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Jan. 15: Do you know.......

....the top baby names for Nova Scotia in 2012? Hah! And you call yourself well informed. Well catch up. You can get the whole story on p. A 8 of today's Moncton Times and Transcript.

Okay. there's nothing here about shale gas, the biggest story of the year. There's nothing about Idle No More, a Canadian protest that has spread far beyond Canada. Nothing about the strangeness of land deals concerning the "events" centre and Moncton High. Nothing bout why the provincial government never ordered the owners of Highfield Square to clear out their contamination.

But - oh - you want to know about baby names in Nova Scotia?
NewsToday is that Harper is sending a C-17 (transport plane) to Mali to assist France and Britain in putting down essentially terrorist entities. (What the hell is an "essentially" terrorist entity?) He says all permanent members of the UN security council have demanded international action. (Okay. So how come only Britain and France have taken action?)  And if this is such a big deal, how come Canada is sending only one transport plane, and that for only one week?

The real story goes back to the years after World War Two. Until then, European powers, notably Britain and France and Belgium held most of Africa as a group of colonies. It was a good deal. They got oil and other resources, cheap labour; and in return they gave unlimited pollution and poverty. But the war had weakened the colonizing powers so much that they could not hold on. The colonies grabbed their chance for independence. It usually didn't last.

In Congo, for example, big business simply used hired thugs to overthrow the elected president, and carried on in the same, old way. It still does.

The US entered the scene as well. American policy throughout World War Two and after had been to take over the old, western colonies for the American Empire (along with much of Latin America, The Phillipines, etc.) That is why the US joined the British and French to overthrow the elected government of Iran. That's why the US went to to the aid of France in Vietnam. (The claim was they wished to protect democracy. In fact, the US cooperated in overthrowing the elected government to establish a military dictatorship.)

Wars such as these, constant interference such as this, a predatory capitalism, is what created Moslem distrust and Al Quaeda. Today, there are American troops and CIA agents in almost every country in Africa as they attempt the new conquest of that continent. Jihad did not spring from nowhere. Terrorism didn't come from nowhere. There were reactions to to massive american interference, including mass killing, torture, and terrorism.

But the US needed a cover for this. So it called on NATO to make the whole thing appear to be an international effort to bring peace and democracy to the world. France and Britain, seeing a chance to restore some of their old power and easy wealth happily signed on.

Canada, under pressure from big business to maintain close relations with the US - and with Canadian business hoping to pick up some of the spoils, signed on for Afghanistan.

We learned from Afghanistan that most of these wars turn into dreadful and expensive mistakes. But we still need to keep close to the US. That's why we cut our role in Afghanistan back to training. That's why we're now sending just one transport to Mali for just one week.

Oh, why don't Africans like western big business? Well, for example.... a Canadian gold mining company in Eritrea called Nevsun has been using conscripted (kidnapped) labour to work 15 hours a day, 6 days a week, with terrible food and no toilets - for $15 a month. Nevsun claims, of course, to have been unaware of this.  In fact, it's quite common for Canadian mining companies in Africa and Central America. So is the unlimited pollution they intend to inflict on us as soon as Bill C-45 gets signed.

But you would never guess any of this from the news stories in today's TandT.
The lead editorial is yet another pitch for building a hundred million dollar hockey rink.

Norbert's column...sigh....it's not quite a rant. It's an attack on people who use the internet to spread stories that are untrue and often defamatory. Well, okay. And I appreciate your concern Norbert. But you have spent your life working for Irving press which exists to keep people from learning the truth, to spread misleading information, to spread propaganda for those who do us damage. Your're in no position to point the finger at the social media.

His "The last word" item is just silly. Social media is NOT just about spreading information. It's also about offering opinion and thinking about information, something which the Irving press does not do. And, surely, anyone who willingly works for the Irving press has one hell of a nerve in accusing others of not thinking.

I'm not sure I follow the point of Alec Bruce's column.

de Adder's cartoon makes the point that per capita health costs in New Brunswick are higher than the Canadian average. So? That is useless information without knowing why they're higher. Readers will easily jump to the conclusion which, I suspect, is favoured by the Irving press that it's all the fault of the doctors. I think I'd like to see a more sophisticated study.
On the op ed page, Alan Cochrane starts well, but gets bogged down in ideology. The says about the cuts to EI, "But real job creation comes from government clearing the way for enterpreneurs to turn their bright ideas into business successes." Cochrane, open your eyes and look around you.

The way is very clear for enterpreneurs in North America - at least for the very big ones. They own the governments. It's the same in Spain, in Britain, in the US, in Congo in Haiti. It was the same in the depression of the 1930s. Big business does NOT create wealth - except for itself. It never has. It has made increasing profits every year since the recession started. But the wealth of most of us has not gone up. It has gone down.

If more freedom for business created wealth for the rest of the people, then the Magnetic Hill Casino would be jammed every weekend with wealthy Haitians and Congolese and Greeks flashing thousand dollar bills. The idea that business creates wealth is an ideology that has been drummed into us by propaganda tanks like The Institute of Atlantic Market Studies and the The Fraser Institute. It is not true. It doesn't work. It has never worked. All it has even done by its own will is to create wealth for itself, and to bleed everybody else dry. Capitalism without control on it is a disaster that we are just entering.

Speaking of The Fraser Institute, it has an op ed by Mark Milke who is a Senior Fellow (old propagandist). It's about the Idle No More Movement.It's solution is one tailor made to please big business. Get native peoples off the reserves and into cities. Problem solved. He has statistics, too. They don't prove anything he says they do. But they look good.

Yessirree. Just move them into cities; the cities will absorb them; native peoples will cease to exist. Problem solved. I mean, we won't even know they're there. And if we don't know,then there can't be any problem. Oh, and that will also open up all that reserve country to resource extraction pollution. And that's good for big business.
Any knuckle-draggers who want to read more along the line of Mr. Milke's deep thoughts will find it in a couple of letters to the editor. One of them is simply made of half-truths (and some lies) that Harper has been spreading. Much of that comes from Sun News, a newspaper designed to appeal to people who find the Irving press too intellectually challenging.

Another letter from a deep thinker says we didn't take land from the native peoples because they didn't occupy the whole country. Brilliant. Ever notice that we don't occupy the whole country? So anybody should feel free to invade. It's an extraordinary piece of misinformation, bad logic, and looking down on people.

The only thing worth reading in this really dismal edition is that actress Margaret O'Brien is 76.

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  1. In the same way that people are coming to their senses re mainstream real estate agencies and Financial "planners" etc, people will rely less and less on the mainstream press and realise the value of independent media.
    You reap what you sow and when the value isn't there or there are other options, people leave....eventually.