Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EXTRA,EXTRA for May 23

Go to google. type in manifencours.

The first entry to come up should be the twitter site for the strike in Montreal. And it gives a very different picture from what most of the press is giving us. It is in English - and most of the writers seem to be English. I presume their is a French site, too, but got overexcited before I could check - and got all in a rush to put this up as fast as possible.

I had thought from the start this strike ws far more serious than we were being led to belief (especially since the Irving papers have never mentined it at all.).

There is every possibility that North America is heading into a confrontation, all of North america. And this could be the flashpoint.


  1. Tune into CUTV ( Concordia University TV). They are live streaming every night following the demonstrators using direct to Internet cameras. Very interesting to follow. They were detained last night during a "kettle" after midnight. They are not unbiased - they are with the people as they say.

  2. You should start reading the francophone press a bit more. Although not perfect, they do talk more about the student strike, even L'Étoile, an Irving owned publication. Although it isn't every day, I can at least exepct to find some information once in a while on the subject. Yesterday on the french CBC's afternoon radio show (i don't listen to it often because frankly, the host annoys me and is very condescending sometimes..) but either way, they had a "table ronde" including the president of one of the quebec student unions, as well as two local new brunswick activists, one for, one against.

    Same with shale gas, it happens once in a while that the francophone press will talk about it.

    On another note, as a media critic, why do you reckon the francophone press seem to be more open about these kinds of subjects? (

    1. I haven't read L'étoile - for the reason you give. And, while I like Acadienne Nouvelle, it just doesn't have enough in it - the inevitable result of covering a huge area without much money. They rely on a Quebec correspondient for their Quebec news - and not a bad one - but I already, from my own Quebec experience, know anything she might say.
      The other problem is time. Trying to keep up with the world's journalism and writing a blog is really a full time job. I would really love more time to paint and exercise - and mavbe even tidy up the apartment.