Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dec.3: This may be a short blog.......

I seem to be suffering miserably from a cold - and possibly flu, gangrene, tuberculosis, dandruff and late morning athlete's foot.

anyway, I want to go back to the book Obama's Wars by Bob Woodward. Now Woodward does not intrude on the story. He's not trying to sell any version. He just reports what people say without offering any opinion. And, oh my, what a dreadful lot of backbiting, self-seeking cranks makes up the whole structure from Obama to his political advisors to his military chiefs There is no coherent policy on Afghanistan or Pakistan or anywhere else. It is also freely admitted in Washington that these wars will go on for generations

What really hit me in recent reading, is that there is  no discussion of the role of big business in these wars. That's absurd. These wars were begun by Republican neo-conservatives who were thinking only of big business when they launched them. It's long been an open secret that Bush was  simply a stooge for VP Dick Cheney, and Cheney a stooge for the oil industry.

There is no  definition  of what would constitute victory in Afghanistan. There is no definition of what would constitute defeat - so neither the generals nor the government know what they should be striving for. And, in fact, there is no general definition of what the war in Afghanistan is about. The question isn't even asked.

Establishing a democracy would look good, and provide an excuse to get out. But only a fool could believe the US has the faintest interest in establishing democracy anywhere. If it did it would long ago have put the heat on its good, dictator friends in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Guatemala....

In any case it doesn't matter. It would take at least fifty years to establish democracy (of a sort) in Afghanistan

Another question that is unasked is - why are the Taliban fighting.? If you are fighting an enemy that is shooting at you, it's important to know know why. If you're a republican, the answer is easy (if wrong). The Taliban are fighting cause they're iggerant savages. Besides, they bombed the trade towers.

Wrong on both points. Taliban are fighting because their country got invaded by NATO. There's nothing ignorant about fighting back when you're invaded. As for the trade towers, the FBI admitted long ago that the Taliban had nothing to do with the attack of 911.

So there's really no reason to be fighting in Afghanistan (unless it's to serve the ends of CEOs. But nobody's talking about that.

Anyway, to just quite the war with nothing that could be called a victory would be political suicide, and hand over the country to the Republicans who are even more incompetent.

We now face generations of wars. In Africa, for example, the US has troops in almost every country as it tries to take over the former colonies of the old European empires. It has also made it obvious it intends to do the same in Latin America, Russia and China.

The reality is that western business is crazed with greed and the lust for power. The Republicans are attached to big business, and bent on destruction. Obama has been a failure. And the American constitution that everybody pays lip service to lies in tatters.

Now, in the latest farce, NATO is pushing for the "rebels' to form a government in Syria. There are at least two problems with that. 1. Most of the rebels are not Syrian, and they aren't rebels. They're hired mercenaries paid for and supplied and trained by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, NATO, and Jihadists.
2. None of the rebels has been been elected by any of the Syrian people - or anybody else.

To cap the confusion, there are now some seventeen intelligence agencies in the US, each of them with its own objectives, it's own killer squads. They operate all over the world including, I am sure, in Canada.

The one, useful thing about his mess is that it proves what a waste of time it is to understand the news with little, hit and miss stories in newspapers, and short shots on TV and radio.

Not very cheery Christmas reading..


  1. And, it's incredibly blind and self-censuring of the mainstream McNews organizations when it comes to knowing what to do with research as found in political books like Woodward's.

    Sports statistics garner more interest from 'news' anchors and their co-hosts, although they're good at feigning grave concern when a cat is reported to be stuck up a tree.

    But, there's a reason people who are emotionally stuck in grade 7 are used to fill these positions.

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. It sucks to be sick I know. I hope by now your feeling better.

  4. Well, thank you. I am better. Turns out I really was sick - though not sick enough to enjoy oversleeping.