Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16 addendum: what won't be in the TandT July17

For July 16, the Washington Post web site carries a story that a former CIA contractor who had access to top level information has published an on-line book saying that China traded ballistic nuclear missiles to our good friend, Saudi Arabia, in exchange for oil guarantees. This was done when George Bush was President, and Bush knew about it.

So - how come we're ready to invade Iran with no evidence it is even developing nuclear weapons - and nobody has said peep about Saudi Arabia?

The book is Patriot Lost by Jonathan Scherck.

It seems that reports of this sort of deal have been in circulation for years - but not in the Moncton Times and Transcript.

For July 16, The Telegraph (UK) published reports that oil companies and banks may have been rigging gas prices in the same illegal and irresponsible way that the banks have been caught doing with interest rates.

Neither story appeared in the TandT on July 16. Betcha they won't appear on July 17, either.

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