Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dec. 13: how different, how very different from us...

North Korea has launched a rocket carrying a satellite into space. The UN Security Council is furious. Why? The leading members of the UN Security Council all routinely launch satellites into space.
Oh, but such a rocket could be developed to fire a nuclear bomb at the US or Russia or Britain. So?
Members of the Security council have thousands of nuclear missiles which could reach North Korea.

Well, yes. But North Korea could be irresponsible and and use such a missile. So?

The US has already been irresponsible and used two nuclear bombs. And almost all members of the Security Council have threatened to use theirs.

We have to attack Iran because it might be developing a nuclear bomb. Oh?
The UN inspectors, who are admitted to Iran, say there is no evidence that Iran is developing such a bomb.
Meanwhile, Israel, which refuses UN inspection, is known to have some 250 nuclear bombs. So when do we invade Israel?
Iran is under punishing sanctions, partly because it is willing to accept payment for oil in other than American currency.
Oh? The US has a right to tell countries what currency they are allowed to accept in their own business dealings?
We have tough laws against terrorism. In the US, these permit imprisonment (with torture) or assassination of American citizens with no charge or trial. In Canada, we can imprison without charge or trial, too. And we also hand over, without charge or trial, Canadian citizens to be imprisoned and tortured.

Our side has killed thousands of innocent people in Asia and Africa by drone attacks. Our side killed 300,000 innocent people of all ages in Guatemala, Isn't that terrorism? Terrorists blow up airplanes? So they do - as for example, a terrorist employed by the US (now living as a hero in Florida) blew up a Cuban civilian airliner, killing all aboard. Carpet bombing, drone attacks, special ops attacks are all acts of terrorism. (Except, apparently, when our side does them.)

Our side killed at least a million innocent people in Iraq -and created millions of cripples, orphans, widows,refugees. There is no count of the murdered, starved, raped, and maimed in Afghanistan. And we will never see one.

Mao killed 35,000,000 (probably many more) in China. So did our puppet, Chiang Kai-shek. In our press, Mao was, reasonably enough, a villain. But Chiang was a Christian gentleman.
Moslem terrorists have killed thousands. You can read all about it. You can even read learned articles about how Islam creates terrorism.
Christian terrorists have killed in the millions But it's different. Isn't it?
It's remarkable to read through the daily newspapers, almost any of them, and see the double standard for judging human behaviours, and how quickly we accept whatever we do without much thinking about it.

When I was a child, the horrible thing about the Naziis was their use of torture. We were disgusted by it. It was the final proof that Naziis were evil. Today, the US and Britain and who knows how many others practice torture on a massive scale. American courts, now, even accept evidence obtained by torture. And do not kid yourself that our CSIS does not dip its fingers into, at the least, cooperation with the torturers.

Our news media routinely present the news as good (us) vs. evil (them). It is an extremely effective propaganda.

All of this occurred to me as I read the news in section C, p.1 about the North Korean rocket launch, and a Supreme Court hearing on our terror laws. Isn't it a little bit strange that people who try to scare us are terrorists, and that's illegal. But when we try to scare others (which is pretty much what war is about), we are not terrorists.

In A4, there's an outline of our new bus routes that's worth reading. And that's it.
On C 2,there's a story that Joe Oliver, our federal Natural Resources Minister, says that the pipeline route across Canada to the east coast is a "business" decision. Really?

Us common people have no voice on where a pipeline should or shouldn't go? So why do we bother to elect a government?
On C3, more pipeline, this one with a photo of Alward  looking stunned, but with his mouth open. Presumably, then his boss has pushed the button to turn his mouth on.

He will - surprise! - support the pipeline. So - surprise! - will the Liberals. And there are no problems at all. Nothing can go wrong. Everything is perfect. Nothing damaging can happen. There's nothing to study. No questions to be asked. We'll all get rich (though nothing as crude as numbers is mentioned).

Obvously, there's not even any need to "consult" us on this one. Funny. I wonder why other places are refusing to permit pipelines. I guess they're not smart like Mr. Alward.

The editorial writer, who seems not to give a damn about the poor and children most of the year, urges us all to make sure there is a toy under every tree and a turkey on every table for one day of the year. Yep. That's what the message of Jesus was all about- a turkey and a toy one day a year - and the hell with them for the other 364.

There's also a ga-ga, gush-gush editorial about the pipeline. Of course. Huge benefits. Thousands of jobs. A new era. And everybody will be coming to Moncton for entertainmnt and shopping. Quick. Get the events centre up. Again, there are no numbers. But those would just confuse people.

Is there any possible downside? No. Don't even ask.

Norbert has a good, if grim column. Pay special attention to his final paragraph "The Last Word".
Alec Bruce hits a grim mood, too, on a very similar topic. Both are thoughtful, well-informed, and well reasoned.. Both touch on the role of religion - and the state of it.

Now, I have no faith in a goody-goody, clap hands for Jesus sort of religion.I don't expect (or want) to spend eternity dancing naked (or in a white gown) on a cloud and shouting, "Let's hear it for God." But religion, almost any religion, is essential to provide some moral basis for a society. And no society lasts without some moral basis.

Look around you - at our provincial government, at Harper, at the world of big business. Where is the moral basis of any of them?  And I'm afraid putting a toy under every tree and a turkey on every table is not going to change that.

Jody Dallaire has a dynamite column on legislation affecting young drivers at night. Sounds boring? It isn't. She takes the trouble to look at the whole process, at procedures followed by the government, at scientific evidence, and includes a few statements that sum up the idiocy of Alward's "consultation" policies", and the lack of any consistency on the part of his government. All of this should have happened in TandT news reports. But didn't.
Rod Allen has nothing to say in his column. That's because he doesn't need to have anything to say. He's an editor for the Irving press..


  1. 'how very different from us'

    Canadians need to become aware of how being Canadian is really being perceived on the global scene. Thank you for your kick at that.

  2. Keep tellin the truth Graeme. The entire world is deceived.