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March 9: You know how it is -

If you critricize the government of, say, France, - no problem. But if you criticize the government of Israel, you're an anti-semite. If you criticize the government of the US, you're anti-American. If you criticize the government of Canada - well, for three-quarter of Canadians, you're okay. But for the other quarter, you're just anti-Harper or, worse, anti-oil pollution.

Now, consider this opinion (which I did not write).

 The United States is an Empire that began with wars against its native peoples, then expanded to Canada in 1812 (its only failure), then to Central America, Asia, and is now attempting to complete the conquest of the world.

In entered World War One three years late. That was because it had no interest in that war until it seemed that Germany might gain domination of Europe, thus becoming a threat to the dominance the US wanted. It waited until 1941 in World War Two - but this time the European threat was the USSR. In Asia, Japan was interfering with US plans to control that continent.

The US also used the Second World War to make sure that all its rival, European empires would be destroyed. The empireless European countries would then become useful military servants under American control in NATO.

Camada was a potential threat until the past century or so, when it became a useful colony.

In general, the theme is that geography has made it necessary from the start for the US to conquer and control the world for both strategic and economic reasons.

It is longwinded and pompous. It uses nice words to describe butchery and theft. It ignores the enormous suffering American expansion has caused. It ignores the sharp decline in both democracy and living conditions in the US - and the threat of social disintegration. It sees a geographic necessity where there is just a geographic advantage.   But, most of what it says is quite true.

The source for all this is the most pro-American, pro-conservative organization you can find. It is also the prime advisor on foreign policy for the White House and the Pentagon,

The organization is Stratfor Global Intelligence, a private company with armies of spies all over the world which operates under contracts from the US government and from corporations.

The parts I include above come from a report it issued on August 24, 2011. But you can't get it on the web. If you try the site,
you will get a message saying the site is closed due to a heavy volume of calls.

That is not true.

If you google Stratfor Intelligence,, you will find the site is open - but not part1-inevitable empire.

The reason? Wikkileaks got hold of five million e mails from Startfor. They're now being released. And "inevitable empire" is such a blatant admission of what is going on that Stratfor has closed it off.

I have a copy.  I'm having computer problems. (It also may be that I'm just inept at sending copies.) But I should have it cleared up within days - and I will then post inevitable empire. (Then I'll be called anti-American and anti-right wing because I posted a statement from a pro-American, pro-right wing group.) You can't win.

Funny how the Moncton Times and Transcript missed a story like that. I mean, quite apart from us fighting wars to make a few Americans (and their Canadian buddies) very rich, the unspoken truth is that the Arctic is not ours. The US with its Canadian allies (I mean, if you have the money, citizenship means nothing) can develop Arctic oil no matter what the risks to the rest of us).

The lead story in the TandT is that you should protect your credit rating. Perhaps the biggest story of the day is that Tim Horton's is trying to speed up it's drive-through service.

The editorial? NB conservaitve support is dropping. But it's okay. Go back to sleep.

Norbert? Universities must maintain their educational standards. Unfortunately, universities don't know what an educational standard is. And neither does Norbert.

And why on earth does Norbert say they need to be maintained?  They haven't existed for decades. It's even worse in the prestige schools of the US where A has become the standard grade for just showing up for some of the classes.

Then he dumps on the public schools, saying they are not doing as good a job at teaching as the universities are.

Unlike Norbert, I have taught elementary school, high school, undergrate university, and graduate studies.(I have also taught journalism to the Norberts of this world.) The public schools have been miles ahead of the universities in maintaining standards, and in adaptiing to needs. In reality, universities have a gross ignorance of teaching, and something close to contempt for it.

Sorry for devoting so little space to the TandT.  There really isn't much to say about a paper that mentions nothing of the issues facing us, but devotes a long story to the coffee line-ups at Time Horton's.

I shall try to figure out ASAP how to get this computer working properfly, and how to get you your copy of "The Inevitable Empire".

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  1. I used to think there must've been an ideological reasoning behind the destructive behavior of special interest groups. You know, those same interest groups who inhabit that specific place of collusion between big business and government.

    But, since then I've come to adopt a different conclusion.

    Some academics such as Noam Chomsky agree its empire building. And maybe there's something to that, but I wonder if it's empire building in name only. (It helps to get others on the same page as you are so they can be controlled as well).

    But, on the other hand, I don't see how enough people can be patriotically blind enough to realize rape and murder is an American ideal. Or, is it?

    I think ultimately it's about individual power. Wealth, power, increased wealth, and increased power. An addiction that knows no bounds.