Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb. 24: The Moncton Times and Transcript Hits a New Low...

There is outrage in newspapers across Canada. But not to worry. The Irving papers of New Brunswick don't give a damn.

It's been known for a at least two days now that an Edmonton company with close ties to the federal Conservative party illegally interfered in the most recent federal general election. It's not a company that does this for fun. It charges a very high price for what it does.

What it does is to programme robot voices which claim to be from Elections Canada or from the Liberal party. The calls from "Election Canada" give false information on where to vote. The ones from "Liberals" are harassment calls designed to alienate and/or confuse anyone who is a Liberal.

This sort of business is big in the US where levels of corruption and ballot tampering have for a long time been so high that elections have become largely a farce.

Here in Canada, Harper has been moving in the American direction for some time. He has already changed election laws to hugely benefit parties (like the Conservatives) that really represent large corporations.Now, he gone directly into corruption of the whole voting process.

Yes, I will name Harper. He is the leader of the Conservative Party. He is responsible for the way it spends election money, and what it does with it. He is already looking for some junior party worker to throw to the wolves. But the reality is that this is spending on a very big scale. This was not authroized by any junior part worker.  And let us remember that Harper is the biggest control freak we have ever seen in the Prime Minister's office.

Minimally, we should be seeing a criminal investigation, and a full parliamentary inquiry. After all, this is not only illegal. It is also possible, even likely, that breaking the law is what gave Harper his majority. Minimally, a man honour would resign and recomment a new election.

But we don't have a man of honour at the head of our government.  Nor will we get anything like an adequate investigation. Remember the inquiry into Mulroney's corruption? What do you think would happen to you if you impropery took hundreds of thousands of dollars?

There gas been a fundamental attack on Canadian democracy. If we allow this to go on, there will be no Canada that any of us could take pride in living in.

And The Moncton Times and Transcript, far from probing into what has happened, hasn't even mentioned what it is.

Justin Trudeau was right. Under Harper, Canada is becoming a contemptible place. Canada is being destroyed. And, as we see it happening,  the front page headline in the Times and Transcript is that some Moncton residents are going south for the March break.

Across this country, we are watching the destruction of a democracy it took centuries to achieve. We are watching the creation of a police state at the hands of Harper. We are watching the gradual phasing out of findamental rights and services. You know, the ones that every Nov. 11 we piously thank our veterans for saving - even as we cut back on fundamental services for the veterans, themselves.

What a lying, greedy, corrupt, cheating, destructive world we are creating. And the only role of the Moncton Times and Transcript is to make sure we don't notice it. And to remind us constantly that Mr. Irving is a philantropist.  God bless his footprints that make holy the land he treads on.

Oh, there is a story that raises real concern. Front page. New Brunswickers aren't gambling enough. That goes with the concern they aren't boozing enough, either.

Speaking of churches, (as I was just a paragraph above) Moncton has more than the usual number of "clap hands for Jesus" churches scattered along its streets. Has it not occured to them that all this lying, cheating, corruption, exploitation is contrary to Christian teaching? Apparently not.

We are on the edge of a world war. We actively participate in torture and murder to keep our rich rich. Our reputation for environmental responsibility is in the toilet. Our political system, already fouled by big money, by legislation creating a police state, and now bt the throwing of elections, has largely ceased to have even a nodding acquaintance with democracy.

But the Irving Press is not easily pushed into panic mode. The big news for the day is that some people are going south for March break. That's what really matters.

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  1. When a person is wealthy in material possessions the status quo is good enough. When a journalist is well paid for his mediocre efforts than he or she is not a true journalist. Instead, I've heard the term 'prostitute or whore' bandied around to describe such journalists but then again real prostitutes offer real services.