Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27: Sunday night - two, brief notes

1. The current events group will meet at Moncton Library at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. June 5. The topic will be" Quebec Student Strike:Protest or Revolution?"
I lived in Quebec most of my life, was closely involved with the politics of the province, and was in close contact with leading political figures at the federal and provincial levels over those years. I was also on the provincial executive of Alliance Quebec, the anglo rights group, for more years than I care to remember, some of them as Vice-President, and then Chairman.

My experience is that neither the Quiet Revolution nor the nationalist movement made any great change in Quebec society. The fundamental problem of Quebec is its anitiquated social structure, and the way its 'aristocracy' dominates the politics and economics of the province. For all their noise, neither the Quiet Revolution nor the PQ made any change in that. (Mind you, you can find the same problem, sometimes in milder form, in most provinces - including New Brunswick)

The student strike is not about language. It's not about separatism. It has some considerable support from anglophone Quebeckers. This has the seeds of revolution. The foreign press has realized t his, and is giving it serious coverge. The Canadian press, most of it, doesn't have a clue, with the Times and Transcript oustanding as a wallower in ignorance.

Nobody can tell the future. But this strike could have a profound effect not just on Quebec but on all of Canada, the United States, and on Europe. A discussion of it needs background; so I shall start with a talk of forty minutes or so - followed by questions and discussion, rebuttal, whatever.

Editors and reporters from the Irving Press are most welcome to come - and will be offered every opportunity to point out my errors.

Caveat: I think the students are on the right track.

2. I have long wanted to write an autobiography for my children. Nothing fancy, just incidents, most of them of only a page or so. It happens to most of us at a certain age. I've taught writing classes for Tantramar Seniors - and some of them are in the class to do just that - and they have turned out fascinating stuff.

But, oh, I have no will power. I keep putting it off. So I've decided to put myself on the spot.

I have an old web site I used it for a short story and several commentaries, but dropped it over a year ago. . I have now converted it to my autogiography page. The idea is to put pressure on me to write something - maybe just a page - every few days.Maybe others of  you who have reached what I shall call maturity should try the same thing. It's easy to set up a blog site.

So I've begun a sectioni called Famour People I Have Known, or Met, or Seen, and Some Who Are Famous Only to Me. Yes, I know that shows ego. But I have to impress my children somehow. It's not easy. I mean, I can't play guitar worth a poop. And I have no idea how to tear holes in my jeans.

I began with a page or so about my first famous person, Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis.

If anyone is interested, google Graeme the Chatterer. When the list of sites pops up, the fourth or fifth one will have the words 'new beginning' in the text. That's it.

If you want to talk about doing something similar for yourself, drop me a note in the comment box at the end of the post.

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  1. I am sorry to be missing your June 5 talk at the Library. I am away visitng family then. I appreciate your comments on Quebec and am disgusted at the lack of any informative coverage in the T&T. Seems they wish to perpetuate ignorance on all issues.