Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov. 19: ..a new meaning to blah....

Two, front page stories on people being honoured and celebrated. Gutsy writing. Straight to the point. Important to know. We need more halls of fame. The biggest story gives us a tour of paramedic training in Montreal. The news YOU need to know.

If you can find something worth reading in section one, God bless you for having a simple soul.

In world news, Defence Minister Peter Mackay calls for an end to war Syria. Wow! That will make leaders all over the world sit up.He accused the Russians of being the problem. Gutsy. He made no mention of Turkey, Saudi Arabia or the Arab Emirates who are supplying the 'rebels'.

(How can a newspaper call the opposition forces rebels? To be a rebel you have to be a citizen of the country in which you are rebelling.  But most of these 'rebels' aren't Syrians. They're hired mercenaries. When young Peter and journalists use the word rebel they give the impression that this is a civil war, one between Syrians. But it's not. It's between the Syrian government and foreign invaders hired by Turkey and the Arab League, and encouraged by the US, Britain, and France.)

In the same way, MacKay affirmed that "Israel has the right to defend itself". Quite so. But Palestinians in the Gaza strip have lived in a concentration camp all their lives. They have been blockaded by Israel which makes it hard for anything - even food and medicine - to go in or out. People die for lack of health care. They are impoverished. They live in slum conditions.

"Israel has a right to defend itself." Apparently, Gaza does not. If they shoot back, they're terrorists.

Incidentally, Israel, with a population of some eight million, and the most powerful and advanced military in the region (courtesy of US taxpayers), is "desperately" defending itself against Gaza.

Gaza has a population of 1.6 million - of whom some 17% are Israelis who went in illegally to take land from Gazans. Gaza has nothing that could be called an organized or equipped army. But why would they need one? As our Peter implies, Gaza does not have a right to defend itself.

On the good side, I can't imagine anybody in the world, even in Ottawa (especially in Ottawa), pays the slightest attention to what Peter Mackay says.

Some Monctonians, I suppose, will be gripped by the story that in a California city, Christians are going to court to demand the right to put nativity scenes on the public beach. This is a story that will grip all Christians who really, really care about the right to put nativity scenes on beaches. Once again, I doubt that this is a case that Jesus would have paid attention to.  He had more important things to do.

Big story - Twinkies will stay on the market.

Your Investments - the big story is that if you are a professional hockey player, you cannot claim your agent's fees as expenses for tax purposes. Damn! I was really counting on that.

Newstoday has one page of news - sort of - one page of Your Finances - and six pages of ads.

The editorial, obviously once again being written by the usual semi-literate, is a hymn of praise to Robert Goguen who, according to rumour, is our federal M.P.

The op-ed page has the usual pointless story about life in Washington. But you have to give credit to Alan Abel. He's probably making a decent living out of an hour so of writing about nothing each week. At best, at very best, this might be a column for some, little Washington weekly. I have not idea why it appears in Moncton. (Perhaps it's in exchange for a weekly column about Moncton that appears in a Washington paper.)

Craig Babstock writes about a new police unit. That's not an opinion, Craig. That's a news story. That's what you assign reporters to do. An editor is supposed to go a step further.

This is a newspaper that has two purposes. To keep people in ignorance of what's going on. And to drown them in lies and propaganda. All of this is done with a sloppiness and lack of ethics that one would expect to find in only the more backward of tin-pot dictatorships.

You can get better news, far better, and free by going to Google news. If it's local news you want, got to CBC radio and TV. (Private radio news is usually pretty thin stuff; and private stations are much too careful not to upset their advertisers. In other words, they sometimes leave stuff out, sometimes carry propaganda. Opinion on private radio is usually poorly informed. As well, the best radio journalists are not lining up for jobs in Moncton.I can tell that right away from the quality of reporting I have heard.

CTV has almost no presence in Moncton and, as a result, a very low ability to gather news of any consequence in it.

The best news service in Moncton,  by far, is CBC - though it, too, treads a little carefully under the pressure of governments that would dearly love to eliminate the only source of truth we have.

The next best is Moncton Free Press. It doesn't have any money; so that limits it. But it is still vastly superior to The Moncton Times and Transcript and private radio and CTV all put together.

Meanwhile, will Netanyahu ease up on Gaza? Not likely.

It is no coincidence this fighting broke out just after the US election, and just as Netanyahu is fighting for his own election. He may then very well take a shot at Lebanon and Syria. And then Iran. He would dearly have loved to hit Iran either during the American election or after a Romney win. But this will do.

Meanwhile, he and the western powers continue to pretend that Iran is just months from a nuclear bomb. They've been saying that for ten years.

Also meanwhile, UN inspectors says Iran is NOT building a bomb.

But who are you going to trust? The UN? Or Netanyahu?

And remember. Follow The Moncton Times and Transcript for the latest just pretend stories about Peter MacKay.

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