Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29: Even the sport section has no news today

Normally, the sports section is the only professionally done section in the Moncton Times.  Headline - "Rugby Royals confident this year"  Duh. Yeah Are they usually depressed before games?

So let's look at a few stories this wretched popaganda sheet missed.

Victoria Park, 8 p.m. last night, there was a "casserolle", a happy and friendly gathering of people to march to City Hall. I was beating a pizza pan. But I was outclassed by another guy with a roasting pan; and both of us put in the shade by a sharp dude with big, bongo drum.

This was our demo to support the Quebec student strike as well as some local issues. Lots of fun. We're doing it again on Wednesday night starting 8 p.m. at Victoria Park.

For Monday, nnotice of the demo was very short, so the gathering was small - perhaps 50 or so. Ii expect more on Wednesday.  (And 50 or so in Moncton was proportionate to over a thousand in a city the size of Montral.)

There was nobody there for The Moncton Times, of course. They had a much more important story for the front page "New City Council Sworn In".

CBC was there, though. Ever notice that the only coverage of serious and local news that Moncton gets comes from CBC? (Of course, Harper will soon fix that.)

I saw no clergy at last night's gathering. That's not surprising.  I mean, if it's  something important like Eve telling Adam to take a bite of the apple, they'll turn out in droves with signs saying "Don't touch that apple".  But they feel uncomfortable applying their moral teachings to present day life. It might offend some of their parishioners.

The NDP, accordiing to a poll conducted for Postmedia (where the TandT always gets its national news) is now, for the first time in history, the most popular party in Canada, and would win a minority government if there were an election tomorrow.

The most trusted party leader in Canada is now Thomas Mulcair, with Harper tied with Bob Rae at th bottom. (Funny how the TandT missed a story like that.)  Anyway, Postmedia is going out of existence. A very right wing news service founded by National Post to support its very right wing agenda, it is going borke because good newspapers won't touch it. So we'll probably be going over to Canadian Press within a year.)

The US is sending a brigade (3000 to 5000, usually) of combat troops to be permanently based in Africa.  It has also, unnoticed by the editors of the Times and Transcript been bombarding the coasts of Yemen and Somalia as well as supplying civil wars in both countries. And, no, it's not for humanitarian reasons or to bring democracy.

It's for two reasons...
1. The waters between those two countries are the main route for oil going to the Far East.
2.The US wants control of all Africa and its resources before China and India can get a foot in the door.
It wants to control the oil flow so that China and India will have a tougher time developing. It wants the resources so that when China and India them, they will have to buy them from American corporations.

The TandT does h ave another  story about the student strike in Quebec - but stilll without giving a clue to what it's really all about. That's why I made this my topic for the next meeting of the current events club at Moncton Library, 7 pm. Tuessday, June 5.

The editorial is not unreasonable - but does not touch on the main point about giving our money to Crandall University - it operates in violation of the Charter of Rights. But no TandT editor is likely to touch that.
Norbert is reasonable. Alec Brush is great. Alan Cochrane is trivial and irrelevant -and Gwynn Dyer us interesting - almost fun, making allowances for its grim topic.

There are two letters to the editor dealing with bilingualism and our hospitals. One of them is intelligent.


Gee: I wonder why we never expelled the American ambassador for the murders of a quarter million innocent people in Guatemala.


  1. And now the so-called "Socialist" president of France, who ran his platform on social justice, now wants to bomb Syria as well. Can't trust anybody.

  2. that's why i feel so much safer knowing that David Alward is prime minister of New Brunswick.

    I mean - just imagine if he were president of France - or of the US. (or even the kid who makes the fries and MacDonald's.)