Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept. 15: Big gaps in the TandT....

The Moncton Times and Transcript which vowed to keep us fully and accurately informed on the shale gas issue has still not mentioned that medical staff at the Moncton Hospital and the Dumont have passed resolutions demanding a moratorium on shale gas exploration until we have much more information on its effects.

But the Moncton Times and Transcript was obviously lying to us. It has made no attempt to keep us informed. It never intended to. As in so many other areas, The Moncton Times and Transcript is a propaganda front for the gas industry - and  a long list of others. The Moncton Times and Transcript and its whole, wretched staff don't give a damn about the health or the environment of this province or its people.

Premier Alward, who made the same promise to us was obviously lying, too. Big surprise. If New Brunswick votes for either the conservatives or the liberals ever again, it deserves whatever it gets.

In another notable gap, the TandT does not mention we will soon be getting another budget from Harper and, again, it will be an omnibus bill so that all sorts of other legislation can be pushed through without any adequate opportunity for discussion or even for basic understanding. This time it is expected to take a hatchet job to programmes protecting endangered species and the environment. (He has already cut back savagely on the monitoring of global warming.)

But don't worry about it. The changes will play hell with the lives and safety of your children; but there's a good chance, if you're lucky, that you'll die before it has (much) effect on you.

We have a prime minister who has an utter contempt for democracy and for us. But just stick with the TandT because it will make sure you don't learn anything upsetting.

Surprisingly, it does not mention the death of Peter Lougheed, long-time premier of Alberta. The Edmonton Journal has been slobbering all over the story, declaring him the greatest premier in Canadian history. Well, of course, The Edmonton Journal, like the Moncton Times and Transcript, automatically puckers up at the mention of oil companies and big business. And so did Lougheed. (Why does the name McKenna occur to me?)

Lougheed's great contribution to Canada was the notwithstanding clause in the constitution which made it possible for any province to ignore civil rights whenever it felt like it. A great premier. Let him never be forgotten.

The TandT gets all its Canadian news from PostMeida, the farthest right and most biased news service in Canada. How could they have missed it all that slobbering over Lougheed?

Today's section A will be a great treat for lovers of car ads.

NewsToday has a not very intelligent story on Harper looking to cut more civil service jobs. Let's see, the world economy is getting worse; the wage gap in Canada is growing due to unemployment and low wages. What to do? Oh, I know. Put more people out of work. Yeah. That should do it.

We'll be more efficient, says Harper. Translation? We can get rid of all those slackers wasting time on environmental studies, fisheries, health dangers.

Remember. Harper is not a thinker.He's not a conservative or a liberal. He has no political philosophy at all. He's an ideologue. That is, he's driven by a blind faith that has no room for democracy or intelligent planning or anything but letting big business run wild. And it, infected by the same fanaticism, just loves him. And where does this lead us? We don't have to guess. We've been there before. Violence, massive destruction, death, fascism, communism. racism,dictatorship. In fact, we're already well on the way to most of these.

Important story on p. B5. "Scientists shocked by ozone monitors" It's important, and it's decently reported.

Editorial page - a column by Bill Belliveau that's worth a read. Then there's a kindergarten editorial. Norbert loads a shotgun today with shot of varying sizing whizzing off in various directions but hitting nothing. One comment is worth noting, though,  for what it says about Norbert.

He devotes a whole section to a very minor error (if it was even an error) in a BBC report. Of course.  The BBC, like the CBC, is owned, one by the people of Britain, the other by the people of Canada. Norbert hates anything public like that. You'll notice he always condemns the CBC for its news. He never criticizes private radio or TV.

Norbert, I listen to all radio, especially to news. For news, CBC;s radio division alone, wipes the pants off the Moncton Times and Transcript ever day of every week of every year. Private radio in Moncton, just like the Moncton Times, is bargain basement stuff -if that. It doesn't appear to have anything resembling an adequate or trained news staff. And the intellectual level of its news commentary and its programming is beneath contempt.

On op ed, Gwynne Dyer offers intelligent comment. (They'll have to get rid of him.)  Brent Mazzerole has his usual - ---nothing.

All this makes me think of ancient Rome and the gladiators - and modern television shows. Maybe I'll squeeze in a bit about that on a slack day.

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