Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept. 13: A brief supplement to this day's blog....

I have been waiting for a story that has not appeared in the TandT.

An American woman named Kimberley Rivera has been living in Canada as a refugee for four years. She has two children born here in Canada.

She was in the American army, and served in Iraq. What she saw there so disgusted and upset her that she decided she could not go on with this. Her conscience would not allow it. So, when she was returned to the US, she entered Canada as a conscientious objector.

The US has demanded she be returned. It can, of course, make any request it likes. Canada has no obligation to respond, and every right to allow such a person to stay in Canada. Stephen Harper has, of course, agreed to deport her, and to do it as quickly as possible. September 19 is the day.

As he knows, she faces prison, separation from her children and, given recent information about the US prison system, every possibility of military justice (which means no justice), solitary confinement, and even torture. (Yes, Virginian. The US has been known to torture people - including Americans. Private Manning can tell you all about it - if they ever let him out of solitary.)

And all because she doesn't want to kill people. Great set of priorities, Steve.

The United Church of Canada has set up a link to enable you to intervene in this case. It's:

This is an interfaith project - so all are invited to join it.

Time is short. This is a time for church-goers to think over what their faith is all about -and to do something.

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