Monday, October 1, 2012

Oct. 1: a great day for free ads...

The new condos overlooking the golf course are selling well. And there's even a picture of the developer to prove it.  And it's in a "lifestyle community". Wow! Lifestyle!

This is front page news in The Moncton Times and Transcript.

Another "read all about it" on front page is a story about two restaurants being named among the best in Canada - and the exciting word that in this city of foodbanks running short, high-end restaurants are on the rise.

And that pretty well sums up the big stories for section A.

For serious news that YOU need to know, the sports section has a full page of game results for every league you have ever heard of - and a few you probably haven't. But at least the sports section does carry news.

NewsToday is mostly ads - including a free one disguised as a news story that a new Harvey's will be opening in Moncton. And there's even a picture of what a Harvey's looks like before it's really built.

But it also has a quite decent story on Omar Khadr's return to Canada. What keeps it decent is that it doesn't report much of the gutter statements made by Canadian government figures, including Vic Toews and John  Baird. Both of them made it clear that they were doing what they should have done ten years ago, but doing it only because of American pressure.

Both them made it clear they saw this return as a dreadful threat to God-fearing, Conservative-voting Canadians - that mindless, finger-pointing variety of Christians who constitute an essential element of the federal Conservative's electoral base. Baird, in particular made a boorish play to assure Canadians he will keep them safe from terrorism ( which means anything done by Moslems, but does not include the millions killed by our side.)

But if you want to find those statements, you'll have to read a paper from west of New Brunswick. The Globe and Mail for Saturday and Sunday would be a good choice.

Of course, Mr. Khadr should have known the law. The law is that western soldiers are allowed to invade any country, and shoot civilians. But civilians are not allowed to shoot back. What he should have done as he was being shot at was to stand up and sing "God Bless America".

Anyway, we can be sure that if Jesus had caught a fifteen year old under those circumstances, he would certainly have imprisoned him in solitary for ten years, tortured him and put him under trial for a crime that was not a crime at the time, and did not happen within that court's jurisdiction - oh, and used evidence obtained under torture..

Go with God, Vic Toews and John Baird.

And God help God.

There is, at last, a long-promised story about shale gas. But it doesn't tell us anything about shale gas. It just says municipalities would like to have some input into discussions about it. Good luck. But what has happened to the promise to keep us informed about shale gas? There are a great many news stories about it from all over the world. But not one has found its way into the pages of the TandT.

Then there's the editorial and op ed pages. Lord love a  duck...

The editorial fusses over whether Moncton has enough ministers in the cabinet. As if it matters. Apparently, the editor is under the impression that politicians make the decisions in this province. But, surely, even the editor of the TandT can't be that dumb.

Norbert has another column of quick looks at various things, none of them worth looking at. He begins with Justin Trudeau, expressing uncertainty that he is up to being a leader. Norbert is being too kind.

There is nothing on the op ed page. (Craig Babstock had a nice time in Las Vegas. I'm happy for him. Allan Abel writes about how US celebrities are supporting Obama. He names a dozen or so. Then, he names a dozen or so who are supporting Romney. And his point is?)

Even Alec Bruce is disappointing. He writes about how a columnist named Margaret Wente (Globe and Mail) has been slapped on the wrist for plagiarism.

Well, for openers, and guessing from the papers I see on local newsstands, very few readers of the TandT know who Margaret Wente is. Nor will they have a journalist's knowledge of what plagiarism is, and why it's so bad. He also takes one hell of a leap in defending it. He says that lots of bloggers do it; and they don't get their wrists slapped.

What's wrong with that?

1.  It smears all bloggers whether he says "all" or not.
2. It has nothing to do with the Margaret Wente case. Wente is a professional journalist. She knows the rules. Justifying what she did by saying amateur bloggers do it is like justifying a clumsy surgeon's botched heart operation by saying an amateur would have botched it, too.
3. Margaret Wente gets paid for what she writes. That's taking money under false pretences.

He closes by saying none of this excuses Wente's actions. Then he says it does. And then adds a final smear of bloggers.

If he keeps that up, he could become editor of The Moncton Times and Transcript.

Even by TandT's relaxed standards, this is not a good day.


  1. Oh, and what's that about "a journalist's knowledge of what plagiarism" is? It's not like hack historians don't know what plagiarism is, do they, Graham?

  2. G. Rumain, as nearly as I can figure has a very professionally displayed blog, mostly pictures. He brings to it the gifts of a remarkably foul mouth, racist hatreds, and colossal ignorance.

    Anybody eager to share in his gifts can find his site on google. I won't publish any more of his comments.

  3. Don't worry Graeme, Mr Rumain discredits himself...

  4. oh, I have no objection to people giving me hell. But I draw the line at encouraging racist hatreds.

  5. What race is islam?

  6. None. there is no such thing as a race. However, there are people who think and act as though there are races. Nazis spoke and thought of Jews as a race - though they aren't. White American have thought - and still do - of Black Americans as though they were a race. And there are people who speak and think of Moslems as if they were a race. Usually, the racists see "the other" people as inferiors or evil. And they see that inferiority or evil as a genetic quality. My reading was that Rumain see Moslems (and many others) who are by genetic inheritance inferior to him both intellectually and morally. The fact that race does not really exist does not prevent him from having racist attitudes.