

He says doctors, as the "most affluent" members of society, have to help by taking cuts. Doctors are the most affluent members of our society? Really. More affluent than Flemming's kiss-up friends who fill the corporate offices of this province?

He said he asked for cuts that amounted to just a couple of cups of coffee a day? He must be getting his coffee at a special Time Horton's where he is served by dancing girls who cradle his head on their ample breasts while they gently raise the cup to his lips for each sip.

What this is really all about is that big money in this province wants an end to medicare. They want a medical system that will focus not on healing but on making money for the very rich. These people don't give a damn how much you suffer so long as it makes them richer.

And Flemming is their misrepresenting, destructive, and generally unattractive stooge, sort of a pit bull with a learning disability.

And that's pretty much it for section A.
On p. C1, we learn that federal Conservatives are rebelling against Harper's tight control of the party under which conservative mps are forbidden to say anything without his permission.

Well, it's dawning on them at last. Harper has a paranoid fear of freedom of any sort. That's why even librarians have to "show loyalty" to the government. Harper has long since acted in contempt and even hatred of democracy. He is acting as if he were a president. But we don't have a presidential system. It's a pity that most Canadians don't know that - and don't even know what kind of a system we do have.

And I suspect I could safely bet that editors at the TandT don't know, either.
The editorial is inane. Essentially, it praises a budget we all know is an Irving budget. Big surprise.

Alec Bruce is well worth reading. I know something of China's treatment of animals from visiting zoos in that country. There, I saw pandas living in conditions that sickened me. I would just add a footnote to Mr. Bruce's column.

Mr. Harper is a man who has thrown animal survival and protection to the winds. No prime minister has even been so destructive in this regard. As the pandas arrived, four teenagers, native peoples, had just arrived in Ottawa to see him. They had walked all the way - 1,500 miles through northern conditions of snow and cold. But Mr. Harper as too busy to see them. He was enjoying a photo op with the pandas.

And another footnote. This is not the first time pandas have come to Canada. I know that because some years ago as I was flying back from China, there were two pandas in cages a couple of rows behind me. So what's going on here? What's all the fuss?

We are being set up for a trade deal with China, set in terms that will almost certainly do serious damage to Canada. So we have some feel-good pandas because Harper figures we're too stupid to see through what he's doing. Well, who knows? So far, he's been right.

Excellent piece by Norbert. Well worth a read. Excellent column by Beth Lyons on a closely related topic.

Rod Allen offers us more thrills with yet another look at the topic that fascinates him most of all - Rod Allen.

There was an item that hasn't yet stirred the interest of TandT editors.

Canadian mining companies have a name throughout South America and Africa for unspeakable pollution, extremely low pay, disregard of the rights and property of native peoples, and extreme brutality which includes murder and rape.

Eleven Mayan women are now suing HudBay, a Canadian mining company, in an Ontario court. They and and some hundreds of others were forcibly evicted from their homes and from farms they depended on by HudBay armed guards assisted by Guatmala army thugs - the same people who, from Reagan to Clinton, butchered over a quarter million Maya - whole families down to babies.

In this HudBay case, unarmed men were beaten and/or shot. The eleven women were gang raped by company guards. Two of them were pregnant, and suffered miscarriages. This is not at all unusual behaviour for a Canadian mining company. It's worse in Congo. Never makes the TandT, though.

Checkout the HudBay site on google. It tells all about what a wonderful company it is, and how it respects human rights. Look at the smiling faces of the Directors. Makes y' feel good just lookin' at them, don't it?

We have lots of corporate directors in New Brunswick, directors in all sorts of industries, who are just like that.

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