Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a footnote to the March 14 blog on fracking.

In the stories in which the Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers have pronounced that fracking can be safe, it is mentioned they examined many cases of contamination - and most happened because the petroleum companies cut corners, using cheap and inadequate concrete for the well linings.

Let's think about that for a moment.

The purpose of the bright lads who dreamed this all up was to reassure us about the safety of shale gas. But that message will get through only to those who don't think about what they're reading.

If you think about what you're reading, there are three other messages.
1. Petroleum producers are so unscrupulous and indifferent to the damage they cause that will not do a proper job unless they are forced to by tight rules and very tight enforcement.
2.The politicians of New Brunswick have been too corrupt to design or enforce regulations.
3.Who corrupted them?

That's pretty damned amaturish propaganda. Lucky for them the reporters and editors at the Moncton Times and Transcript don't ask questions.

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