Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. 27: special addendum to regular blog for Feb. 27

The first Tuesday of every month, I have arranged for a current events group to meet at the library from 7-8 p.m.

I did this for 15 years at a library in Montreal where the average turnout was 200 to 300. But it's tough sledding in Moncton.

The Moncton Times and Transcript normally will not publicize it. As well, there seems to be no tradition in Moncton of serious, public discussion of public issues. With the biggest scandal I have heard of in Canadian political history now battering Ottawa, one that strikes at the roots of freedom and democracy, The Moncton Times and Transcript currently is not even carrying the story. Why is itthat Monctonians don't seem to care about these things? How could they have voted either Liberal or Conservative in the last provincial election when neither party had anything that could be called a platform? And how could a provincial and a federal election be held with almost no public meetings? How can one person exercise so much control over the daily lives of all of us? How can it be called a democracy when so few people get honest and adequate news, when no discussion occurs, when corporations can simply ignore our laws, and when a political party can directly interfere with out right to vote?

If I have misunderstood the passivity and indifference that seems to permeate this province, please enlighten as to me error.

It's discouraging. But I'm going to keep trying. The current events group meets at the library at 7 p.m., on Tuesday, March 6.

It would be nice not to be lonely at it.


  1. I'd love to attend, but alas I live 1&1/2 - 2 hours away (winter night driving through mostly moose inhabited woods permitted).

    I thought about starting a similar group here, but came to realize the community is much too small.

    I also came to realize in this microcosm I inhabit, that human nature can be very fickle to answer your question whether anyone actually cares about such topics.

    It's been my experience people say they do care, but given how they respond or communicate the rest of the time, I'm left with some pretty serious doubts as to their actual maturity and ability to reason on a consistent basis.

    I find many would rather spend their evenings watching sports on TV, or bloodthirstly witnessing contestants back-stabbing each other on Survivor, or vicariously and thankfully realizing there's other, bigger losers then themselves on Dr. Phil.

    My take on it is simply this: one probably does need a much larger population to access in order to find enough sensible people willing to engage in such an endeavor.

    Is Moncton yet not large enough to allow for this?

  2. Sure. Be selfish. think only of the danger of you getting killed by a moose. Don't worry about me sitting drooped and alone on a library couch, wonderting what to read.

  3. Yes. Sorry to leave you in the lurch. I'm sure a few other brave Monctonians will find their way to keep you company at the library.

    But I think self-preservation of life and limb compared to an evening of saving the world is also a fairly attractive option.

  4. If you were sincere, you would plunge into a blizzard at 160 K, hit a moose in the rear end, and die with a smile on your face.

    Your suggested topic is intriguing. Could you send us a little more on it? I'd like to think about it. It might have some relationship to a topic I have in the back of my mind - how war has become obsolete.

  5. Mr. Decarie,,

    Thanks for the read, the insight, the effort and the laughs. Will be out of town for Tuesday's meeting, but will make sure to hit the library in April. Your therapy is being read.