Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan. 5: Sorry for today...

After weeks of packing, moving, and unpacking, I find I just can't write a coherent column today.

There's really nothing in the Moncton TandT on this Jan. 5, anyway except for excellent columns by Alec Bruce and Jody Dallaire.

As for news, the world  (yes, including Moncton) is on the edge of a major war and and and even deeper economic crisis - but the big story in the TandT's international news is that Peter MacKay got married in Mexico. (It doesn't mention whether he went by helicopter.)

In any case, I want to change pace a little. I'd like to take a closer look at Moncton city council's determination to go into hock for a couple of hundred million or more to build a hockey rink/convention centre. I'd look to take a look at the motivation of the people behind this piece of idiocy, at why our corporate elite is so short-sighted in its planning, at how we have been pushed into big government and big debt not by the poor or the elderly or the sick, but by the rich and the influential.I's the coroporations who wanted and got a welfare state a state for them - a nanny state for the very rich.

It's not the leftists who destroyed capitalism. It's the people who call themselves capitalists who have twisted it into a perversion of what it was meant to be. The system can work. But, as it is now, it is taking the corporations - and us  - on a suicidal course.

Moncton's proposed hockey rink and convention centre is a handy, bite-size piece to illustrate what is going terribly wrong and why.

Nor will I be speaking of dangers fifty years down the road. We don't have anything resembling fifty years in which to wake up. We don't have ten years. In fact, just look at the stream of traffic at rush hour on the Riverview causeway. Then think of the Strait of Hormuz being closed to oil transport. (No, Peter MacKay didn't get married there. But the Strait of Hormuz could have a pretty serious effect on your drive home. And it could be very soon.) 

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