Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec.18: Lots of big news today....

In The Guardiam, Dec. 18,while Obama mourns the killing of 18 children in a Newtown school, he continues to send the drones over Pakistan that have killed over a hundred Pakistani children as well as over a thousand of their parents. Think children in Newtown are scared?

On the cheerier side, the US has just supplied Israel with 10,000 shiny, new bombs to make up for the ones they used up in Gaza. (That must have been quite a bombing for such a tiny area.) The new ones include bunker busters that can penetrate 60 feet of concrete and go through 200 feet of earth before they explode. By a happy coincidence, this was exactly what was on Netanyahu's Christmas wish list for use against Iran.

Congress and Obama are negotiating the fiscal cliff deal. What that really means is they are beginning the destruction of social programmes begun by Roosevelt in the 1930s. Worst hit will be those who rely on medicare, medicaid and social security pensions. - about 50 million in each category.

Well, there's no choice. Every cent of federal tax revenue is taken up in spending on the military. And over 90% of those who take home a million a year pay no income tax at all. So any spending outside the 10,000 bombs for Israel, the inflated contracts for defence companies, the graft to Afghanistan - has to come from borrowing. And borrowing's bad. So somebody has to pay. So it's going to be the poor.

Feeling insecure about all this? Move to Paragould, Arkansas. It's a lovely little town of 26,000 where squads of police patrol the streets in full combat gear, including camouflage suits, assault rifles. They have power equivalent to martial law. They can question anybody, ask for ID - and if you get smart, you end up in the station. Before this began, the town has always has a low crime rate - and particularly low murder rate. But you can never be too careful.

Lots of news today. Too bad none of it is in the Moncton Times and Transcript.
There is a laughable insert on business called New Brunswick Business Journal. Most of it is idle chatter and blurbs for local business. The one article that even tried to be serious was on how N.B. optimism is based on hopes of a U.S. recovery.

Get real. There isn't going to be a U.S. recovery. Such a recovery, to be useful to us, would have to be based on a rise in consumer spending in the US. Ain't going to happen.

US consumer spending is going down as the weatlhy continue to loot the American nation,and as poverty continues to rise. Remember those states that recently voted to break industrial unions? What do you think is going to happen to salaries in those states? What do you think is going to happen to consumer spending? And where does that leave us?

The good days for the US are over. It is a nation that has been fleeced and impoverished by its big business leaders. And they aren't going to change just because it's a new year. In fact, we should be preparing for similar treatment here in New Brunswick. (Sorry. That should have read "More similar treatment here in New Brunswick.
The new, shale gas rules will be a little late. Big surprise. What will be a surprise is if the TandT ever tells the whole truth about them - and about whether they are enforced. Though it and the government promised us full infomration on shale gase long ago, it has published barely a word. And word a lie. The rest of section A is only for people who are very lonely and semi-literate.

NewsToday is still focussed on the Newtown killings. The child killings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq,  Yemen, Somalia are still irrelevant.

On p. C5, a Conservative MLA has repeated her accusation that the Liberals were complicit in faking the books for Atcon, a faking that cost us fifty million collars. But she did it in the legislature where she can't be sued for it. And she offers no evidence whatever.

Meanwhile, the Liberals accuse her of inventing the charges.

Now, a reporter with any wit would ask the conservtive MLA to present her evidence. And, if the Liberals are serious in their denial, that same reporter would ask why they aren't demanding a criminal investigation.

Look, kiddies. It seems evident that a crime, and a very serious one, has been committed. Isn't it normal to report crimes to the police? Isn't it normal for a legislature to conduct a formal investigation of crimes committed by government?

What we're getting instead is lots of loud-mouthing on both sides, loud-mouthing that takes us nowhere. My guess? This is noise coming from both sides because both are implicated - and the noise is cover-up so that no serious action will ever be taken. And the Irving press is playing along with the cover-up. Connect the dots.
_________________________________________________________________________________The only column worth reading on the editorial and op ed pages is Alec Bruce's.

Christmas has brought me a reminder of the daily barrage of propaganda inflicted on us. My son expressed some interest in Cuba. So I went looking for a stocking-stuffer, a National Geographic magazine with an article on Cuba. And I found a recent one.

The article began with a visit to a Cuban who was secretly building a boat to flee to the US. Now, that's an old and cheap journalistic trick. When Dr. Cleary spoke in Moncton, the TandT report damned her from the start by telling about those who disagreed with her - and did it without ever telling exactly  what it was the doctor said.

In American eyes, Cuba is evil. It wasn't evil when it was ruled by a corrupt and murderous dictator who was an American puppet. But it became evil when it overthrew the American puppet. So almost every American publication will begin an article on Cuba with negative overtones.

How about the infant death rate which is far lower than that of the US? No. Or how about the hired killer who, employed by US intelligence, blew up a Cuban airliner killing all aboard? Oh, no. The article has to start with something that screams "EVIL CUBA".

Some years ago, I had a story in Reader's Digest. In the same issue was a story on the Russian AK-47 rifle., generally regarded as the world's best military rifle. The sub-title was AK-47: the choice of dictators.

Of course. It had to be immediately established that the AK-47 was evil. After all, it's Russian.In fact, though, I should think it almost certain that the rifle that is the choice of dictators is really the American M-16.

That's the one that's exported to all the American-supported dictators, like the ones in Central America, like Saudi Arabia, the emirates....  After all, the US is far the biggest weapons exporter in the world. But if Reader's Digest had an article on the M-16, the subtitle would be: M-16: Defender of Freedom.

On my desk is an almost year-old special by Time Magazine. (Time is a notorious propaganda mag.) This one is called The New Middle East. Mostly it's about how the Middle East is liberating, changing, as a new generation with new ideas comes to the fore. Yes. Yes. They all want to be just like Americans. The front cover has a picture of a young woman who could be a cheerleader in the some US ivy-league school.  There's another of a very beautiful woman who still cover her face from the nose down, but is so liberated she's having her eyes and eyebrows done.

Even this early, only months after this special appeared, it's obvious nonsense. Far from becoming Americanized, Libya is a chaos with not the slightest sign of social change. The most dictatorial and hyper-Islamist states are still those supported by the US -Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Syria is in a civil war with the "rebels" largely drawn from anti-democratic countries, most mercenararies, mostly paid for and supplied by various dictatorships - and the US, Britain and France.

The US, far from being a model for change in the region, is mostly despised.

Very little of our news is real news. More of it - even in Reader's Digest or National Geographic is propaganda.


  1. Excellent analogies of brand-name publications which many believe are a-political, but are increasingly not.

    Just read GlobalResearch's 'Doomsday made in America' article. I can't recommend it enough as an essential read to anyone out there.

    Also, I understand its still early in the investigation of the Sandy Hook shootings and more facts have yet to come out,(make that if they do come out at all, or make any legitimate sense), but does Paul Craig Robert's 'Agenda Driven News' article have a leg to stand on when he suggests a conspiracy theory could be in the making?

  2. On reexamining his article further, I guess Paul Craig Robert was questioning whether the Russia Today Moscow office was being infiltrated by a U.S. driven agenda regarding the Sandy Hook shootings.

    Also, I suppose he's simply thinking out loud when he envisions a possible attempt to disarm the citizenry with new strict gun laws in the U.S. which could ultimately strip the populace of any real means to fight back against the corporatism of America.

    It'll be quite a political circus if that's attempted. I can't see it flying in any real meaningful way.