Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15: lies, damn lies, and boring lies.

Today's report on Syria is a gem of an example of bad reporting. You know, if you read every report on Syria that ever appeared in the Irving Press, you would still have no idea what has been going on there. In papers around the world, it's long been recognized that the war was created by the western powers, and by Arab powers closely connected to them.

It's widely recognized that few of the rebels could be called freedom fighters. Many are mercenaries who will kill anybody for a buck. A large number are Islamic Jihadists. Many of the mass killings attributed by Reuters to Assad we now know to have been carred out by rebels - who are particularly interested in murdering the Christian population of Syria.

Norbert said several days ago that Assad would lose. Yes, Norbert, he will lose. So will we. So will most of the people of Syria. That policy document prepared by far right wingers, Project for the New American Century, the plan to establish american world economic dominance through mlitary power, has led us into slaughter, disaster and economic collapse.  But don't tell Reuters. Or Norbert.

For misleading use of language, check out paragraph four in column 3. This one claims Assad is facing deeper isolation by being expelled from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. (Wow! Even the OIC is turning against him.) Well, actually, the OIC is controlled by Saudi Arabia which has been financing the rebels from the start, and which had a good deal to do with starting the rebellion. It's hard to see how getting expelled from it MORE DEEPLY isolates Syria.

The next paragraph says splits between the big powers, and between Saudi Arabia and Iran, have stymied diplomatic efforts to halt the bloodshed. Yeah. That's it. We just want to bring peace and motherhood back to Syria. It's them there Russians and I-ranis what's causin' the trouble. We just want to halt the bloodshed. Yeah.

Well, if we really wanted to halt bloodshed, we wouldn't have set it up in the first place; and we wouldn't be the major suppliers of weapons to the whole world.  (Canada, on a per capita basis, is right up there.) From Algeria to Vietnam to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, - and Syria, the west has happily slaughtered millions.

For figures on war dead, Reuters still uses the grandly titled Syrian Oservatory of Human Rights, a one-man operation run by a haberdasher in England who gets his information from the rebels.

On the final column of the story (p. B7, paragraph 2, Reuters coyly hints that Saudi Arabia and Quatar are believed to be supplying money and weapons to the rebels.

Believed to be? This has been common knowledge from the start. And not only money and weapons, but training, and imported mercenaries. As well, Obama recently admitted openly what he was been doing secretly from the start - supplying money, weapons, military advisors, intelligence. So has Britain. Even medical aid is highly politicized, and often has nothing to do with medicine. Canada has recently shifted its medical aid from Red Crescent to a Syrian-Canadian group nobody has ever heard of, but is almost certainly a rebel front, just like the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

The story finishes by saying the end is near. Yes. It is. And the only result will be  further chaos in the Middle East, a chaos that will be felt even in the streets of Moncton. It also, quite possibly, opens the way to World War Three.

This has not been a golden age for western forieign policy. And it's been a dreadfully decadent one for North American Journalism.

I regret to read that the editorial writer is ignorant of the causes of the Acadian deportation. It had very little to do with "imperial interests far from our shores." The deportation was wanted, decided on, and largely carried out by the northeastern colonies of what is now the US. The colonial government at Halifax was largely controlled by them. They were the land-hungry ones. For the same reason, the states further inland would demand the invasion of Canada just 200 years ago. (See how it all fits together, Mr. Editor?)

There is a powerful tongue-in-cheek column by Alec Bruce.

The whole op ed page is a waste of time.

Gee! The story about Enbridge spilling 25 million litres of oil in accidents still hasn't appeared. They must be saving it for a special, all about shale gas,  edition.

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  1. Do you think it would be better just to let Assad to continue to control Syria?

    I'm not fan of Western imperialism, but there are worse fates.