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May28: Better than usual...almost....

At first, I was heartened to see that the Quebec student strike made the first page but, alas, with not the slightest attempt to explain what it is about. As a result, the whole point of the story is missed. To the reporter who wrote this and to the editor who approved it - the strike IS NOT SIMPLY ABOUT TUITION FEES.

Hasn't it occured to them that if this were all it was about that the foreign press would not be paying so much attntion to it? Don't you wonder why older people are joining in?

Whatever happens with tuition fees, this strike has probably and permanently changed Quebec more than any other event since 1867. But, Lord, you would never guess it from reading the Times and Transcript.

In the next, front-page column (with a photo) is the usual free ad, this time for a hot-rod business.

There is a good story by Brent Mazerolle "Moncton grants policy won't exclude Crandall University".This is a clear headline that highlights the outstanding message in the story - and the story is well written - a rarity on the front page or any page of this paper.

The story is important because Moncton ratepayers have been handing out a hundred thousand a year to Crandall University - though it openly defies the New Brunswick and the Canada Chatter of Rights. Anxious to point the finger of self-righteousness and so assure their entrance to heaven where they can stroll in their glory clothes (naked), the administrators discriminate against gays. Welcome to the idiot section of the New Jerusalem.

Now, much as I look forward to the day when I shall see the administrators of Crandall University in their glory clothes, I do wonder why the City Countil is giving it our money. And I do wonder why neither the city nor the province nor the nation has filed charges against Crandall.

- oh...and I do wonder why neither Norbert nor the editor who daily rant about things they don't understand - nor the staff writers who daily keep us up to date on guitars and their personal diaries  - I wonder why these people show no interest whatever in this open and illegal abuse of people.

Good story on p. 2 about how Harper gives away jobs to defeated Conservative candidates.

The Quebec student strike also made NewsToday, though still without the slightest indication of what it's all about.

What should be the big story of the day, is just a tiny squeezed-in "Pope's butler arrested..." This is a huge story, almost as big as the weekend beer festival. (p. A 10) that got almost half a page with photos. The Pope story tells us nothing.

"UN condemns Syrian massacre" is classic propaganda. For a start, most of the information on the massacre comes from the rebel side. (Remember, we're dealing with Reuters here).  Lots of emotional language -  'carnage' - 'appalling' - 'bloody, lifeless, young' bodies.

It may, possibly be true. But I can recall no such language being used to describe American behaviour in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan. And remember when a quarter million Guatemalans, men, women and children, were massacred by Guatemalan troops who were armed, supplied , paid, and led by the CIA?  Where was our compassion for 'bloody, lifeless, young' bodies then? Where were the UN resolutions? When did we demand the US be bombed in retaliation?

In fact, most of our news media never even reported it.

Oh- nor has it reported that the Syrian rebels are armed, trained and paid by countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Turkey. Many of them are not Syrian at all. They are mercenaries brought in from other wars - like Libya - and many are Islamic militants - the same ones we're fighting against in Afghanistan and Yemen. But you would never know that from Reurters or the TandT.

So let's get real. Nobody gives a damn about 10,000 dead in Syria. Obama alone has killed and tortured far more than that in Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South America (which doesn't get reported, either.)....and others.

The issue is about controlling military bases, oil fields and sea lanes in the middle east to wage an oil war that will starve China for energy - a move that would enable the US, with the help of NATO,  to dominate the world. This will enormously benefit very wealthy Americans, but make most Americans even poorer.

It would also almost certainly trigger a nuclear war.

The editorial is a hymn of ecsctasy to NB liquor for working to improve sales. Agreed. If there's one thing New Brunswick needs, it's more booze.

As usual, Norbert doesn't know what he's talking about; Alec Bruce is solid; and the only worthwhile item on op ed is the photo of the Pet of the Day.

Superb letter to the editor by Charles Foster of Riverview, "Election not sole victim of apathy". Parents should read it and weep. Better still, they should put off the trip to NB Liquor so they can spend a few minutes showinig interest in their children.

Also a good letter by Jean-Guy Richard 'Breast centre stance is petty'.

Oh, another big story from Quebec that the TandT missed. The Quebec government wants to review the bilingual status of all jurisdictions in the province. This will cover things like the right to service in English from the government, from hospitals, everything. The idea is to check the census so that only those with English as a mother-tongue will count as English. AND - they will have to be 50% or more of the jurisdiction's population to make it a bilingual one.

The other cute part is that a high proportion of the anglos of Quebec are children born in Quebec but to immigrant parents. That means their mother tongues are Polish or Yiddish or Chinese or Italian -and in Quebec, all such children are counted as if they were    French.They result,? Some jurisdictions that are actually 50% to 90% English-speaking could lose their right to services in English - even town services - and this could include their right to attend English school..

That's the kind of idiocy you get when you argue about culture without knowinig what the word means. That's the kind of abuse you get when you start language wars.

Quebec has hisotrically been a place of bigotry on both sides. That is why I am so pleased at the tone of the student strike, at its lack and language and racist bigotry. This is a huge change.

I will certainly admit there is some anglo bigotry in New Brunswick. God, in His wisdom, has shared out the bigotry equally to all His peoples. If you see it smouldering, don't blow on it. You will just burst it into a flame that will consume all of us.

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