Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan. 30: kidding aside....

If you want to keep up on the news, then keep you money in your pocket. Don't subscribe to the TandT, either on paper or on the web. It is part lies, part propaganda, and part nothing. Don't waste your time listening to news on private radio. Private radio doesn't have the resources to fund adequate news rooms. As well, it would never report any news offensive to its advertisers. TV news shows? Usually better - but heavily moronized to satisfy the needs of show biz and ratings.

Better - not best - but better go to google. click on news. It free, up to date, wide in coverage, and far superior to the Irving news media.

If you want world coverage, go to The Gardian on the web. It's a superb British paper. If you want news on the middle east, go Haaretz, an excellent Israeli paper. If you want a radical edge, go to International Clearing House on the web. They're all free. But be careful of ICH. It's usually excellent; but there are times when its news is drawn from biased sources - then it comes just the polar opposite of the Times and Transcript.

Most of today's Tand T is so uninfomative, it's not worth criticizing in any detail.  I mean, when the lead editorial is about raising chickens, you know you're in the little leagues. However, for a striking example of what's wrong with the paper, look at the editorial cartoon. It's about two horses labelled socialism and capitalism. They're having a tug of war over a globe that represents,  I presume, the world.  That is a hopelessly ignorant and irrelvant cartoon.

1. There is no such thing as socialism in the world -and there never has been a socialist government of any major state in historty. Socialism would mean all the business of the country was mutually owned and controlled by all the people - who express their control through democratic means.

The USSR was never socialist. The Soviet people never mutually owned or controlled anything. Ditto for China. Ditto for North Korea.

Some reader will mumble that Sweden is socialist. No, it isn't. And it never has been. Over ninety precent of all business in Sweden is privately owned.

Oh, says another reader. state pensions and welfare and stuff like that are socialist. No they aren't. They were intrroduced by people like Bismarck, Roosevelt and Canada's Bennett - all of whom did it to preserve private business in a time of crisis.

2. There is no such thing as capitalism in the world. Capitalism would be a system in which everything is privately owned, and in the which the private owners compete openly, honestly and at their own financial risk. Where does that happen? (except, of course, at the level of small business.)

Capitalism, real capitalism, is not a system in which private owners corrupt governments and control news and elections. It's not a system in which Big business gets cheap electricity at the expense of taxpayers - or grants, or subisdized loans, or soft regulations that aren't enforced, anyway. What New Brunswick has is a sort of welfare state for corporations. That's not captialism.

3. So capitalism and socialism are in a tug of war to control the world? Really? Okay. Name me a single major power in the world that is socialist. Name a single one that is capitalist in any real sense.
Are we at war with Afghanistan (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia) to save capitalism? Exactly where is this tug of war happening? And who is tugging?

Today's cartoon is typical of The Times and Trnanscript. It's a statement on a subject of which the author knows nothing - not even such a fundmental as the meaning of the words he is using.

Social and capitalism (like terrorism and 'shock and awe') are terms that carry emotional reactions - but almost no understanding.

As for Alwrad, a premier should know what words mean too - so he can tell his finance minister that a government is not a business - and it should no more be run like a business than a candy store should be run like a hospital.What the finance minister is doing, of course, is spreading the propaganda that in New Brunwick a corporation is run like a business when, in fact, it's run like welfare recipient.

Higgs, our finance minister, is a former Irving exec, with other Irving stooges as official budget advisers, and with Irving, himself, declaring himself a member of the government. This isn't capitalism. And it isn't democracy.

It's the crude, greedy and self-destructive fascism that was pioneered by Mussolini.

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