Monday, February 27, 2012

feb. 27: Monctonians schocked to read storm missed them!!!

In the US, the news media are so corrupted and so given over to manipulating public opinion that a recent poll shows 70% of Americans believe Iran has a nuclear arsenal. (even though US intelligence agencies have publicy said it doesn't, and that they have no reason to believe it is even working on one.)

Much the same can be said of most Canadian news media. But the Irving media of New Brunswick beat them all. They don't print any news. Not even false news.

A big" news" item on the first page is that a storm forecast for two days ago didn't happen. And everywhere, I suppose, people asre  saying, "Did you know we didn't get a storm on the weekend?" ("No, honest, we didn't. It says so in the Times and Transcript.")

The big page one item is a children's hockey tournament - a free ad for a coffee shop. It gets not only a full page of section A, but four, full pages of colour pictures in the Sports section.

NewsToday has no interntional news at all. It's largely taken up with three (count them, three) stories about the Oscars.)

Even some of the news stories aren't news stories. Brent Mazerolle has one of his kiss-up specials on page one.  Moncton High School is to be rebuilt at a remote location.( This means that Moncton is going to be ripped off for huge costs to supply sewerage, water, and other services.)

"Wow!" says reliable Mazerolle, "MHS Plan  means growth for Moncton". The reason? Highway, water, sewage infrastructure will need to be improved (at Moncton's expense.). Well, if that is what growth means, let"s be the little city that really could. Let's build Moncton High at the top of Mount Everest.

The whole story is just a pitch for approval of a scheme that makes no sense at all. For openers, this is a pitch for building a major school in an area which is not yet even developed. The world, including Moncton, is facing a damned uncertain economic future. So what happens if the houses don't sell. What if a sudden jump in gas prices makes suburban housing less attractive? (And what if the new buyers don't produce large numbers of children for enough generations to make the school economic? (Living in an upscale house is not necessarily an indicator of virility.)

We're being suckered into a long term debt so that somebody else can make a quick term profit. Way to give a helping hand, Mazerolle, the friend of the downtrodden rich.

The intriguing part of this whole business is that nobody has even tried to show how this fits into the city's develpment plan. Is there such a plan? If so, was it really designed under the illusion that this is 1950?

This is like the half-wit decision to revive main street by bringing in more cars. Cars are what killed Main Streets all over the world. Reviving Main Street with cars is like reviving murder victims by shooting them. No city on earth has ever revived its Main Street by encouraging more sidewalk parking. Most sensible cities are working to eliminate cars from downtwon.

Nobody has even addressed the essential question. 1. Why should we want to revive the obsolete idea of a Main Street? Should we also rip up the asphalt roads and the sidewalks so we can go back to dirt roads and wooden sidewalks?

The editorial shows the usual obsession with increasing government revenue without taxing the rich, and without discussing who will pay - and what the cost to society will be. This is a province which depends on drinkers and gamblers for much of its revenue.

Now, I suspect that few billionaires booze it up very much - and very few line up for a turn at the dollar slots. So that means the government is relying for revenue from people who have relatively little to spare.

As well, the problems arising from addictive habits, problems both social and economic, are pretty costly. Has the government (or the editorial writer) considered those costs? So, in the final tally, are we making or losing money? Are we helping or harming our people?

Norbert Cunningham, once again, has read a book he doesn't understand, and written about it in a way that nobody can understand. Read. Enjoy.

Alec Bruce has a solid column on privacy  and how the internet destroys it ( and at great cost). He also mentions the dangers of government abuse of tapping into our privacy.

Meanwhile, the Moncton Times and Tribune continues to be the only daily news medium in Canada to ignore the biggest threat to Canadian democracy in our history. The scandal of recorded phone calls that were used to interfere in voting in the last federal election has now spread to at least thirty ridings. That means it's close to a certainty that Harper's election  victory was fraudulent.

The company that prepared and organized the calls has publicly admitted that it did so. It is a company close to the Conservative party, and it is an expensive one.

