Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20: Words, words, words.....

Sixty years ago, a United Nations army had pushed back a North Korean army onto its own territory, and was going through it like a hot knife through butter. China, not wanting American troops on its doorstep, warned the the American commander of the the UN force, General MacArthur, not to cross a certain pont. MacArthur, probably wanting a war with China, crossed it.

The response was a massive Chinese attack which threw NATO troops into a panic as soldiers abandoned positions, equipment, rifles, even their own wounded, to run for their lives. The western world was stunned. It had never seen or even heard of such a humiliating catastrophe for western armies.  Then the word went out from Washington.

It was not a retreat. It was a strategic withdrawal.

Oh. Well. That was different. From that moment on, the western press dropped the word retreat. Our troops never retreated. They did strategic withdrawals. And that wasn't retreat. Not really.

There was even a very bad movie about it called, "Retreat, Hell". It ends with the hero saying, "This is not a retreat. Hell, no. This is a strategic withdrawal."

P. D1 of The Moncton Times and Transcript has a big story from, what else, Postmedia News. "Canada plans for more overseas military missions."  Yep. Our military will be redesigned and re-equipped to go overseas far more (and maybe down to Latin America). And it will be in combat roles. Combat roles - a term one uses to avoid saying wars. It's like, I mean, you know...wars are terrible, very nasty.....but combat roles, well, like, they're not REAL wars.

Now, nobody has invaded Canada since the US did it in 1812. So who are these enemies we have to defend ourselves against? After all, international law requires that you be attacked before you invade another country.

Oh - Oh - But it seems we won't be attacking anybody. No. We'll be "projecting Canadian power". Well, that's different. Are you a school bully? Next time the principal has you on the carpet on that, tell him you weren't bullying all those little kids. You were just projecting your power.

In the plain words that we call reality, the US is committed to aggressive wars for decades to come in an attempt to maintain American economic dominance -which means American control (for rich Americans only) of everybody else's resources and markets. These wars, covering all of Africa, pushing close to China and Russia, and already underway secretly in Central and South America, are too much for the US alone, even now that robots are doing so much of the fighting. So, like Britain in its declining years when it turned to its empire for help, the US is turning to NATO. And private Harper has saluted, "Ready, aye, ready."

In fact, the only foreign threats to its territory that Canada has faced in the last 200 years were the American invasion of 1812, and the current American refusal to recognize in any way the Canadian claim to the Arctic. And I note that the current plan has no provision for protecting us against that American threat to the Arctic - the only current threat to Canadian territory.

Grads - don't worry about finding jobs in a declining economy. You and your children will have no trouble finding work in the "Projecting Canadian Power" business. 

Words. Porjecting Canadian power is as good as "fighting humanitarian war" as in Libya, and "strategic withdrawal" in Korea.

Norbert says this will be a strong tourist season. He knows that because he constantly looks out for all the out of province license plates when he drives to work. Advice - for your safety, find out Norbert's route and avoid it during commuting times.

deAdder has another, real editorial cartoon.

And - the TandT has at last mentioned the complete screwup of the London Olympic games. It's not a news story, though.  It's in Alec Bruce's (excellent) commentary. The scandal runs very deep on this one as the contract is so casually worded as to leave British taxpayers on the hook for over half a billion dollars - even though the private security firm could not do the job. And that same firm keeps its job of privatizing Britain's police forces and its prisons. The privatizing Prime Minister is obviously up to his ears in this one.

And G4S security - or something very much like it - is coming our way. Depend on it. And keep an eye on Harper.

There's also an excellent commentary on VIA Rail - and how the people running it seem to want to destroy it. Bang on. The big money for railways is freight, not people. That's why CPR offered bad service and generally disagreeable conditions for passenger service in its later days It wanted an excuse to get rid of the passenger service. And it worked. That why we formed VIA Rail to serve people.

But we now have a government interested only in serving billionaires; so VIA Rail is in its deathcell.
That's why we're seeing cuts ----oh, sorry... we're seeing "modernization" to "better meet customer demand".

Or - you could think of it as a strategic withdrawal.

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