Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb. 25: Bo - ring...

Even by the  standards of Irving news, it is appalling that The Moncton Times and Transcript still has not carried or commented upon the story that the federal Conseratives illegally and anti-democratically interfered with voting in the last federal election. (Well, I guess you kind of lose interest in democracy if you want to keep your job with the Irving papers.)

Harper has, predictably, put the blame on the most junior election worker he could find - and fired him. Cased closed. And we won't even mention it isn't possible that that a junior worker could have been the decision maker for such a wide and expensive scheme. Or that the cost could go by unnoticed by more senior people - like the control freak Stephen Harper.

We have Harper for five years. He has only minority support. Now, it seems he doesn't even have that. The election was, quite likely, stolen.

To its credit, the Tand T did carry the story of how Defence Miniser Peter Mackay, with his own disregard for constitutional and democrattic process, ordered the armed forces to dig up dirt on a Liberal MP so so that MacKay could cover his own tracks in his scandalous misuse of a helicopter.

This is not just an embarassment. In a free, democratic and ethical country, this means a resignatin. If Peter MacKay has any sense of integrity, he will resign. If Harper has any, he'll demand a resignation.

 I'll believe it when I see it.

A fleahead and walking disaster since he entered politics, MacKay has yet risen to high position. It just goes to show how important it is to have lots of girlfriends to bemuse the press, and a father who was a prominent MP.

I have no illusions that New Brunswickers will get much interested in either of these stories. We have  a province and a news media that got themselves all bent out of shape when a school principal stopped the playing of O Canada. Remember that?

But it's also a province and a news media that doesn't give much of a damn about democracy, or about what we have built in this country. Nor is it much interested even in knowing. Mr Irving was able to publicly declare himself a member of the government, though he had never carred out the basic job requrement of getting elected. And nobody in the news media or, notably, in the premier's office said boo.

Just just make kids listens to  O Canada. That should do it.

I read where city council is going to allow street parking along Main. Way to fire, baby. That's the way to deal with the coming oil crisis and our dependency on the automobile. Why, the street in front of the Capital Theatre alone can hold six or seven cars. Boy, that'll pack'em in for the next big show.

As usual, the idea didn't come from the city planning committee/ It came from merchants, most of whom expect a boom in business from the single car at a time that will park in front of their door.

Why don't we scrap the city planning committee and just let developers and merchants do the planning? I mean, that's the way it works, anyway.  Even better, we could move the cars to open fields where there are no stores, just as we now move schools to open fields where there are no children.

Missing from the news? - well - the republican party candidates are such a national embarassment that their early poll numbers for support in a presidential election are the worst on record. Meanwhile, Obama is near a record low in popularity for a president. In other words, the major candidates in this presidential election year are all despised. Both parties are owned by major corporations, and just about everybody knows it. This could be, almost certainly will be, a very dangerous sitution for a democracy.

Added to that, there is every possibility that Israel will attack Iran before the election. That would force every candidate, Democratic or Reuplican, to demand a US war against Iran. (For our share, Harper has already committed us to such a war.)  Only a fool would even try to guess the consequences of that.

At the least, it would mean disastrous gas prices for all those cars parked on Main, and all those school busses rumbling out to Royal Oaks. At worst - American, Iranian, Russian, and Chinese fleets are already in position facing each other.

"This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang, but a whimper."

Why can't the Tand T get this news? Anybody can find it in minutes on the web All the news services in the world are there. A newspaper pays a fee, and runs the story. Why can't the Tand T do that?
1. They probably have a cheaper deal with Postmedia and Reuters. The Tand T, after all, isn't really a newspaper. It's an advertising business. The news is there just to get people to look at the ads.
2.It's possible the TandT doesn't have any editors competent to select the important news.
3. It's also possible, even likely, that Mr. Irving doesn't want news that would make people think.

This isn't a newspaper. It's sedative.

P.S (two of them)
1. For Jana Giles in the "Whatever" section. it's not just kids who are frightened at the idea of being different from others, and who spend their lives trying to look, think and dress like everybody3 else. In that respect. us adults ae pretty gutless, too.That's why New Brunswickers keep voting in either Liberals or Conservatives. That's why you have to listen to O Canada every morning on a terrible PA system.
2. Whatever has an teenage advice column on p. F2. Today, it warns that beer is as addictive and as dangerous as any other other form of alcohol.
Gee. Compare that to a recent news story about how New Brusnwickers should be spending more at NB Liquor.


  1. Thank you for clear vision and the guts to call it like it is.

  2. Back in the mid-80's I worked for two Iranian brothers who told me a harrowing story of how they came to be in Canada.

    As Iranian army conscripts they were making a typical truck trip to fetch water and other supplies for a forward operating post they were stationed at. As they were returning sometime later, they discovered their post had been overrun by Iraqi forces.

    The Iraqis were gone but had left extreme atrocities behind at the post. All their former friends and comrades were dead, or worse. The Iranian brothers decided right then and there they'd had enough of a life filled with this kind of bullshit and human misery and left Iran and escaped to the west before they could be stationed at another forward post.

    I'll never forget what the Iranian brothers told me. They blamed Britain, the U.S., and Israel for creating situations that pitted the Persian countries to wage battle against each other.

    But then again you wouldn't see this story in Brunswick News rags, or at least not the brothers' conclusion as to who's really responsible for the constant warfare.

    BTW, just wondering...have you ever heard from M.T&T on your obvious and more intelligent editorial capability?