Harper's response has been to fire a very junior election worker.

1. It is not credible that  a junior election worker could authorize such a large expanditure. It is not credible that a company so close to the Conservative party carried out such a large job for the party without informing it.

2. This is contrary to election law. It is criminal. It's not a firing offence. It's a jailing offcnce.

3.It is so serious that it demands an immediate and very public investigation, something Harper has so far shown no interest in.

That's no problem in New Brunswick where you have an Irving press guarding the gate against any infornation that might sneak in. But news media in the rest of the country, awful as they can be, have some, higher standards.

And, of course, there is no mention of Syria where a war of unforeseeable consequences could be in the works.It could even affect Ottawa, New York, London, Mosdow, Beijing, and Moncton. Quite apart from the nuclear fallout, it could drive up the price of gas which would really hurt our annual old folks rock concert at Magnetic Hill.

Relax. Don't worry. Have a brew. Go to the Casino. Buy the Times and Transcript. Look at the pictures.


  1. See, I think you're being unfair again.

    On Thursday, the weather forecast for Moncton was for a snowstorm of 10-15cm of snow in a 24 hour period followed by the same in the next 24 hours. That was a possible weekend storm of 30cm or 20cm if lucky.

    We ended up with 3. I think that was worth reporting in the Moncton newspaper.

    As for the Hockey tournament....I couldn't be less interested in ice hockey (I'm not Canadian) but I was curious to see if your "free ad for a coffee shop" comment was justified, so I forced myself to read through the section A words - I rarely go into the sports section.
    Aside from it being the Timbits Tournament, whatever Timbits are, there was one mention of Tim Hortons. One.

    This just looks petty to me and detracts from your point about the paper continuing to ignore the election interference.

    I imagine those coming to your blog deliberately will be aware of it, but I wonder how many people stumbling across your blog by accident will stop reading before discovering the scandal.

  2. good point. I should have given the election scandal more prominence. We are rapidly becoming Mussolini's Italy - and people often ignore it because they believe it just coulnd't happen here.
    well, it did.
    You don't know what timbits are? Well, then you certainly show good taste - but,oh, you must lead a sheltered life.

  3. Ha!
    I'm not a regular at Tim Hortons. As with so many places I hate all those extra questions about how I'd like it.

    I'd like it how I asked. And I'd prefer not to have those things I haven't asked for otherwise I'd ask for them, thanks.

    "Regular black coffee please."
    "Cream or milk?"

  4. What are you? Some kind of an agitator?

  5. Promoting a children's sporting event...the audacity of the media. Moncton High is a run down eyesore located in a horrible part of the city. I thought it was a prison when I first moved to Moncton. Too many grey haired alumni trying to save their alma mater, I love the idea of a school at Royal Oaks, the city is growing that way, roads are being cut through the woods everyday and homes are being built. Businesses are expanding out Elmwood Drive starting with the new Sobeys and Lawtons.

    Their is a downtown high school it's called Trimble

    1. Eww! Let's put down the families & average income earners, who try to live out their wretched lives within their means, in the slums of Moncton East, while you enjoy an afternoon on the links, applauding your distain & distance on your manufactured lawn! Ever driven around Trimble? Now that is another classy part of Moncton that you should keep your fancy car & hub-caps away from.

  6. I have no sentimental feeling about Moncton High.
    Moncton is growing in that direction. Yes. The question is Should it? Is this kind of growth viable or desirable? That's why we have a planning commission. What does the plan say?

  7. I did not denigrate any families from the east end, in fact I lived on Bellview for a number of years. You emotional response and lashing out at me is exactly my issue with the Royal Hoax movement. It is not a protest of he Royal Oaks location. It is a masked attempt to save the ancient Moncton High location. Look at the website, there are so many diverse arguments being the new angle is pesticide use on the golf course. The whole thing is a farce. The same people leading this protest everything and anything...this is a hobby not a social movement. I like the plan and so do lots and lots of other taxpayers.