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feb. 13: Trivia, lies and Frank McKenna....

....That pretty much sums up today's Moncton Times and Transcript.

For trivia, pick almost any page, starting with the headline on p. A1, "Family seeks truth in decades.old murder." Wow! We really need to know that.

Or try Section, p. 7 (the op ed page, the one that most newspapers use for expert discussion of the big issues of the day. Eric Lewis offers his deep thoughts on olive oil in what is really a disguised ad for a store that sells the stuff - a store that has already had free ads disguised as "stories" in several editions of this newspaper.

Brian Cormier, who describes himself as a communications specialist (someone who writes propaganda for high fees), the master of filling pages with nothing, writes on what it's like to write a column. He claims to have written several hundred columns. Big, bloody deal.

I've written thousands - and that was as a sideline to my regular job. And that's way behind the scores run up by most experienced pros.

Anyway, he still worries about missing a deadline. So who cares? Tell you what, Brian, try having a deadline about having to feed a family. Then tell us abut it.

The rest of the paper is taken up Miss Manners, then, in  a drop even lower, to propaganda for shale gas, propaganda featuring that nice man, Mr. McKenna, who has done so much for - himself.  They're raving about his assignment a couple of days ago to pimp for shale gas development.

Now, when you're dealing with an honest pimp, you know that he has an interest in the product he's tryingto sell you. You know that he not doing this just for you're own good. I could wish Mr. McKenna had been that honest.

A reader sent me a list of McKenna's directorships and other financial interests in a wide variety of businesses. Would you believe that energy companies were among them? He is also, or was, a director of The Fraser  Institute, a far right wing propaganda outfit for big business. (For a man who just loves the common people, Mr. McKenna doesn't seem to spend a whole lot of time with them.)

Just how closely is he tied to the shale gas business? Wouldn't an honest man have told us that before giving his boost for shale gas? Wouldn't have an honest (and competent) newspaper have asked him? And also done some checking on its own?

Another reader sent an interesting letter about the question of water and shale gas. Each well, it seems, needs between (roughly) 20 million and 50 million or more litres of water in its operational life. Multiply that by a thousand or so because we'll probably get more than one well.

Where are those billions of gallons of water going to come from? What effect will that have on the available supply of fresh water for forests, farms, animals, people...?

And when they pump out that water, now heavily dosed with chemical poisons, where to they plan to put it?

And shouldn't Mr. McKenna have mentioned the weight of medical opinion that all this poses severe dangers for human life in New Brunswick?  And shouldn't he have mentioned the large and growing opposition to shale gas and pipelines that has spread across North America? I mean, that opposition is the only reason Alberta is even thinking of sending a pipeline this way. We're the easy marks who can always be won over by a speech from that nice Mr. McKenna, and a big write up by that lying press.

Mr. McKenna is following the old, New Brunswick fool's game - looking for the one big cure for all our financial problems - like an events centre, for example. None of these work. And they all turn into thefts by the wealthier New Brunswickers to make what are almost certainly  fraudulent land deals (as the sale of highfield square or the move of Moncton High), rip us off on taxes, and make big promises that never pan out.
Once upon a time - not long ago - Europe was ruled by kings and dukes and other aristocrats. Why did they rule? Well, originally, they were thugs who took power by force and ran countries to enrich themselves. But that faded during the nineteenth century to be replaces by elected government.

Why did they fade? Because they were arrogant, greedy, short-sighted and, worst of all, incompetent asses. The royal family has not been the only one of that lot to inherit less than the normal share of IQ points. a thousand years of inbreeding can do that.

Now, a new aristocracy has arisen - this time not on muscle, but on money. But the rest of the pattern is that same that - well - we're people. That's how we behave.

The new aristocracy has effectively seized power, and put democracy into the background. Like the old aristocracy, they're arrogant, greedy, short-sighted-----and they're incompetent asses in running national affairs. They have created the present economic crisis which is far more severe than anyone is acknowledging. They have led us into one disastrous war after another. They have created a situation in which we can see nothing but war for generations to come. They have driven the US into real (if deferred) bankruptcy.

And Mr. McKenna is one of their chosen boys to "communicate" with us as they close in to suck the last blood out of New Brunswick.

Read all about it in The Moncton Times and Transcript.

The reality is that the fossil fuel companies are plunging to sell as much of the stuff as they can now because they probably have no more than twenty years to sell it. (Oh, I know we have lots. Oodles. So why are we scrambling so hard to find more, including in the fragile environment of the far north?)
And what happens when the price rises enough to send food prices skyrocketing (food comes to to us often from thousands of miles away) What happens to the price of gas as India and China really come on line, and if North Africa and the middle east continue their descent into chaos?                          

What happens when nature tells us we have to face the reality of climate change, a day that will certainly be obvious within 20 years when it will be too late to do anything about it?

I know we don't like to face it. I know many of us won't, even when it happens.

Big business certainly won't face it. It doesn't look ahead. It never does. Big business wants profit NOW. The future is somebody else's problem And big business IS our government, both federally and provincially.

Can democracy be re-established in New Brunswick? Yes. But there is not much time. This province has to wake up fast, shake off its lethargy and fear, and break both the Liberals and the Conservatives no later than the next election.

 to sell yoj.

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