Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16:Lots of ads....

Not much news.
That makes it hard to talk about what's in the Moncton Times and Transcript - because almost nothing's in it. So today, we'll take a quick look at what's in it - and then a look at what isn't in it.

The risk of E. Coli infection has passed. That takes care of section A.

Section C. Mr Alward is impreseed by a recommendation that the NB government take more risks in extending help to provinical private business (translation - hand out more corporate welfare.) that recommendation came - surprise - from a committee led by a business leader. (Meanwhile, Canada moves to cut back EI payments from those lazy bums who lose their jobs in the recession. By the way, those lazy bums paid for EI insurance. It was deducted from their pay cheques.  I have seen no evidence that corporations have paid for their welfare cheques.)

Canada is continuing to cut its forces in Afghanistan. But the news story doesn't really tell us why. So here's why. The war was a lost a long time ago. Uncountable tens of thousands of figbhers on both sides have died. The civilian dead - murdered accidentally, killed on purpose or for the fun of it, died of starvation and/or exposure, bombings, illness created by the war are uncounted and uncountable. And nobody even bothered to count the dead mercenaries.

We've known for years that this war was unwinnable. That's why France and other NATO countries are pullng out. So why are the US, Canada and Britain taking so long  to leave? Because it would make our leaders look bad for having gone into Afghanistan in the first place. So, to save face for Bush and Obama and Harper and Blair,, thousands have died. And more will die.

We leave behind a legacy of destruction, death, disease, cripples, corruption - and well-deserved  hatred.

The op ed page, which most newspapers reserve for serious comment, is devoted to the usual triviality by Brian Cormier and Eric Lewis . Read these only if thinking gives you a headache.

The editorial has the nerve to say that voters seem to be losing touch with politics. Of course they are. The Moncton Times and Transcript has worked for years to keep voters in ignorance and out of touch with politics. Well, the turnout for the recent elections is good news..It says that the strategy of the Irving Press has worked, and it's time to break out the champagne.

Norbert's column...the words silly, incoherent, hysterical come to mind. He rants about ideology - but clearly does not know what the word means. (He seems to think it means people who disagree with his thinking.)

What isn't in the news - though it is in other papers?

China is setting up newspapers in Africa. No big deal? Think again. China is working hard to establish itself as a force in Africa. Of course. Africa has a phenomenal wealth in minerals that we rarely hear of. That's why the western world - Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and now the US (and Canada)  -has been  plundering, enslaving, torturing and murdering in uncountable millions in that sad continent. China is making its play for a large piece of the action.

So is the US. That's why we bombed Libya and encouraged rebellions in Syria and Egypt, and send death squads into Iran. It has nothing to do with democracy, nothing to do with saving lives. In fact, in Libya and Syria, we h ave caused more deaths, far more, than we have prevented. Libya, under the rebels we supported, is now murdering and torturing anybody who is a black African. The rebels, using the weapons we supplied are now fighting each other, and killing large numbers of civilians in the process. In Syria, our side, supplying money, weapons, and mercenaries for the rebels (as well as special ops troops) hs made a full war of what was a manageable conflict. And there is worse to come for Africa and  the Middle East, much worse.

And the TandT continues to ignore the student strike n Quebec. This is turning into something profoundly serious - with quite likely some impact nationally as well as provincially. At best, all we wil get out of this from the TandT is a grumpy rant from Norbert that they're all spoiled brats.

Maybe they are. It doesn't matter. The impact will still be there; and it will have to be dealt with.

For insight on this, turn to Acadiennouvelle. Chantal Hébert has been doing some fine commentary on this. I would only urge him to take an even closer look a the class structure of French Quebec. It bears a remarkable resemblance to that of Victorian England. This is a problem the Quiet Revolution of the 60s barely touched - though it is a problem far more serious than the language one. In fact, the language laws and Quebec nationalism were and are almost irrelevant to the future of Quebec. They were used by the leading classes to their own advantage, to make themeselves more powerful and rich - and to distract French voters from their real problem - privileges for the weatlhy few at the expense of everybody else.

That, as in the Occupy Movement, is very much what the Quebec student strike is about.

Okay, Norbert. They're spoiled brats. You wanna go there and spank them?

Incidentally, Acadiennouvelle has a total of 180 columns. But only some 40 are ads. That is such a low proportion, that it must make it difficult for the paper to operate. The Moncton Times and Transcript has double that, plus all those advertising inserts. In total, the Tand T must have at least 10 times the advertising that the Acadienncenounelle has.

Does anybody know why Acadiennouvelle doesn't get more ads? (Hey. I'm still new here.)


  1. L'Étoile, an irving publication offers cheaper publicity in a regional market. The weeklies are published in every region. Quality wise, the provincial section is often very good, the regional depends on the week etc etc.

    L'Acadie Nouvelle has the challenge of promoting itself as a provincial newspaper while catering to regional markets (we live in a rural area, every area has sort of strong self identity).

    At Brunswick News, all of the salespeople work under one banner. So a salesperson will sell at the same time for the T&T, the TJ, l'Étoile, the Victoria Star etc etc.

    Its easy to do when you have the means.

    By the way, speaking of afghanistan, you failed to mention the bit about the police force (the same one that NATO has been there training for years, the one that is supposed to save afghanistan from its troubles) turning on nato troops and killing them. it was in the guardian last weekend i believe.

  2. Thank you. I really wonder how Acadian nouvelle can operate on so few ads. They also seem to have a need to consider exactly what their focus is. But any choice will be tough with so little money.

    The killing of NATO troops by Afghani soldiers and police that are on "our side". has become a chronic problem.

    No matter how long we delay departure, that whole house of cards will come tumbling down. But nobody wants to take the blame for a failure that was really a failure of the American far right - led by a man like Dick Cheney. (Bush was nothing more than a puppet.)

  3. Well, I'm not sure, but they did have a campaign recently which allowed someone to purchase an Ipad by subscribing for three years to the paper. The person pays, I think, 95cents per day. I'm not sure how efficient it was, but it must help to know that you have garanteed subscribers for the next three years. On another note, there was also a scandal recently revealing that the newspaper received a 75 000$ loan (since paid off) from the city of Caraquet, where the Acadie Nouvelle offices are located.

    I think that the paper is advantaged by its proximity to the community. L'Étoile, in spite of it's quality Provincial edition and the fact that its delivered freely to every home, is not really read in a widespread fashion. My wife worked on a marketing study where one of the questions asked which paper they read most often. Most people answered l'Acadie Nouvelle, with the exceptions of Kent County, the Madawaska (where the local weekly was recently purchased by Irving), and the Shediac/Cap Pélé area. These areas are mostly deserved by the T&T and like I said, L'Étoile is delivered to their home for free with the Thursday edition of the Times Transcript.

    In reality, most people just seemed to get annoyed by the blue bags that just keep gathering in their lawn during the winter and using the paper to start their fires in the woodstove.

    That being said, I don't think that l'Étoile will be going anywhere anytime soon. Publicity is sold for much cheaper, and like I said in the previous post, the vendors work for all Brunswick News publications. So, a business owner has the possibility so sell in a targeted market rather then the entire province, which would be the case with l'Acadie Nouvelle.

    I could go on and on, but I think that you get it, eh?