Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sept. 27: What the hell is going on?

Yesterday, de Adder had a pretty simple-minded cartoon critical of the government for its language discussions.
Today, de Adder had a pretty simple-minded cartoon critical of the government for its language discussions.
(He has never had a cartoon about its secrecy in dealing with shale gas.)

Yesterday, the TandT had a long story about a political party of almost no following that is critical of language duality in New Brunswick.

Today,(p. C3)  it had virtually the same story, perhaps longer, and with almost the same picture of the leader. This time, they added one person they found who agreed with him.

This comes from a newspaper that has never given us the information it vowed to on shale gas. It has never responded to demands for investigation of the choice of site for Moncton's new high school. It has never carried out any serious (or honest) reporting on the "events" centre.  It has never touched any subject that the barons of New Brunswick doesn't want it to touch.

Obviously, our barons have passed the word down to their journalistic propagandists on  this one. That means they have also passed the word down to their local Sheriffs of Nottingham, the ones we humorously refer to as MLAs. This cannot be because our barons have suddenly developed a thirst for democracy. No, there's some other reason. And, in view of their history as rulers of this province, there is not the lightest reason to believe that it has anything to do with the well being of the rest of us. For some reason, they seem to want a fight over language.

And, oh, while you're stuck on p. C3, glance over to p. C2, "Explosion impacts crude prices". 'Impact' is never, not ever, not even a little bit a verb. It is a noun. An editor should know that. For example - you don't' editor a newspaper: editor is a noun. You edit it. Edit is a verb.

It's worth reading C7 "Anti-cuts protests erupt in Athens and Madrid". There's also plenty on this on Youtube. What's happening is that the middle class and the poor in those cities are being made to pay the terrible price for the careless and even criminal behaviour of their financial leaders who, incidentally, continue to get richer - and to keep it all to themselves.

It's worth reading because we're likely to see a lot more and a lot worse of this, and in more countries. In the US, Homeland Security has just purchased a billion rounds of ammunition. That's purely for domestic use. Bush and Obama have both ignored the constitution, giving themselves the right to imprison or kill American citizens without any charge or trial. You don't think any such internal violence could rise in the US? Better tell Bush, Obama and Romney. I'm sure they would be relieved to hear it.

And don't write off Canada. These riots are the result of a steady decline in real incomes of most of the population, coupled with steady rise in incomes for the very, very rich. That's not just happening in Greece and Spain. It's happening here. And cutting government services and firing civil servants  isn't going to change it.

The editorial drools all over yesterday's report from KPMG that Moncton is tops in low taxes on business. (or is that low in top taxes on business?) Anyway, it pretty much confirms what seemed obvious yesterday. KPMG is an outfit that helps the very wealthy rip everybody else off. And The Moncton Times and Transcript is on its side.

I'm glad to read that Alec Bruce entering the blog world. But he must be a brute for work to do that in addition to his regular job(s), especially if he also plans to use Skype. Jody Dallaire has a column of statistics on women in New Brunswick, statistics that are both surprising and dismaying.

Page A6 and p. A10  - each of these has an excellent advertisement, one for beer and one for coffee. But why do they appear as news stories?

To end on a light touch, this one for hockey fans....

Why is an off side pass illegal? (The rule was borrowed from another sport.)

Why is a quarterback called a quarterback? - and what does this have to do with hockey?

Oh, I wrote to five people at  Moncton City Hall to ask what happened to my request for information about pollution under Highfield Square. This time, I immediately received four responses. None of them provided an answer. But I have reason to expect a real answer within a week. Watch this space.

Three of them answered me by my first name. That's nice. You can have no idea how strange that sounds to a person not from the maritimes. But it's nice to hear. Very welcoming.

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