Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dec. 27: ....sigh......

The whole front page of today's Moncton Times and Transcript is an advertisement. It features a cartoon of young boys playing hockey on a village pond. If you open the page, you will find it is an ad for cars. Go figure.

Section 1 has two pages of "The Year in Review, 2012.  Feel free to read it. There is not one story that would bring a blush to the cheek of any politician or CEO. Nor will you find a mention of any concern about shale gas. It's a story safe for the shyest maiden, the most innocent child. The the whole family can sit around the table, and take turns reading such gems of wisdom as "Wednesday, Feb. 1, NB Liquor Corporation announces slump in sales..." And some are even better.

For some reason, the year ends after only three months, on March 31. (Apparently the TandT is still looking for an editor who knows all the months of the year.) This is a stunningly sloppy and amateurish piece of work that shows utter contempt for readers.

There is, however, another story, a full page, about changes in the school boards. So you're paying to read yet another story that you read almost a year ago. Then there's a kindergarten-level  story about being careful when you're shovelling. (I bet editors at the TandT think it's called kidney garden.)

NewsToday has over a page of recycled news about court cases of the past year. (I got too excited to finish reading the whole thing.)

There are only two, news stories at all worth reading, both on p. B3. one is a fairly lengthy interview with Green Party leader Daniel Coon. It's a useful insight into how our provincial legislature works (or doesn't).

Beside it is a story which, I'm sure, will thrill some people, but left me disgusted. Newtown, where twenty elementary school children were murdered, is flooded with gifts of money and toys from across the continent.

 Around the world far more children than that are being murdered by our side. Many, many more are being crippled, orphaned, starved to death, made homeless every day by our bombs, our drones, our grenades.
And across North America, people who have been indifferent to all this are sending money and toys to one of the wealthiest communities in the world.

And what the hell do they think that money and toys are going to do to help children who already have more of both than almost all children in the world?

I am sure there are those who will find this tearfully (soppily) heart-warming. Sorry. I think it's morally and intellectually lazy and self-indulgent.

Anyway, those are the only two news stories in the paper worth a glance.

Big story in Life and Times. Duchess Kate (wife of Prince William) and her sister used to make their own cards at Christmas. It runs for twenty lines of spell-binding drivel. At that, it beats the pants off the editorial.

Rod Allan writes an op ed column in which he says, truthfully, "I admit there is no point, rhyme or reason to this column...." And at that, he is kind to it. In fact, it is remarkably similar to every other column of his I have evenr seen. Obviously, he thinks he can get away with this because he is a marvelously funny writer. But he can't - because he isn't. This is, at best, the writing of a smartass kid in grade ten. And we're paying for this.

The only adult opinion columns in the whole paper - adult in the senses of writing well and having something to say are by Alec Bruce, Norbert Cunningham and Jody Dallaire. And, I should add, a good editorial cartoon by de Adder. The latter four have work here that would be up to the standard of any good newspaper.

But the rest of it is the laziest, sloppiest, most trivial and insulting crap I have even seen even in the Moncton Times and Transcript which normally carries the laziest, sloppiest, most trivial and insulting crap.

Of course, I haven't read that much of the Irving press. No wonder journalists across Canada are ashamed of it.

This is what you get when you have a newspaper monopoly owned by people whose only interest is in getting money, labour and resources out of you; and who don't want you to have a clue that they're shafting you.


  1. ...nothing serious; just curious to know how Norbert Cunningham appears to have suddenly and consistently improved his column in the last couple of weeks?

    (I don't have a subscription to the Irving press for all the reasons you've already mentioned), but Norbert's recent performance seems inconsistent with his earlier reports.

    What d'ya suppose happened?

    1. I don't know why - but two things seem to have happened.
      1. He had a bad habit of covering two or three topics in a single column. The result was that no topic was adequately developed.
      2. Worse, he ranted. That is he simply slapped on labels or called people names out of what seemed to be pure prejudice. For example, he made absurd accusation and insinuations about CBC, ignoring the fact that its news and comment was far superior to that on our private radio stations - and a good deal superior to that of the TandT.

      I don't know what caused the change or whether it will last. But I'm happy to see it.