Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feb. 8:..the dregs of the newspaper world....

My paper was not delivered today - for which I acknowledge the good sense of the paper deliverers. Nothing would make me go out on a day like this to deliver a good newspaper. And this edition of the Moncton Times and Transcript is the most wretched I have seen yet.

I went through all the news pages without finding a single story worth reading. They weren't bad. They were just irrelevant, trivial, brainless. The whole world is plunging into decades of war. The American empire which controls countries all over the world is in a slow collapse. The economies of Canada and the US and most of Europe are in the most serious decline we have ever seen.

As a taste of what's to come, seventeen percent of all the new billionaires in China have been charged with  illegal practices. (Well, I guess that's an advance on the western world. We don't charge billionairs criminals with anything. Instead,we give billions more to billionaires whose illegal behaviour has destroyed our economies. And they publicly laugh at us by giving each other multi-million dollar bonuses out of it.)

And perhaps the biggest story in today's TandT features a picture of fireworks in Riverview.

The Irving press is deliberately designed to keep New Brunswickers in ignorance of what is going on. And as we are pushed into poverty by billionaires who bleed this province dry, we are taught to blame the victims of their greed, the poor.

Read Norbert Cunnigham's column. You know what's wrong with this province? It's full of people who are lazy, ne'erdowells, a drain on the economy. It's a culture, he says, of dependence and entitlement. Yeah. They think they're entitled, those ignorant hicks.

Read the TandT, and blame yourself for all that's going wrong. Instead of news, get propaganda and trivia from the newspaper that deliberately keeps you in ignorance of what's going on. Then get scolded and verbally abused by a man who has made a life out of kissing the asses of the rich.

The editorial sets the same tone. Cut spending, it says, then look at taxes. Right. And cutting spending means cutting services to those who need help. Enough of this damned dependency and entitlement. Except, of course....

.....for the rich who are entitled to low taxes, who are dependent on our loans and grants and gifts of forest...all the things that us worthless ne'er-do-wells thrust upon them so they can buy even more politicians and get even more favours.

And so they can get a pipeline out of it. Why build a pipeline all the way to the East Coast? Because nobody else is so badly informed or so submissive as to want it going through their land. There's another pipeline proposed to go to Texas.  Imagine that? Sending gas to Texas? Why?

Because Texas has a very expensive refinery designed to handle very dirty oil, and only very dirty oil. But there isn't any dirty oil for it. The owners, the very wealthy Koch brothers, need dirty oil to make money out of that refinery. Alberta oil sands to the rescue. But jurisdictions all along the way don't want a dirty oil pipeline going through their territory.  Enter Alward who will happily take it to the east coast.

The pipeline is, to say the least, risky, but it might provide a few jobs - for a little while - and it would make the owner of a refinery in New Brunswick very happy. So, what the hell....

Oh, speaking of oil....there's a certain hostility between the US and Venezuela. By coincidence, it seems that Venezuela might have the largest oil deposits in the world. But greedy Venezuela wants to keep the profits for its own population. It doesn't want American oilmen (or Canadian ones) to own them.

So watch for problems there. You  know - accusations that Venezuela is friendly to terrorists, etc. Watch for assassinations. (Obama is the only national leader in the world, it seems, who is entitled to order assassinations of foreign leaders, to invade countries with no apparent reason, and to bomb countries he is not at war with.)

Bill Belliveau writes a column on Health Minister Flemming's handling of the conflict with Dumont doctors - without touching on the issue at all. Of course. He understands nothing whatever about the crisis. He endorses Flemming's choice of execs without knowing anything must about them except the titles of jobs they have held (including working for Irving.) Nor does he mention the bizarre and oafish behaviour of Mr. Flemming.

Brent Mazerolle begins what could have been an interesting column about mental health awareness. But he wastes the first half of it on irrelevant trivia, and says nothing of value in the second half. The reader is left with very, very little understanding of mental health or its ramifications in New Brunswick.

Even Gwynne Dyer is pretty trivial.

Big business has control of all private news media in this province. It has consistently used that control to spread propaganda for its bosses, and to keep New Brunswickers in ignorance, to keep them loyal stooges, plodding for the benefit of the better sort of people.

That same big business has been eager to get control of the public schools. Why? To keep the children in ignorance, to keep them loyal sttoges, plodding for the benefit of the better sort of people. (That's what the privatized schools have done in the US.) History, political science, economics, all become propaganda.

All of that is what is holding New Brunswick back - propaganda, forced ignorance, and fear. That's a major reason why some of the brightest young people get out of here as soon as they can.

Usually, I touch on the Faith page on Saturday. But, oh, this time it needs a little more space. So we'll wait until Sunday.

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