Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jan. 28: variations on rich, like, cheat, steal....

Today, we'll start with a google game.. Go to google, search for rich lie steal cheat (possibly also unethical). Up will pop millions of sites. fascinating.

Right off the top you'll see a whole bunch of reports on a study released yesterday at University of California. It's attracted world attention in the media - but not in New Brunswick for some reason. Anyway, the report shows that the people most likely to steal, lie, cheat and to advocate unethical behaviour are not the poor, not those on welfare, not union members, no.... The lying, cheating scum of our world are the rich.  You know, the sort that the Moncton TandT likes to refer to as community leades and philantropists. It seems it's not the strikers who are liars and cheats. No, it's the owners who lock them out.It's not the protestors who are unethical. It's the people who claim a right to advise our governments. It's not the workers in our industries. It's the CEOs and the owners. And, of course, their mouthpieces of the Irvingmedia.

Gee! Who woulda guessed?

Funny how the TandT missed that story, since it seems to be one of the few papers in the world that did.

The Moncton Times and Transcript has at last learned that there is an electoral crisis in Ottawa. I guess they were waiting for the day when the headline was not "Conservatives caught cheating", but "Harper denies robocall charges".

Mind you, they're still a day behind the rest of the Canadian news media. The story now is that many more ridings than previously reported were involved in robocall schemes, perhaps 40 or more. As well, some opposition parties may have been involved. In fact,when I learned of possible opposition involvment, I thought the TandT would use the latter charge to confuse the issue. But it missed that whole part of the story. (Maybe its editors aren't rich enough to be really good yet at cheating, lying, and lack of ethics.)

It really doesn't matter who was using fake robocalls. What matter is that it happened. What matters is that this was a blow at the very roundatins of  Canadian freedom and democracy. (You know - those things that every November 11 we say our service people died for -  those things we don't seem to give a damn about from Novenber 12 to the following November 10.)

This isn't a time for pointing fingers. No matter who did it,a terrible wrong has been done; and the very legitimacy of our federal government is in great doubt.  Apparently, we can't rely on Elections Canada to do the job. What we need now, right now, is...
1. A full and public investigation of what happened, with a full and public report.
2.The immediate resignation of all mps in ridings in which improper interference occured.
3. By-elections in those ridings.
4. Suspension of further legislation until those ridings are filled. I know the problems of delaying legislation. But there is a bigger problem. We may find legislation which will profoundly affect us for years being passed (or defeated) because of votes of people who had no right to be there.
5. The preparation of very clear laws on the use of robocalls and other methods which have created this mess.

There is only one person who can make this happen. Stephen Harper. He can either lead this country, or he can try to hide what has happened by creating a fog of denials and counter charges.

Harper can either be a  leader, or he can be a liar, a cheat, and unethical. So far, he has chosen not to be a leader. We are damn fools if we allow him to do that.


  1. I wonder if in some future post whether you can wax philosophically on the obvious decadent nature of our species.

    You may think I'm being sarcastic as I am fully aware such a subject could easily fill reams of books on Psychology, and Catholic Guides to Demon Exorcisms.

    However, I ask this out of an earnest seriousness, as I admit I still appear to have difficulty in understanding the apparent 'evilness' of our 'times', and the 'evilness in the minds of men'.

    I just read a short article, "Silencing the Critics" by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts here:


    After I regained consciousness, I realized once again the liars and cheats at the M. T & T are simply doing what many others are already doing but on a much larger stage.

  2. check my comment on this under my post on the current events group. It's an interesting idea.
    I don't usually do that sort of thing because I suspect most readers are interested in the state of the TandT. But it's something I can occaisonally try.