Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec 6: addendum

I note that our esteemed natural resources minister, Mr. Northrup, has hired an oil industry lobbyist as his aide. Boy.I bet that'll scare SWN.

Let's see. We have an ex-Irving executive as finance minister who is advised by a team of business execs picked by Irving, and an oil industry lobbyist hired to advise on government policy toward the oil industry. And most of the news media owned by Irving.

Democracy in action.


  1. I'm having a problem with comments again. Some are disappearing. Some, like today's from Downes, I can't even find on the list to publish it. He asked if I had evidence that the polling company which announced that the Conservatives had the support of 57% of NBers is unethical. The answer is in the next comment.

  2. Yes, the evidence is in the news story. The polling firm is a large one, and quite a successful one in doing polls for corporations which need marketing information. So we can assume it has competent statisticians.
    1. No competent statistician would have taken such a high percentage as a measure of Conservative popularity. That had to be dishonest and unethical.
    2. An ethical polling firm would have stated who commissioned the poll. (and an honest newspaper would have asked.)
    3. A lesser point, but still a telling one is CEO's statement that the poll probably shows the Conservatives doing well because they have been consistent and open-minded on the subject of fracking is so silly it is laughable.