Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept. 16: a very late Sunday night special....

I write this now because there's a strong chance the Moncton Times and Transcript will not publish this story - not just out of editorial sloppiness, but because of sheer ignorance of the meaning of it.

Here's the context:

Israel, a country scarcely bigger than Toronto, gets more US aid than any other country in the world. Virtually the whole Israeli military is a gift from US taxpayers. The US is one of the very few friends of Israel   in the world, and the only one that can give it the economic and military support it needs.

Prime minister Netanyahu wants an  immediate attack on Iran. He says Iran will have a nuclear bomb within months. (He has been saying that for at least ten years.)

Obama knows there is no evidence that Iran is even developing a bomb. He also knows that a war with Iran would likely open up a situation that would lead to regional catastrophe - and possibly world catastrophe. He probably intends to invade Iran, anyway - but first wants Syria out of the way as an obstacle -  and might hope to settle for regaining some control over Iran's oil.

Netanyahu's military and intelligence leaders have publicly said they think such a war would be disastrous for Israel.

Though visiting the US, Netanyahu will not be visiting the White House. He says he was denied an invitation.

The American election is in the home stretch - and it's close.

That's the context. Here's the story.

Today, Nethanyahu appeared on American TV.

1. He effectively called Obama a liar, and insists the White House denied him a visit.
2. He publicly criticized Obama for having his own foreign policy, and insisted he must follow Israeli foreign policy.
3. He intervened in an American election campaign in a way that could only benefit Romney.

Offhand, I cannot think of any head of state who has ever done such a thing. Normally, this would mean immediate deportation, cutting of diplomatic relations - even war.

A man like that is the biggest threat to world peace I can think of. He could well tip the scales in this election - and he will then surely get his war with Romney as President backed up by nutbar evangelists who think that such a war would mean the end of the world, the return of Jesus, and they would all get a chance to sit around naked in heaven. (I don't exaggerate.)

It could tip the scales. There is an Israeli lobby across Canada and the US (heavily supported by our tax dollars. It has great influence with the news media, and with politicians. Right wing columnists like Mark Steyn are already using it. Steyn, always a gutter columnist, and so a favourite at the National Post, has already been playing with this theme.

Just the impertinence of it is breath-taking. Netanyahu must have thought he was dealing with Stephen Harper.

In any case, that TV interview means we are in for the most dangerous period we have seen since Kennedy's  confrontation with Russia over missiles for Cuba - some sixty years ago.

Will the TandT carry the story? Maybe - if it doesn't get pushed aside for a more important story about parking meters on Main St. Will it comment on the story? Probably not in either the editorial or on the op ed page. Will it be an intelligent comment? Probably not. It probably broke to late for Alec Bruce to write a piece on it.

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