Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27: Let me save you some money.....

Today's Moncton Times and Transcript is only for those with an uncontrollable passion to read ads. The NewsToday section has six pages of ads. Make that six and a half because the page 10 story "province ranked last for oil and gas in Canada" is an ad for the oil and gas industry.

It's a report of a survey by the Fraser Institute. The story doesn't bother to mention what the Fraser Insistute is - a  propaganda front for industries like oil and gas. Think of it as a sort of intellectual brothel like the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies.

 Remember the incident when Windsor Energy did some testing without bothering to wait to for the municipality involved to give it permission? And Mr. Northrup called for an RCMP toinvestigation? .And the RCMP said what Windsor had done was against regulations - but there was no penalty under our "tough" regulations?

O-O-Oh. That was a bad thing. No, no. It wasn't bad to run a shale has exploration in violation of the regulations. What was bad was for a cabinet minister to investigate it. In fact, what was bad was to have regulations in the first place, even if they aren't enforced.

And, come on, folks. Does anyone think that the responsible cabinet minister, Mr Northrup, didn't know that the regulation could not be enforced even as he asked for an RCMP investigation? If he can't read his own regulations, couldn't he hire somebody to help him?

Look TandT, we know you're in bed with the oil and gas industry. In fact, we know you're in bed with anybody who has a dollar. But spare us this propaganda crap in the name of news.

Oh,guess who The Fraser Institute got their ratings from. Of course. They came from senior executives in the oil and gas industry.  That's like asking a conference of pimps whether a convent is a good place to recruit hookers.

The ace reporters at the TandT missed the news that city council candidates were sent cheques by the developer who wants the Royal Oaks project approved by the new council. The candidates seem to have returned the cheques - but the fact they were sent tells us worlds about an experienced developer's perception of what the political morality of New Brunswick is.

Anyway, the lesson of this story is that TandT reporters should listen to CBC news if they want to know what's going on.

de Adder continues to be a good cartoonist - but a  yokel political cartoonist. The big news in the Rothesay byelection is not that a conservative won. That is clear in an excellent news story on C9, "Results show NDP growth: prof". Part of that big news is that the Conservatives suffered a big drop in their vote; and most of that loss seems to have gone to the gain of the NDP which tripled its support in the riding.

But maybe de Adder didn't read the news. Or maybe he has trouble understanding big words. His cartoon shows the NDP campaign bus (an old VW) in a swimming pool with the caption "The by-election didn't go so well."

Hyuck. Hyuck.

The editorial page is once again monopolized by two, pointless articles by staff writers, leaving the Pet of the Day photo as the only point of interest.

Norbert's column on grammar is quite a decent one - if you are passionately interested in the history of grammar. It would be more useful if he were to give us examples of how we (and our newspapers) spread ignorance by using words that provoke emotional reactions - but that few understand. What, exactly, does fascist mean, Norbert? Does Canada have any of the characteristics of a fascist state? Does the US?

Exactly what does terrorism mean? Would killing a quarter-million innocent people in Guatemala count as terrorism? Does killing innocent people with drones count as terrorism?

What is a 'crime against humanity'? Does the widespread use of torture count?

Alec Bruce's column is good, but rather loses me at the end. For a start, it uses the word entrepreneur pretty loosely to mean anyone from a multi-billionaire to a hot dog vendor. I can see where survival is tough for a hot dog vendor. But banks get bailouts - and bonuses - for going broke.

Anyway, if all Canadians were entrepreneurs, as Bruce suggests, where would they get employees? Oh, I know. We could get some of those worthless people from poor countries.

A letter to the letter suggests Don Cherry should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Some people would be very opposed  to that, saying that he is an ignorant, loud-mothed lout. I don't agree.

Don Cherry is a very intelligent man. He has proven it by showing he can figure out how to make himself rich by appealing to louts.

If you want to undestand what's going on the in the world, save your money and read Google news. Better still, go to Google and search for Project for the New American Century. In the 1990s, a far, right wing group published a document that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US now had a 'window of opportunity' to conquer the world, and to control all world resources and markets.

Of course, they didn't use those words. They didn't say conquer or control. They said 'establish military dominance', and 'spread American values'.

The authors of that report were people like Jeb Bush, George's brother. Also Dick Cheney, Bush's VP.  Most of Bush's White House had been involved in framing the project. So, on the fringes, had been stooge columnists and propagandists like David Frum, the Canadian who would become one of Bush's many speech-writers.

That's why, when 9/11 was carried out mostly by Saudi Arabians, Bush didn't attack Saudi Arabia. He didn't even mention it.  He invaded Iraq which had no connection with 9/11, killing over a million people to get control of its oil. That's why he invaded Afghanistan, despite the lack of evidence that the government of Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11. That's why we bombed Libya, supported dictatorial regimes in Africa, and are now threatening war against Syria, Iran and, perhaps Pakistan.

Canadians get involved because, just as Britain in its declining days had to call on its empire for help (the Boer War). so the US in its declining days needs NATO. That's why we have been gradually moving away from the UN as the major world body - so we can convert NATO into a western alliance for world dominance.

Canada is doing it at the request (demand) of those who also demanded we get involved in the Boer War - the country's business leaders who stood to make money out of British favour just as they now stand to make money out of American favour. That's why on TV you saw British P.M. Tony Blair listening with a big grin as Bush gave his first address to Congress after 9/11. He was getting in on the gound floor of the great, western empire. I remember watching that big grin, and thinking it was a bizarre act at a gathering held because 3,000 innocent people had been murdered.

Those same leaders who pretended to mourn the deaths of 3000 innocent people have used those deaths as a cynical excuse to kill at least 2,000,000 people who had nothing to do with it. And there are a lot more to be killed before the project is completed.

It's not going well. The wars have been far costlier in lives and money than expected - and far less successful than expected. And, like Rome in its declining years, the US is forced increasingly to rely on mercenaries.

As well, the economic leaders behind the project have created their own disaster in the world's economies, one that will almost certainly lead to serious violence even here.

Take a look at the Project for the New American Century. That's what's happening in the world today.

But you'll never read about it in the Irving Press.


  1. Shale gas.
    As an ex BNI employee, I can confirm that I was once told not to cover any news on shale gas. I was told that somebody was preparing a series of articles to 'inform' the population. The articles came, but literally, four or five months later, and consisted mostly of propaganda that can be found on the NB government website.

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