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Jan. 9: This blog will be late....

Hey - I have a son I had to take to DocBraces. I have to leave again quite soon to attend the Idle No More Demonstration, (a demonstration which is not mentioned in the paper, though those journalistic zombies have known about it for at least week.

They did, however, carry over a half page on the the new CEO of the chamber of commerce - as if anybody cares. It's just full of heavy thoughts like, "People like to come to Moncton." Damn right. Loved London and Rome. Hong Kong was nice. Los Angeles had lots to do. But but give me Moncton, every time.

Then I have pick up my children after school, and then give some thought to cooking supper. Hey! a blogger has a life, too. I hope to finish this one about supper time.
The prime purpose of the Irving press is to keep people in ignorance of what's happening. So there's no mention of Idle No More. That also explains why the op ed page, the page for informed opinion, has a column by Brian Cormier about his dog.

The editorial is the usual mish-mash of ass-kissing and false logic. Changes to EI will affect seasonal workers like fish plant workers? No problem. We can always bring in immigrant workers. Brilliant. And precisely how will that help our seasonal workers?

But, says, the editor, we need to create jobs. Okay. How will cutting EI create jobs? Oh, I know. All those people on EI are really just lazy. If we force them to go out an look for jobs, that will create jobs...duh...

In the depression, my father, a very hard-working man, went out every day looking for work. He would do anything - shovelling snow for a dollar a day if he could find it. So did millions of other Canadians for ten awful years. To the best of my knowledge, all that created not a single job. So where do Mr. Ashfield (who doesn't look as though he ever worked by the sweat of his brow) and the editor (who probably wouldn't know which end of a shovel to hold) get the idea that kicking Canadians out of work and bringing in (cheap) immigrants will create jobs?

I have to admit a profoundly personal bias against ignorant and pompous ass editorials like today's. I learned in childhood that in the eyes of those who were born rich or who became rich on the work of others that they were rich because they were superior to me. God meant it to be that way. And I was poor because I was lazy, scum of the earth - and God meant that, too.

I particularly dislike the higher scum like the editors and editorialists of Irving press who scurry after the rich to tell them how wonderful they are.
Just back from the Idle No More demonstration. Good turnout. Good spirited. I was happy to be there.More tomorrow when we see what the TandT has to report.

On the front page of the TandT's Section C, NewsToday is a startling story. 2012 was the hottest year ever in the history of the US. And the previous record was set as recently 1998. American scientists add that the rate of  climate change is much quicker than they had thought. As well, there were severe weather extremes, second only to (surprise) 1998.

Then, on page 1, there is a story that Harper and the Conservatives still lead the polls in New Brunswick.

And no editor (and certainly no editorial writer) had the wit to see the connection between those two stories.

Think Bill-C45. That bill is a major part of what today's Idle No More demonstration was about. Of course, the TandT has never told us much about C-54. Well, Bill C-54 pretty well wiped out the bulk of environmental protection in Canada. What the hell! Let the poison waste and the carbon dioxide run free. So the waste poisons people. So the oil and shale gas are major forces behind climate change.

So our chief medical officer, and virtually the whole medical profession and almost all scientists in the world tell us.

Screw them say Mr. Harper and Mr. Alward  ( and Mr.the-new-Liberal-puppet).  They know better. There are no poisons. There is no climate change. We know that because Mr. Harper has said so. So let's get all those silly rules out of the way so that our better sort of people (the rich ones) can gut the country, spill the waste over the whole planet, and then babble about how they're creating jobs.

Was there no editor at that paper capable of seeing the connection between those two stories? Did it not occur to anybody that maybe there should be a full explanation of what is in Bill-C-45?

And Harper leads the polls in New Brunswick. The second in the running is Justin Trudeau who, to the best of my knowledge doesn't yet have any policy on anything. What is it? Do New Brunswickers think it's fun to hammer themselves on their heads?

Norbert has an interesting column on the reasoning of a man who is a sort of professional atheist. Well, he's interesting if  you're interested in a man who writes books about what he doesn't believe in. Personally, I put atheists in the same category as Bible-pounding Christians.

The specific topic that the writer and Norbert clash on is the issue of gun control in the US, with the atheist arguing that we might as well arm the whole US population with whatever it wants. I'm not sure how that has anything to do with God or atheism. What it has more to do with is a stunningly war-like American history. It's now carrying out acts of war  in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Syria, Libya - and almost certainly in Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela - at least a dozen countries and probably more.

It has been at war almost every year since it's founding - mostly wars against much smaller opponents - it's own native peoples, Canada, Mexico, most of Latin America, the old, Spanish Caribbean....well over a war for every year since its founding. It is now far the world's most powerful nation - but lives in a state of hysteria that somebody will attack it. (Gotta watch them there Guatemalans.) They are kept in hysteria by news media and governments because hysteria keeps them willing to pay for more wars and kill more people. The hysteria is also fed by an arms industry that has the best propaganda system in the country.

American gun ownership has nothing to do with either atheism or religion of any sort. It's the self-inflicted terror that a nation has imposed on itself.

There is no news in this paper. That's not what its for. It's to make sure you don't learn anything. On balance,
the best read in it is Brian Cormier and his dog.
(Well, Norbert, Alec Bruce and  Gwynne Dyer are readable) But you really much read the big story about the new CEO of the chamber of commerce. I have never before seen such a long story that said nothing useful or even mildly entertaining. I mean, you'd think the odd, useful thing couldn't help falling in somewhere....

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  1. I'm *thinking*, because the editor *thinks* that cutting EI will create "jobs", that maybe you should expand your review to include the jobs section?

    It should only naturally follow that a editor of a newspaper should take advantage of a self identified opportunity to make more money for his paper?